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   Chapter 16 Out of The Crisis

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Staring at the message on the screen, Riley raised her eyebrows and smiled. She thought to herself, 'Still want to go against me?' She put her phone back in her bag and walked into the dining room.

When she saw the tearful smile on Vivian's face, she couldn't help clenching her fists, and then loosened them. Riley strode forward and said, "You two are so idle. Aren't you tired all day, Vivian? I saw you with Mr. Shen yesterday."

Then she opened her eyes wide and looked at Austin in surprise, "Mr. Lu, I was indeed rude just now, but my sister did something wrong. As her sister, I should have guided her on the right path, shouldn't I?"

"Riley, can't I do something decent? Are you right to put on a show all day long! Aren't you tired?" Not to be outdone, Vivian said aggressively.

"Look at you. You lose your temper as soon as I said something wrong. Look at yourself in the mirror. You're as terrible as if you're going to strip me off!"

Riley frowned slightly, pretending to be an elder who was teaching a younger generation a lesson. Seeing that Austin cast a strange glance at her, she didn't dodge. Standing aside, she was very angry with Vivian! Otherwise, how could she say something like that.

"Riley, this is a public place. You'd better restrain your tone. We've just finished eating and we're leaving." Austin took Vivian's hand and left without looking back.

Riley rubbed her long hair and didn't take it seriously. She kept looking at Austin with her beautiful eyes. This man was the heir of the Lu Group, young and famous in the business world. His handsome appearance did attract many women's attention.

She couldn't find any flaw on him!

Judging from his tone, he was protecting her! Did Vivian decide to let go of Jay? What a good taste! He was rich and handsome. Did she really think that she was the lucky one?

Riley sneered and pushed the chair in front of her, "bang!" It made a loud noise.

Walking shoulder to shoulder with Austin, Vivian waited at the door for him to return the car. She looked through her phone and found that there were dozens of missed calls from Jeffrey!

His last message was two minutes ago, "If you don't reply my calls, I will call the police!"

With her eyes wide open, Vivian wondered why Jeffrey was so strange. What he said was true! She had shut him outside the door before. He threatened her to call the police, and the police really came!

She called back immediately, Jeffrey answered quickly. Jeffrey shouted in a harsh voice, "You are such a worried woman! I'm so worried! Why don't you call me back? I'm worried about you."

"I My phone is on silent when I was having dinner." Vivian put the phone far away from her ear and answered in a low voice.

"Having dinner? Where are you? I'll pick you up!"

Vivian felt that she had no right to refuse. She turned her head weakly to take a look at Austin before telling him where she was. Then she walked to Austin and looked at him apologetically.


Hearing her soft voice, Austin thought of her eyes just now and guessed what just happened. He smiled slightly and said, "It doesn't matter. You can go ahead with your business."

"Okay, thank you. I had a great time today!" Vivian nodded her head and thought, 'Austin is like a lucky star. When Riley comes to make trouble, as long as he is by her side, she will be able to get out of danger and protect herself well.'

It was strange. How could he give her a sense of security? Thinking of this, she smiled again.

Austin sat on the driver's seat, started the engine and drove away.

As soon as he left, Jeffrey came over, and the horn behind her rang loudly. Vivian turned around subconsciously and ran into the car.

Jeffrey stared at the signboard of the shop with his black eyes. Only the people who were close to Vivian would come to such a restaurant. Looking at her faint smile, he was even more suspicious. Then he remembered the person in the photo.

"Is it so important to have this meal? You even put your phone on mute." Jeffrey snorted and said coldly.

"Nothing. We are just friends..." Vivian carefully observed the facial expressions of Jeffrey. He was expressionless, covered with a layer of frost, and his eyes were horribly cold.

Although it was easy for her to say that she was having dinner with Austin, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, she thought that friends were more reliable.

Jeffrey thought differently, he believed Vivian was just trying to cover it up! This woman!

He raised his eyebrows, his eyes full of affection. "Our daughter was talking to me on the phone just now." Speaking of this, Jeffrey turned to look at Vivian, with a complacent look in his eyes.

Since Vivian became a mother, she loved Ruby very much. Strangely, every time she had a dispute with him, the atmosphere would dissolve as long as it came to Ruby. This was one of the best card for Jeffrey.

