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   Chapter 21 Blame

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Riley glanced at Albert's face and found that he was calm. She was surprised. Did her father know it before?

"Dad, I I'll transfer to another channel right away!" Riley pressed the remote control in a hurry and observed the look on his face.

"No, thanks. I'm in the hospital. It's good for me to know more about the current situation. Put down the remote control."

Albert said unhurriedly. The Lu Group and the Pei Group had such a great cooperation. He also knew one or two things about the banquet, but he didn't know whether Vivian was seriously injured? At that time, the witness was Riley. Would she know the truth?

"Riley, you were also there at that time. It is said that you were the first one to see Vivian get hurt. How was she?"

"She might have sprained her ankle. I wanted to help her up, but I didn't expect that she would be picked up by Jeffrey before me. The two of them left first. As one of the representatives of the Pei Group, I couldn't leave temporarily, so I didn't know what happened later."

Riley said in a low voice. She didn't expect her father to care about Vivian. Was it because his impression of Vivian had improved a lot, or was there another reasons?

She didn't dare to jump to a conclusion, but the most important thing now was to say something more so that her father could "know" the real color of that bitch!

"Dad Although Vivian has known Jeffrey for a long time, I didn't expect that she knows Mr. Lu! Besides, Vivian has a good relationship with him. They seem to be very intimate in the eyes of outsiders. I'm afraid that Vivian will do something stupid..."

"Dad! She hates me so much. She did such a bad thing to me in the past. She seems to have reflected a lot after being taught a lesson by you. But will she want to hook up with a rich sugar daddy to show off to me, or compete for the shares of the Pei Group? Dad! We really can't sit still and wait for this to happen!"

"Whether it's good for Vivian or not, we should point it out, shouldn't we?" Riley said excitedly, staring at Albert's eyes. Her beautiful big eyes were full of tears.

The relationship between the bitch Vivian and her father was really unstable, not to mention that she had caused her father to be hospitalized before, and Alex had to lie in the hospital.

Albert was a little stunned, with his eyes wide open and full of majesty.

Last time when he visited Alex in the hospital, she really felt sorry for him. He had to stay in the hospital at such a young age for the rest of his life! He felt heartbroken to see his bright future wasted like this!

But what he cared more about was Vivian's thoughts. She was so stubborn that she hired a nurse who was good at taking care of people for him. From time to time, she endured the cold eyes of Riley and insisted on visiting him in the hospital. The nurse often talked about her with him.

He didn't know his daughter well enough yet!

Riley was still standing here and blaming her instead of visiting her sister's. If she wanted to teach her sister well, she should do this when her sister get better. Vivian was weak and sick, but she often keep this to herself. When she was a child, she had a fever to thirty-nine

e director about the preparation. But where is he?' It was a good chance to tell everyone that she was the wife!

Riley smoothed her hair and threw the money to the driver. She cast a cold glance at him and got off the car slowly.

However, on the side of the unremarkable grass, Jay was standing there, holding his mobile phone and talking. Behind him stood a beautiful woman whom she was jealous of. She sometimes stretched out her hand to draw the distance between the two, and sometimes leaned behind him to touch his back!

Riley squinted her eyes and walked to the front wearily in her high heels. She stared at Jay and smiled at the woman after he hung up the phone. She hadn't seen Jay's smile for a long time, so she was surprised to see his face now.

As soon as she walked to the other side, Jay followed the woman to the sun umbrella beside. He took over the water and drank it, followed by a group of people's whistle.

"You should be together!"

"Way to go, boss."

"You are such a cute couple."

Riley called Jay. He didn't answer her phone until several busy tones.

"Honey, where are you now?"

"What else can I do if I'm not working?"

After saying that, he frowned tightly. Riley's tone was really suspicious. "Are you followed me?"

"How could you say that? I just happened to pass by."

Seeing Jay looking around, Riley hung up the phone and walked to the grass.

"Honey, are you tired? There are so many beautiful girls here. Nice!" Riley raised her eyebrows and looked at the camera team who was shooting the advertisement.

"Stop it, honey. I'm just discussing about the preparation of activities. Don't think too much."

She had to think too much!

"Really? Was it work to flirt with a beauty? Why don't I know that your work is so easy? Jay, I almost forget the last time when I saw your smile!"

"Enough! Don't mix personal affairs with work. Let's talk about it at home. I have to discuss it with the director now, OK? Will you understand?" Jay held Riley's shoulders tightly and looked at her in the eyes.

He had just received a call from his father-in-law and he was very upset!

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