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   Chapter 20 A Blessing In Disguise

My CEO Husband: Triumphant Return To Love By Quye Xiaofang Characters: 10419

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Seeing that the two of them were surrounded by their peers and discussed heatedly, it was difficult for a woman to interfere, so Vivian stood aside and tasted the delicious cake alone.

Riley sneered and walked over. When she saw that everyone was looking at this bitch, she felt ten thousand more uncomfortable!

"Bitch!" Due to the dim light, this place became a little dark and mysterious. Few people came to see this place. Riley seized this point and said boldly.

"Shame on you to come to this place!" If others know that we are here, what kind of headline news will they make?" Riley said ferociously.

She didn't want to be caught and compared with this bitch!

"Mrs. Zheng, please behave yourself!" Putting down the plate in her hand, Vivian glared back, not to be outdone.

Riley got angry when she heard the words "Mrs. Zheng"! She was also a member of the Pei Family. She lived in the Pei Family and use the things of the Pei Family then why couldn't she be counted as a member of the Pei Family. And she was insulted by Vivian again!

"Bitch! Which rich man do you hook up with to do this to me? Was it Austin? Or Jeffrey? You finally let go of Jay?"

"Riley, don't sling mud at me! I'm a decent person. How could I do such a thing? If you are really jealous of me, please don't be so mean, okay?"

"You!" With her eyes wide open, Riley couldn't bear to see that Vivian had a reason to oppose her, so Riley reached out her hand and slapped on her delicate face.

Vivian turned her head to avoid it, but tripped over something behind her and fell backwards out of balance.

"Bang!" Vivian fell to the ground and knocked down a table of delicately prepared food and drinks. Desserts and wine were all scattered on the ground, and glass pieces were all over the ground. She stiffened on the ground and forgot her wound when she saw the mess.


Riley was stunned. She didn't mean to push her. Riley just wanted to slap her and teach her a lesson!

She stepped forward, trying to squat down and pretend to pass by, but Jeffrey took a step ahead. He took off his suit jacket and covered it on Vivian. He reached out and pressed the uneasy woman on his chest, and took her to the back door.

Austin stopped and looked at the backs of the two. He frowned and looked in the direction of Riley.

With a stiff smile, Riley ran to Jay and held his arm. Seeing the astonishment on his face, she gently leaned on his shoulder and said, "Honey, Vivian..."

Vivian put her arms around Jeffrey's neck tightly. It was the first time that she had seen everyone blaming her. She was so helpless that no one would help her. Everyone was waiting to laugh at her.

She was afraid that if Jeffrey wasn't there, how would she deal with such an embarrassing situation?

"Don't think too much!" Jeffrey put her in the car, took off her high heels and frowned at her swollen ankle.

Now it was not about who hurt her, but to deal with the wound first. Otherwise, the wound would be more serious if it was not taken care of!

Jeffrey sat on the driver's seat and stepped on the gas.

When the

e for her dad's favor at any time.

Hearing the voice, Albert opened his eyes slowly and saw Riley. He said slowly, "Riley."

When Riley entered the room, she saw her father with his eyes closed. She thought he was sleeping, but now he called her name. She was really frightened, and her heart suddenly skipped a beat, as if she had done something wrong and was caught.

"Dad!" Riley turned around and put the lunch box on the table, leaving a bad look to the nurse.

"Dad, are you feeling better? Have you taken good care of yourself? "

"I'm fine. Don't worry about me." Albert sat up straight, sighed and said softly.

The nurse adjusted the pillow for him so that he could lie comfortably on the bed. Albert felt very warm and smiled at her. The nurse was used to his expression, so she pushed the door with a basin in her hand.

Riley stared at her receding figure fiercely. Then she held out her hand to Albert and said, "Dad, I really feel sorry for you. You must get better soon. Are you hungry? I brought you some low fat and low sodium dishes."

She just wanted to listen to her mother and take good care of her father. It was the best to get some information from him, and then tell her father a little bit to see how he reacted.

"Okay, I just wanted to eat." Albert nodded.

Riley smiled and opened the lunch box obediently. The delicious smell filled his nose. She set up a table in front of Albert and placed the dishes on the table.

"Dad, let's watch TV." As Riley spoke, she took the remote control and deliberately switched the channel to the news station.

"Mr. Shen of the Shen Group rarely brings a date to the banquet held by the Lu Group and the Pei Group. The woman's identity is mysterious, and only her back is photographed. I don't know what he meant, Mr. Shen. Do you want to secretly show your love, or?

The host exaggeratedly described the scene at that time, and several blurry photos were played on the TV. It could be seen that the woman reached out to encircle the man's neck. We can tell the two people were intimate.

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