"Well, she loves me. No doubt about that." Vivian

pouted slightly, as if she was not afraid of being taken away by others.

Jeffrey smiled, "I'm going to take her back home."

"What?" Vivian's eyes widened in astonishment. She had already discussed with Jeffrey abroad not to pick up Ruby and return home. Why was it so sudden? Did she want to go home?

"Yes, Ruby wants to go home. She wants to see her parents. I have thought for a while since we sent her abroad. Although she has a nanny to take care of her, it is meaningless for her to grow up without her parents' company."

"Don't worry. I will arrange everything and live in my own villa first."

Jeffrey said with a smile. Vivian also didn't want Ruby to be exposed to the public and step into the chaotic circle too young, especially as the child of Shen Group. He didn't want Ruby to be hurt at all!

Thinking of this, Jeffrey's eyes were sharp.

Hearing this, Vivian's heart ached. As a mother, she ignored Ruby's feeling again and again.

Perhaps it was a good choice to bring her back. As long as Jeffrey was there, Ruby would be fine! She believed that.

Riley looked out of the window, then turned her head and leaned on Kelly's shoulder, stuffing her mouth with sweet grapes.

"Riley, how is everything going in the company? Jay stays up late for social engagements every night. I'm worried about him. Although he is on our side right now, he can still dump us at any time! He didn't even look at you."

Kelly said earnestly while picking grapes.

"Mom, don't worry. I looked great today after hearing your advice. I didn't expect to meet that bitch Vivian in the company!"

Riley glared at her. But today was also a nice day. Jeffrey must have misunderstood Vivian completely!

"However, Jay has put in a good word for me and always stands by my side. Don't you know the expression on Vivian's face? It's so ridiculous!"

Hearing this, Kelly felt relieved. She could already imagine that bitch was unwilling to accept the reality. She was asking for trouble. How could she think of going to the company for trouble?

"Riley, what is she going to do?"

"Mom, she did it on purpose. More importantly, I found a big secret!" Riley sat up, raised her eyebrows and crooked her fingers mysteriously.

Kelly was curious about what secret it could be, so she asked her to continue.

"You know about Austin? The man who often appeared on the newspaper recently is a big figure. He seems to treat Vivian differently. I guess he has fallen in love with her!"

"Of course not! Vivian must seduced him first!" Kelly couldn't believe it. How lucky was Vivian? Austin was a good young man and a famous leader in the business circle!

If she hadn't heard it from her mahjong friend, she would have thought that he would be blindfolded or tempted! She would rather give such good fortune to others than fall into the hands of that bitch named Vivian.

"Riley, how did you know that? Is this information reliable? We need the most accurate information!"

"Mom, it's true. I checked it myself! I just tried to test her, but Austin spoke for her and took her away! In my opinion, the relationship between the two must be strange, not to mention that Austin is so rich."

Vivian only want Austin's money. If he were a pauper, I bet that she would definitely leave him far away.

"Yes, that bitch! You have to seize this opportunity. Although we don't lack money, Austin is better than Jay. Don't let that bitch get the better one. Riley, you have to work hard!"

Kelly frowned and said unhappily, with coldness and hatred in her eyes.

It didn't matter for Vivian to rise to prominence. As long as she had enough people and funds, she could do that. She was afraid that she would not be able to compete with her for the territory now!

"Of course I know. Mom, don't worry. I'm not stupid. We won't let that bitch get what she wants!" Riley held her mother's arm intimately and acted like a spoiled child.

Jay, who was standing at the entrance, frowned. He had heard everything he should and shouldn't have heard!

When Riley caught a glimpse of Jay who was walking towards her, her face turned pale with fright, as if someone had poured cold water on her from above.

"Honey..." It was not until Kelly pinched her daughter who was in a daze that Riley came to her senses. She stood up and followed him. She took over his suit jacket and smelt the familiar smell of cigarettes and alcohol. It was good that there was no woman's perfume on it.

Riley smiled complacently, and then walked up to Jay. She was relieved to see his calm face. If he heard something bad, all her previous efforts would be wasted!

"Honey, are you tired? I'll prepare you the water for shower."

"Yes, I just came back. I'm very tired." Jay pulled his tie irritably and nodded. Riley kept looking at her own face, trying to find out her shortcomings, but unfortunately, he had heard everything.

Riley smiled charmingly and went into the bathroom obediently.

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