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   Chapter 18 Do You Want To Be A Princess

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"You know what? He also likes to eat farm food as I do. He often goes to the same restaurant. But it's strange that he hasn't met me for once." Holding her chin with one hand, Vivian spoke with her big eyes vivid and lovely.

Perhaps it was because the good luck she had accumulated in her daily life. Since she just knew him, she had always been lucky. HMM, maybe. Thinking of this, Vivian smiled.

Staring at her bucktooth, Jeffrey grabbed her chin tightly and turned her face to him. "Who do you think is better, him or me?"

Looking at Jeffrey's enlarged handsome face in astonishment, Vivian was at a loss. She tried hard to get rid of his hand which hurt her chin. "All right, all right..."

Austin could fix the light bulb for her at night, just like the big brother next door, while Jeffrey was an unruly and unreasonable young master!

One might be her sister in her previous life, and the other might be her child's father. Both of them had their own advantages.

Jeffrey let go of her hand and watched her rubbing her chin. Then he realized that she was telling the truth

After dinner, Jeffrey sent Vivian to the villa and drove back to the company to deal with something.

When the assistant saw the CEO walk into the office, he quickly followed him.

"Boss, the investigation result has come out and has been sent to your private e-mail." The assistant stood aside respectfully.

Although he was very curious about why the CEO wanted to investigate this matter, the CEO always liked to deal with it quietly. He'd better do his own job so that the CEO could not worry about it.

"Okay, I see. You can go ahead with your work."

Hearing this, the assistant nodded to show that he had known it, and then pushed the door and left.

Jeffrey opened his private e-mail and looked at the latest e-mail. She moved the mouse and clicked it, carefully reading the content on the screen.

Sure enough, this person was Riley.

The reason why she said so was to declare that she was on his side. But this time, she seemed to be a little anxious. How could she be sure that he would believe her immediately?

Well, do you think you are also a petty guy who is easily blinded by immediate interests? Riley, you are flattering yourself.

That man was Austin, a young man who had made great achievements in business recently. He seemed to be inexperienced, but his scheming was unpredictable. The Lu Group had also recently entered one of the most important international companies in the H City, and could not be underestimated.

"Mr. Du, I am looking forward to the result of our two companies' future interests."

"Me too. Let's celebrate our friendship and have discussion with each other in advance!" Jay raised his glass and smiled at Austin.

He always felt that Austin was good-looking when he smiled, similar to Vivian. He was sunny and naturally exuded confidence from the inside. But his deep eyes gave people an incomprehensible feeling, which was very mysterious.

"Mr. Lu, you must look good when you smile. I always think that you look like one of my friends..." Speaking of "friend", Jay paused for a while. Since when the relationship between him and Vivian was so fragile that they could only count as friends right now.

"Really? What kind of friend?" Austin smiled faintly, but there was a hint of melancholy in his eyes.

"Vivian, you know her. She is a good friend of mine." Jay raised his glass and drank it up, with a flash of hatred in his eyes.

He hated himself for being so useless! They put an innocent and good girl into such a situation today. As soon as they met, they had to talk about Riley. The next topic was nothing but them quarreling with each other.

Austin knew that Jay was Vivian's first love. He had read all the personal information of Vivian and always wanted to see what kind of person Jay was. How could he marry the sister of the woman he once loved.

"In fact, she is also my first love. It's funny. I end up marrying her sister, Riley. She is a woman who never showed her true feelings. Although I don't mind, sometimes she will do something that I can't understand and make me unable to sit still and wait for it."

Riley was always making trouble for her. Vivian didn't know how sad she was to deal with it alone. When she heard what Riley and her mom said today, she realized that the most terrible thing in the world was their heart!

Perhaps it was good for Vivian to be with Jeffrey. At least, Jeffrey wouldn't allow her to be bullied and suffered.

Austin stared at his face with his deep eyes. Such an affectionate man would take off his hard armor at night and drink silently to paralyze his heart.

He knew Jay from an academic economic forum. He was a good man. Now he managed the company in an orderly way and didn't fail his expectations.

"I look like Vivian very much, because I'm Adam. It's more funny, isn't it? I just knew it."

"What! Adam!" Jay looked at him in bewilderment and murmured.

Vivian had bitterly mentioned to him that her brother, whose life was uncertain, was actually Austin? No wonder he always gave people a strange

feeling. He was very close, and his personality was very similar to Vivian's. They also had many similar hobbies.

