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   Chapter 17 Jealous

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The next day, in the Golden Holiday Hotel.

Maggie Liu combed her newly permed curly hair and looked at herself in the mirror. Then she put down the comb with satisfaction and took out her cosmetics to fix her makeup.

Riley walked over to help her fix her hair and winked at her, "You look pretty. You don't need any makeup."

"Humph, I want to be pretty. I don't know about those ugly people. They said they put all their efforts on making money so they never thought about dressing up. I can do both things together."

Maggie rolled her eyes, shook her head and said helplessly, as if she had seen through the mortal world.

Riley smiled and thought to herself, 'If I didn't need your help, I wouldn't have suffered spending time with you here! I'll see you later!

Clang! Clang! Clang

Seeing the check, Maggie continued to fix her makeup indifferently. When she saw the extraordinary amount on the check, she widened her eyes and grabbed the check.

"Tell me, what's the matter?"

"I want you to do me a favor. Don't you have to shoot a magazine cover here?" Riley crooked her finger at her and said mysteriously.

Maggie was a pretty girl who had a good reputation in the model circle. She was famous for her coldness, but as long as she was touched by a lot of money, she would do it at all costs, but she would never trade sex for money, so she offended many rich men.

But there were many sisters who were complementary to each other, so no one dared to look down upon her.

Fortunately, she got the card from Jay before. Otherwise, how could she invite this "big shot"?

Hearing what Riley said, Maggie nodded her head quickly, with a cold light flashing in her beautiful eyes.

Austin walked into the coffee shop, found a window seat and sat down. He came here today mainly to deal with something quietly. The coffee shop was filled with pleasant music, and Austin flipped through the documents and read them seriously.

When Maggie looked into the coffee shop from the outside, she saw a man with extraordinary temperament. That was the Austin that Riley had mentioned!

According to the plan, Maggie walked into the coffee shop without hesitation and gently walked past Austin. When the waiter with coffee passed by, she pushed the waiter without leaving any trace, and then leaned over to help the waiter hold the plate, so that the coffee wouldn't spill on the documents on the table.

The waiter was startled. The waiter saw the coffee wasn't spilled on the paper.

"Be careful. If I weren't here, the coffee would have spilled all over the paper." Maggie said with a smile. Her dimples looked lovely.

"Thank you." When the waiter saw the life-saving straw, the waiter looked apologetically at Austin next to her and quickly ran away with the plate. If it weren't for that lovely lady, he would have lost her money! Those documents seemed to be very precious.

Looking complacently at the waiter who was fleeing away, Maggie raised her eyebrows. She didn't expect her plan to be so successful. She caught a glimpse of a familiar car outside the glass window.

Sitting in the car, Riley kept pressing the shutter, satisfied with Maggie's wit.

"Thank you." Austin said to Maggie indifferently. He should have said that to her. After all, this document couldn't be copied. If she hadn't saved him just now, he would have gritted his teeth to protect these documents and sacrificed himself.

"It doesn't matter. This is what I should do." Maggie lowered her body, pretending to be nervous, and looked at Austin with her eyes wide open.

"I think you are very familiar." Maggie turned her head and pretended to be thinking about something. Seeing Riley's gesture to her, she said confidently, "Oh, right! Do you know a woman called Vivian? With short hair."

Austin was surprised that she would talk about Vivian, so he nodded in agreement.

"That's right! She often talks to us about a man called Austin. He gave her a house or a luxury car, and it's a normal thing to invite her to travel abroad. Even the private helicopter is very common!"

"Although Vivian is a little exaggerated, she is also good to us. She often gives us some out of date clothes. Although they are out of date, they are all beautiful! I'm so happy to have those clothes to wear."

"Ah, I'm sorry to tell you so much all of a sudden." Maggie patted herself on the head. Her delicate face was full of joy, and she was even happier in her heart. She had performed well just now.

Although she did something immoral, the money was good. What else did she want to do with other people's money? Maggie had to try her best to do what she should do. Seeing that the plan was about to be completed, a smile appeared at the corners of her mouth.

"Because she often mentioned you to us, so she couldn't help but say a few more words. Don't take it to heart. I'm confused. Ha ha, I'm leaving now. I won't disturb you."

After saying that, Maggie left Austin.

Austin frowned and stared at the direction she left.


when did Vivian have such a friend? It was not strange for her to behave like this, but it was obvious that she was a model. What did she mean by saying that to him just now?

