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   Chapter 25 You Are Crying (Part Two)

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"What do you think?" Asked Austin. Since Jay rushed to his office with bad mood, he might have some plans already.

"I'm thinking that maybe I can take this opportunity to let Riley reflect on her behaviors. She said that she didn't mean to do that. Jeffrey would never listen to her nor believe her, but maybe he could let go of her." Said Jay slowly while thinking.

"You know, it's just a possibility." Austin frowned. He didn't expect things to be so complicated. Riley was a scheming woman with two faces.

"I married her for some unspeakable reasons. Vivian has already hated me in her heart. I have no choice. I have to do it, and I can only do it. I will find a way. By the way, you called me to come here. What's up?"

Austin looked at Jay's face. He was the first love of his sister, and the relationship between the two must be very close. Then what Jay had done must have a reason he couldn't tell.

"Jay, days ago Vivian left something here with me. I'm afraid you have to help me pass it to her."

"Okay, I'll give it to Jeffrey and ask him to pass it to her." After saying that, Jay looked at the Barbie doll suit in front of him in surprise and was stunned for a few seconds. He didn't take it until Austin wrapped it up with Kraft paper.

It turned out that Vivian could still buy this kind of toy. She still kept young on mind. Barbie dolls were the most idol of every girl when they were young. She still remembered that Riley used to play with a Barbie doll in front of him and said it was beautiful.

Now it looked really beautiful. The Barbie doll was dressed in simple work clothes and decorated with small flowers and plants. It was very cute.

"She likes it very much. You must keep it well. Although it's uncertain whether Jeffrey could pass it to her if you give it to him, you still need to have a try." Speaking of this, an unreadable smile flashed across Austin's eyes.

He had already seen through Jeffrey's mind towards Vivian. He had known something between the two from the investigation. It was indeed shocking. It turned out that such a thing had happened between them before. How sad could Vivian be at that time!

It was his fault as a brother that he didn't protect her well! He would never let Vivian get hurt again! 'No matter what bad things Riley wants to do again, I won't let go of her easily even if she married Jay.' Austin thought.

In the parking lot.

Jay sat on the driver's seat, staring at the exit in front of him. Suddenly, he narrowed his eyes and saw a tall and handsome figure walking towards him. He glanced at Jay and sat on the passenger seat.

"Mr. Jay, you are so terribly idle." Jeffrey said to him as soon as he sat down.

Jay turned his h

ead to look at Jeffrey's gloomy face and smiled.

"Mr. Jeffrey, I come here today to apologize to you and Vivian. How is Vivian doing? Is she still in hospital?"

Jeffrey frowned with displeasure. She listened to Jay impatiently and said, "She's fine. Mr. Jay, come straight to the point. I don't like people to waste time. We are businessmen and time is precious."

As soon as he got the phone call, he went to the parking lot to see him not because he wanted to hear his nonsense!

Hearing Jeffrey's mean words, Jay smiled helplessly. Yes, he indeed didn't have the qualifications to comfort so much. At least as Vivian's brother-in-law, he could talk about Vivian with Jeffrey.

It was enough as long as Vivian was fine. Obviously, Jeffrey didn't want to talk to him anymore. If he continued, Jeffrey's impatience would only turn into anger. At that time, he really had no chance.

"Well, since Mr. Jeffrey's time is precious, I'll go straight to the point. Please make sure to give it to Vivian."

Jeffrey took a rectangular box held in Kraft paper and looked at it confusedly. Did Jay come to ask him to give it to Vivian? What would it be inside?

He still couldn't stand the relationship between Riley and Jay, so when he saw something or someone related to Riley, he couldn't hold his thoughts of beating him or her. When he arrived at the villa in the morning, he heard Vivian's crying and saw her red eyes. He felt terrible in his heart!

He wouldn't stop until he found out who was behind all this.

"Of course I will. But Vivian has already been hurt, and there is more or less a shadow in her heart. I will find out who is the manipulator behind it. If Mr. Jay has found anything, please also tell me." said Jeffrey coldly.

If Jay had known that it was Riley, Jay should have tried his best to protect her. But now Jay didn't do that at all. He wanted Riley to be punished bit by bit!

"Sure..." Before Jay finished his words, Jeffrey only left a back to him. His last words were no longer clear. Jeffrey warned him and Riley not to challenge his bottom line again and again.

Looking at his back, Jay couldn't calm down for a long time. He still had a lot of things to deal with. 'Vivian, I've wronged you before. After a while, when everything comes to light...'

When Derrick received Austin's call, he immediately went to his company. Seeing that there was only Austin in the office, he put down his backpack and sat on the sofa with his hands crossed.

When he heard Aus' tone just now, Derrick felt something different. If there was not something urgent, Aus would never lose his manner. After all, he was usually elegant and elegant. It was difficult to see him as anxious as him!

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