"Does Vivian know about this?" Jay said excitedly, and his dim eyes suddenly lit up. He could imagine how surprised Vivian would be when he knew that his own brother was still alive!

"It's not the time yet! Jay, I hope you can keep it a secret for me. Only you know it!"

Jay looked at his firm eyes with a serious look. After weighing the pros and cons, he nodded heavily.

God will open a window for you when the door is closed.

"Riley and her daughter have turned our family upside down. My sister has suffered so much, and my mother has been killed. I will never let them go!"

Austin clenched his fists with hatred in his eyes!

"I'll have them pay it back slowly! Let them gradually feel that there are many crises, but they can't escape. They understand the pain we have suffered, and understand the pain we are still suffering! I won't get Vivian involved. I want her to live a healthy and happy life."

Jay nodded and said, "I know! I married Riley for my own reason, but I have the same purpose as you. I will take revenge on them! Let them know what pain is... "

"We have reached an agreement on our cooperation. There will be a celebration party next. Remember not to be absent at that time."

"I know!" Austin stared at the red wine glass with his black eyes, shook it gently, put it in front of his nose and smelled it, tasting the taste of the good wine.

After cleaning up the room, Vivian changed the color of the curtains and furniture she liked, and put on a deer night lamp. She took a deep breath, opened the door and lay on the bed.

When Ruby returned home, she wondered if she would like her room? If Ruby said she didn't like it, she would break Ruby's legs! Ruby should praise her own mother for being beautiful and handling things well.

Thinking of this, Vivian smiled with a dimple on her cheek. She really wanted to hug her baby Ruby. She would be soon. It was not bad to give her a surprise.

Vivian put on a pair of comfortable jeans jumpsuit, canvas shoes and combed a ponytail. She went out briskly.

Vivian walked to the toy shop unconsciously. Looking at a variety of goods, she couldn't help touching the robot and the doll.

In the end, she still hoped that her daughter could be a beautiful girl. When she arrived at the girls' toy area, a row of Barbie dolls came into view.

Barbie dolls were annoying. Barbie had everything, except life.

Barbie could change her clothes with a smile every day, go to the coffee shop, garden, and make cakes with her good friends.

Every girl was envious and longing for this kind of life.

Vivian picked up a set of Barbie doll garden series, wearing a garden weeding dress similar to her design, and a lovely little garden. It turned out that her clothes were a servant's clothes for weeding. She couldn't help but burst into laughter.

Austin picked up the robot and saw Vivian standing at the girl's toy area with a smile.

He stepped forward and gently patted her on the shoulder.

Startled, Vivian held the box tightly subconsciously. Austin looked at the box of the Barbie doll and smiled when he saw the familiar clothes.

"Is it funny? My clothes are the garden maid's clothes in the eyes of the Barbie doll!" Vivian pouted slightly and said defiantly.

"But the cloth on you look like a limited edition."

"Ha ha." Vivian was satisfied with Austin's response. Although she was shameless, she looked down at the box in her hand. 'It was good!' she thought to herself. Ruby would also like it, it also had a deep meaning!

The Barbie doll was wearing the same dress as her own mother. She felt embarrassed.

Austin accompanied her to the check-out counter and saw her carefully holding the doll box in her hand, with a look of love in her eyes.

"You like it?"

"Yes, I like it. My daughter..." Vivian paused for a while and smiled. She almost told him the secret of her dear daughter!

Austin smiled and didn't take it seriously. He walked with her shoulder to shoulder. From time to time, there were many little children running by her side. They were reluctant to leave their favorite toys, crying and asking their parents to buy them. The two looked at them all the way and smiled.

"Vivian, do you envy the life of Barbie dolls?"

"Of course, she is carefree. But sometimes she is more like a princess, which makes me feel distant."

"Well, do you want to be a princess this time?"

Austin asked indifferently, but he couldn't help smiling.

"What?" Vivian was confused. It was fun.

"My company recently signed a big contract and held a celebration party with the partner. I'm inviting you to be my female companion. Are you willing to be my partner?" Austin stopped, turned his head and stared at her face with his deep eyes.

"……" Vivian stared at Austin in astonishment. Her curly eyelashes cast a shadow on her eyes, which were a little similar to Jeffrey, but they were different.

When Vivian met his deep eyes, she wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

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