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   Chapter 23 Bottom Line Challenge (Part Two)

My CEO Husband: Triumphant Return To Love By Quye Xiaofang Characters: 5483

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"Shh!" Kelly stopped her daughter's uneasiness, held her hand tightly, and gently rubbed it.

She didn't allow herself to make any mistake at this moment. Now that Albert was old, it was time for him to consider the issue of the heir. And now he trusted Jay very much. What a good thing!

However, as a result, everything was in a mess with the appearance of Vivian again. She not only had a relationship with Jeffrey, but also had an affair with Austin. If Vivian wanted to do anything to her and her daughter, it would be a piece of cake for her.

Riley couldn't suffer such a loss after she married Jay. She must keep Jay's position and the trust of Albert! Kelly planned secretly.

"Stop saying that. Only you and I know that! There is no third person!" Kelly snapped. She was afraid that these words would be heard by a third person.

Seeing her mother yelling at her, Riley knew the seriousness of the matter and nodded silently.

"Mom, what should I do? I really can't stand the grievance, so I replied dad a few words. Now..."

"Riley, listen to me. Apologize to your father another day and take some practical actions to prove that you are a good sister." Kelly raised her eyebrows and said slowly.

Since Albert wanted his daughter to act like an elder sister, Riley should do it as a "good" older sister!

Riley looked at her mother in disbelief, frowned and asked in confusion, "Mom, how can I be wronged to compromise with that bitch? You know, we don't like each other!"

"Silly girl, why don't you understand what I mean? You can act on it and show it to your father! Now, you have to deal with your relationship with Jay first. What's going on between you two? "

"I see!" Riley nodded, with a complacent look in her eyes. Thinking of the dispute with Jay just now, she was so angry that she wanted to find something to vent her anger!

"Did he just get distracted by Vivian? Why did he yell at me and insist on asking me to go home? You know, he doesn't go home with the smell of alcohol every night? How can we have any spare time to talk to each other! I was so angry that I... "

"What did you say? Vivian was injured in the banquet. Does it have anything to do with you?" Asked Kelly.

"Mom, I have no choice. What she said at that time made me itch to eat her alive! I just wanted to give her a slap to make her reflect, but she dodged and fell to the ground, knocking into a table. Mom, the light was dim at that time, and no one would know it was me!" Said Riley firmly.

"As long as she doesn't tell others, no one would know. I know now. Don't be afraid. I'm here. No one dares to oppose you." Kelly promised and comforted her daughter.

Riley nodded, nestling in her mother's arms, w

ith a meaningful smile in her eyes.

"Riley, you'd better be a good wife, a dear sister now. After this period of time, they will let go of the knots in their hearts. At that time, we will pour all our accumulated hatred on the recovered Vivian. You must behave well in front of Jay, okay?"

Kelly touched her daughter's soft hair and said kindly, with love in her eyes.

No one could touch her daughter! She had worked hard to raise her up and never beat or scolded her, and Riley couldn't stand any grievance. She was a little irritable, but now the most important thing was the current problems. That bitch was always like her mother, the same cheap!

Kelly wondered how many tricks Vivian had played to seduce a man behind the back. Since Jay had married Riley, Jay couldn't fall in love with Vivian again.

Kelly sneered in her heart.

Lying on the bed, Vivian put up a computer table and kept moving the mouse on her laptop. The browser showed the news about the Shen Group on the headlines.

She frowned slightly. Because of her injury last night, she took a hasty stand, so that some paparazzi had the chance to take action. They happened to take a picture of her and Jeffrey together, and the entertainment news made the headlines. She didn't know how much negative impact it would have to Jeffrey...

'Should I call him?' Vivian thought to herself. Then she turned off the computer and lifted her foot in plaster. It was time for him to cook for her. She'd better wait for him.

Hesitant, Vivian took out her phone and looked at the lightened screen. It was Adam, who naughtily pointed at the side face of Jeffrey, whose mouth was full of bread.

At that time, she took this photo because she saw that Adam was very cute and wanted to take a photo.

Because of the child, the two of them were still entangled. She would only make troubles to Jeffrey. There would be no love between the two of them. They could only make use of each other. She would make use of him to give the child an identity as a father. What was he going to do with her?

She didn't want to deceive herself at all. She just wanted to leave with Adam, but she couldn't get rid of Jeffrey. Thinking of this, Vivian felt a lump in her throat and pulled the corner of her mouth to encourage herself not to cry, but her tears still fell down like beads dropping off the string.

It was out of control.

'Don't cry, Vivian! If you keep crying, everyone would look down upon you!' Vivian comforted herself.

"Ring, ring, ring..." A familiar ringtone came.

Seeing the caller ID on the screen, Vivian sniffed. She couldn't be defeated at this time!

Then she answered the phone. "Vivian, it's me." A voice said from the other end.

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