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   Chapter 19 Unexpected

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Austin was looking forward to it. As long as Vivian agreed, she could put on the best clothes, stand in the dazzling light and enjoy the envious and jealous eyes of thousands of people. She would always live a life that others couldn't. Wasn't she a princess?

He had never seen her holding a doll happily in her childhood, and how innocent she was when she dreamed of the good life of the princess.

"Okay." Vivian said slowly with a smile on her face.

Austin was surprised and nodded firmly.

The two of them walked to the square unconsciously. The green lawn was full of people who were having a picnic. The child raised the balloon high in the air and looked up while running. A child tripped and fell, but he stood up quickly and patted the mud on his body, smiling at his parents who were teaching him a lesson.

He didn't forget to tightly grasp the rope tied to the balloon in his hand. He put one hand beside his head and swore with a smile that he wouldn't be naughty any more. Seeing his parents leave, he waved his hand to call his friends who were waiting aside, they started chasing and playing.

"When we were children, we didn't think too much. We just had meals and went to school every day. At night, we read little books in bed. We didn't expect that we would have any obstacles in the future. Looking at the carefree smile of a child, make me felt very happy."

The sun shone on Vivian's face, leaving a layer of golden shadow on her curly eyelashes. She gently blinked and looked very naughty. She said with a smile, and her dimples were deep.

"Yes, what was your childhood like?"

"Me?" After a pause, Vivian smiled slightly and said, "I don't have a childhood. Do you believe me?"

When she was a child, her mother died a long time ago, and her brother disappeared. At that time, her father was still the one who loved her the most. He crazily found her brother despite the cost of a lot of money. Every time he heard any news, he would immediately track it down, but in the end, he still got nothing.

And Riley always bullied her. She acted like a spoiled child in front of her father, took away the beautiful clothes, forced the servants to speak for her, and complained first. Kelly bullied her with the help of Kelly.

At that time, she was still a little girl. At first, she was scared by Riley's fearless behavior and didn't dare to resist. Later, she gradually became numb. Without her father's protection, she hid in a corner and watched them laughing happily. She hid in her room and read silently.

Later, she got excellent grades and was admitted to a key school. Her father finally valued her and took care of her from time to time, which was also the reason why Riley hated her more. She insisted that she wanted to study hard to please her father.

Thinking of this, the light in Vivian's eyes dimmed. She pretended to be fine and smiled at Austin.

"I believe. I also good times and bad times in the Lu Family." Austin said word by word, with a firm look in his eyes. He frowned slightly. He didn't like the depressed look of Vivian! He wanted to tell her that he was her brother, but it was not the right time yet.

He also remembered his childhood. He had one or two like-minded friends in the orphanage. They would not la

he Lu Group came one after another. They walked over the red carpet at the door and exchanged greetings with their partners.

A party held by the Lu Group and the Pei Group had caused a sensation in the biggest hotel in the H City. Exquisite crystal lights, bright floor and priceless paintings could be seen everywhere in the spiral staircase.

Riley tugged at her low cut dress and winked at Jay who was picking up the bottle.

She attended the party as Jay's date, but she didn't know if Vivian was Austin's date! How could that bitch get such an honor? She would rather destroy today's good play than let Vivian succeed.

Jay and Austin clinked glasses and drank them up politely. The two big shots at the main party today just gathered for a while, and then many guests came to greet them.

"It seems that Mr. Lu is very busy today." Jay smiled and patted on Austin's shoulder. When he was about to ask who his date was, he was distracted by Jeffrey, who just entered the room.

Vivian wore a long strapless white dress which was very exquisite. The fresh and lovely makeup on her delicate face made her more radiant. She reached out and hooked Jeffrey, who was wearing a well cut black suit, with a smile on her face.

When she saw Austin, she looked at him apologetically. She didn't expect that Jeffrey would take her to such an occasion, and even broke the appointment with Austin. She felt very guilty.

As soon as the two appeared, they attracted a lot of attention and became the focus of the field. It was rare that Mr. Shen, who had never shown up, even brought a date!

"Sorry, Mr. Lu. I'm late." Jeffrey said indifferently. He glanced at Austin's calm face and deliberately held Vivian's hand tightly.

"This is my date, Vivian," Jeffrey looked at him meaningfully and said, "You have already know each other."

"Mr. Lu." Vivian looked at him apologetically.

"Just call me Austin. It's so weird to call me Mr. Lu."

Austin smiled. Just now, Vivian called in a hurry to tell him that she had broken the appointment, but he didn't expect that she would appear at his banquet.

Looking at the two having conversations, Jeffrey felt a little depressed.

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