Exaggerated? Giving others' outdated clothes?

A mysterious smile flashed across Austin's eyes. It seemed that this women knew his sister better than he did.

Maggie bought two cups of coffee and walked out of the cafe, deliberately bypassing the path and meeting with Riley.

"Did you get it?" As soon as Riley got the satisfied picture, she put away her stuff and left. She was waiting for Maggie on the path.

As long as the plan succeeded, she would send the photos to Vivian's phone, which would weaken Austin's image in her heart. According to that bitch's character, she would never question him face to face and explain anything. She would only cry foolishly!

Riley curled her lips and looked complacent.

"Of course, I am." Maggie handed her a cup of coffee and took a sip. She blinked her eyes and said proudly.

"Well, now that you have done it, just forget it. Your magazine should be finished. I hope you can go back to work as soon as possible. Your business trip is completed!" Riley took the coffee and raised her eyebrows.

She wished that Maggie could take the money and leave as soon as possible. She didn't want anyone to find fault with her at all, even if money could shut Maggie's mouth!

Squinting slightly, Maggie nodded.


"Yummy..." Vivian answered, filling her mouth with delicious food.

"Slow down. No one will take it from you!" Jeffrey reached out and wiped the crumbs off her mouth. Seeing that, Vivian thought he was going to do something, so she was too scared to move. She didn't come to her senses until he withdrew his hand.

"You look ugly when you eat."

"Okay." Maybe you look good when you eat!

Vivian made a face at him in her heart, but she had to admit that Jeffrey did look nice when he ate. He ate elegantly and slowly without making any sound. Obviously, he was from a noble family.

As the dinner went on, Vivian swallowed the last piece of meat and touched her bulging belly, indicating Jeffrey that she need to use the bathroom.

Jeffrey looked at her back and smiled helplessly.

"Ding Ding." The familiar ringtone sounded. Jeffrey was very satisfied with Vivian's obedience this time. She didn't set the mute. Because the phone was put aside, Jeffrey wanted to take it over, but she didn't need to bother this later.

He picked up her phone and saw a photo.

Jeffrey didn't want to invade Vivian's privacy, but his curiosity drove him to continue reading. When he saw the photo, he slightly narrowed her eyes.

This man was very similar to Jay, but there was another woman beside him, and the two were very close.

Did the person who sent the photo want to tell Vivian secretly that this man was a playboy? Or did this people do it on purpose? He had planned to wait for Vivian to confess what happened yesterday, but she acted as if nothing had happened.

Sitting on the leather chair, Vivian leaned back against the soft cushion and looked at Jeffrey in confusion. She took the phone and found it was Austin!

"What?" Vivian murmured, "Is this Austin's girlfriend? No way. Why didn't he tell me? Or why did he Austin smile?"

Jeffrey looked at Vivian, who opened her mouth in surprise and frowned. He cleared her throat and wondered what the woman was thinking!

"Did you have dinner with him last time?"

"Yes..." Answered Vivian calmly.

"And you muted your phone for him?"

"What did it have to do with this?"

Vivian looked at him and asked in a low voice. She felt as if she had done something wrong and was waiting to be judged by the man in front of her.

"He's just a playboy. Someone is sympathizing with you!" Although Jeffrey really cared who sent the message, what mattered more was the attitude of Vivian.

"I don't believe it." Although Vivian just knew Austin, she didn't care about him. She only treated him as a friend, even though she didn't know him very well.

Jeffrey stared at Vivian with malicious eyes. Every word of this woman was cut to the heart! He didn't know when he cared so much about every word Vivian said. Seeing that she was neglected in the Pei Family, he wanted to kill all the people except her!

Seeing her happy, he could also feel happy inexplicably. Although he was a bastard who only threatened her with his daughter, he was also a committed bastard.

"I think he is very kind, which makes me feel very secure. As long as I am with him, I will be able to get rid of Riley, and Riley will suffer losses." Vivian smiled and her big eyes were full of expectation and excitement.

"Sometimes I think that he might be a good friend of mine in my previous life."

Jeffrey's mouth twitched. Sister? Although it would damage his reputation, no one in the previous life would know that. Maybe he was just an ordinary citizen? Vivian's good friend was not bad. Jeffrey didn't even realize that he was jealous.

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