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   Chapter 24 You Are Crying (Part One)

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"Yes..." Hearing the gentle voice, Vivian felt very bitter and tried to hold back her tears.

"Are you crying? What's up? Vivian?"

Asked Austin anxiously. The more anxious he was, the more tears Vivian dropped. She couldn't control it at all. Shortly, she sniffed and smiled at herself, answering, "I'm fine."

"Vivian, if you need anything, just tell me. We are friends, aren't we?" Austin stood up straight and walked to the window, looking at the busy road.

He made the call to see if she was feeling better then, but when he heard her heavy nasal voice, he felt bad!

Austin walked to the cabinet and opened the drawer. A rectangular box appeared in it. It was the Barbie doll suit that Vivian bought last time. She had something urgent to deal with, so she put it here.

He still remembered that she had a big smile on her face when they were apart last time. But now, he could image how she forced a smile on her small face, because she didn't want others to see through her mind.

"No, I'm fine. I'm very well. Why are you calling me today?" Vivian's voice came from the other end of the phone.

"I'm really sorry last night. I couldn't leave. Have you gone to the hospital? How are you now?" Asked Austin.

Vivian smiled and felt warmth in her heart when someone cared about her. "I sprained my ankle and now I'm in plaster. Everything's fine just it's a little inconvenient for me to move. Besides, it's me who should apologize. I broke my promise and didn't know what happened, so I..."

"Well, we both made mistakes, didn't we?"

If they continue talking about those stuff, Vivian might have a wild guess again. The most important thing now was to let her have a good rest.

"By the way, Vivian, how about I send you the doll you left here last time?"

"Okay! That would be great!" Thinking of the Barbie doll in the same dress with her, Vivian smiled. She didn't know how Jeffrey had arranged it. If her baby came back and saw her like this, he would be very sad, wouldn't he?

"Okay, have a good rest. I'll visit you another day." Austin hung up the phone after they said bye to each other.

Standing at the door, Jeffrey felt a sharp pain in his heart. He couldn't tell how painful he felt when he heard Vivian's nasal voice.

But she could still smile and said she was fine. In fact she was secretly wiping her tears.

"You..." Seeing the man at the door and the plate he was holding, Vivian smiled. She had forgotten that this man would come to take care of her. She was so stupid. Did he hear the conversation?

"Do you want to go to the bathroom?" Jeffrey asked expressionlessly, as if he had heard nothing.

Hearing that, Vivian was stunned and embarrassed. How could he be so shameless as soon as he saw her?

"I want to eat."

Jeffrey nodded slightly and

fed her spoon by spoon. He even blew on the hot porridge to cool it down.

Vivian stared at him and ate with an unnatural way. What an enviable face! His skin was so delicate that it could be easily blew through. How could a man have such skin? Thinking of this, she was in a trance and ate porridge like a robot.

When she saw Jeffrey's enlarged handsome face, she realized that she was absent-minded. She held her breath and pretended as if nothing had happened. She didn't want to be exposed. Jeffrey suddenly got too close to her. She tried to dodge.

He picked up the rice from the corner of her mouth and asked, "What are you thinking about?"

"Humph!" Only then did Vivian realize that she had been molested. She rolled her eyes at him and simply ignored him.

Time passed, and the two of them tacitly didn't mention what had happened just now. When Jeffrey walked out with a plate in her hand, Vivian's heart was still beating fast. What was she nervous about? It was so strange...

After he hung up the phone, Austin smiled. Judging from Vivian's tone, she was in a better mood. But how could he send it to her? She was not in the hospital.

Jay rushed to see Austin as soon as he got the phone call from him.

He also had something important to say in a hurry. Although the time was limited, someone had to take the responsibility for what had been done, right? He frowned at the thought of Riley.

Looking at his sad face, Austin asked in confusion, "Jay, what's the matter? Please tell me. Let's figure it out together."

"You are also investigating Vivian's incident, aren't you?" Jay asked.

"Yes, I have to find out the truth! But now, I can't find any clue. It was too chaotic at that time. If I had investigated it as soon as possible, I wouldn't have stood here and been laughed at by the people behind it!"

Vivian was his sister. How could he allow others to bully her! He knew that Vivian would never say it out according to her personality, but he had to know the truth.

"Austin, I have also been involved in the investigation. Like you, there is no clue, but I a few things relevant to the truth." Jay frowned and said firmly.

'Does he mean that he can't find out any information, but he knows the truth? Was it...' Austin thought to himself.

"Yes, it's Riley, my wife." Jay told him.

"Really? I should have expected that."

Jay took a glass of water and drank it up. Cold water poured into his throat, bringing coolness.

Jeffrey might not have any clue now, but as long as he knew that it was Riley who did it, he would not let her go easily. Everyone knew that Jeffrey was temperamental, and even for the sake that Riley was Vivian's sister, it would be useless.

What's more, Riley had said something evil to Vivian. It was hard to deal with it!

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