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   Chapter 22 Bottom Line Challenge (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-06-29 00:02

He was afraid that if he continued listening to Riley, his bottom line would be challenged again, especially he was still at work!

"You don't want to talk to me anymore?" Riley said coldly, with a smile at the corners of her mouth.

How ridiculous! If her mother hadn't told her about it, she wouldn't have known that her husband used his job as an excuse to lead such a wonderful life outside the family. Riley insisted that Jay just wanted to get rid of her so that he could continue being with those beauties!

"You wouldn't do this to me before! Since Vivian appeared, you have been treating me coldly. I don't know what I have done wrong. Honey, let's start over, okay? I won't quarrel with you anymore..." Riley begged.

"Vivian, Vivian. You kept mentioning about her. I just want to have dinner and be with myself. Why did you keep saying that I miss her? You also believed that I miss her when I go home with the smell of alcohol in my social activities. In my opinion, it's you who always started the conflict between us first!" Complained Jay with anger.

"Honey!" With a ferocious look on her face, Riley pushed him away and said, "Have you been seduced by Vivian already? You never yelled at me before. I don't understand. We love each other so much, but now..."

Jay didn't say anything. He just fixed his eyes on the tearful Riley.

Just now, his father-in-law's call made him more and more confused!

Last night's banquet was full of joy. No one had expected that there would be an incident. Of course, Jeffrey wouldn't let go of the person who had hurt Vivian, whether it was intentional or unintentional. No one could escape the responsibility.

Now the Pei Group's economy had just been maintained to a better position, and no mistake was allowed. What's more, Jeffrey had always been watching them, so no one could let go of their vigilance.

His father-in-law's meaning was no longer clear. Although he asked about the company's affairs, he also wanted to ask about the situation of Vivian and the unreasonable disturbance of Riley.

"Tell me, does what happened to Vivian have anything to do with you?" asked Jay seriously.

Riley denied right away. "No! It doesn't."

"You promise! Otherwise, if it has anything to do with you, I can't even protect you!" Jay warned her.

"You don't believe me?" Riley was so anger that she couldn't hit Jay's chest. "Do you have a conscience? I'm your wife. You'd rather believe others than believing me."

"I will find out the truth, and you can explain it to me later. It's not my own business. Do you think Jeffrey will only target me?" Grabbing her hands, Jay said.

Riley was out of breath. She stopped hitting his chest and looked at him with a guilty conscience.

At that night, how could another person happen to see her and Vivian in the dim light? Only half of the shadow could be seen. Was Jay threa

tening her? He even mentioned Jeffrey to threaten her!

The e-mail she sent last time was not anonymous, so he naturally knew what she meant and whether she wanted to be on her side was unknown.

"Have you made up your mind? The Pei Group has just come back into the normal operation. If anything goes wrong, your father and I will not forgive you!"

"I..." Riley bit her lips and wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. When she heard Jay's warning tone, her heart suddenly beat fast. "Honey, I just pushed her by accident. I didn't expect her to fall all of a sudden..."

"All right!" Jay interrupted her, staring at her tearful face with his eyes full of anger. He should have thought it was really her!

"Let's stop quarreling. You can go back first. Let's talk about it at home."

"Honey..." Looking at Jay's receding figure, Riley sneered.

After all, she was still not as good as his first love. How could that Vivian be so capable to win the hearts of so many men and flirt with her first love's business partner? Was she still acting purposely and Jay was her target?

How dare her! She was really spoiled by her sugar daddy, wasn't she? Did Jeffrey know about it?

As soon as they got home, Kelly walked up to her daughter and held her daughter's hand tightly. Seeing the coldness in Riley's eyes, she was shocked at first. She couldn't wait to know the truth!

"Riley, sit down and have some water." Kelly put the cup in front of her and watched her drink it unhappily.

Then, Riley put the cup on the table heavily, making a "bang" sound. The sound was harsh, which made Kelly frown unhappily.

"Mom, I really forgot to check the lunar calendar to see if it's my lucky day today! First, I went to the hospital and had a big quarrel with Dad. Then I went to see Jay and wanted him to comfort me. But what I saw was that he flirted with a beautiful woman happily. Instead, he urged me to leave!"

"What! Did you quarrel with your father? Did Jay do anything wrong?" Kelly shouted with her eyes wide open.

"Mom..." Riley threw herself into her mother's arms and curled her lips, "Why don't I have a family name of Pei? Obviously, Dad doesn't take me as his daughter! He also defended that bitch Vivian, and scolded me for not doing my duty as an older sister. "

"Riley, my dear," Kelly gently patted her on the back. "Your father's condition is not stable. You have to listen to him and take your time. If you two are in a stalemate, that bitch will get the upper hand."

"Although she is also lying at home and can't go out for a while, we have to be careful. Don't mind your family name is not Pei. Your father treasures you very much! He hates that heartless bitch. Don't worry."

"Mom, do you think Dad has any further plan for her? Does he want to please her or make it up to her? Will Dad know what we have done..." asked Riley.

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