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   Chapter 15 Shattered

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"Why are you here? What are you doing here, Vivian?" Riley said crossly, glaring at her with her big eyes. Then she walked up to Jay and held his arm.

"Honey, what are you talking about?"

"Nothing. Don't worry. I won't take her words seriously anyway." Jay said coldly, looking at Vivian in front of him.

A smile flashed across Riley's eyes when she heard the satisfied reply.

"Vivian, it was my fault yesterday. I shouldn't have intervened. But how could you say that to a waitress who was supporting her family alone? She was wrong, but if your clothes were dirty, you could buy a new one. That had a great impact on her."

Speaking of this, she pinched Jay's arm nervously. Her eyes were bright, but she stared at Vivian fiercely, with a sneer on her lips.

As long as Jay believed what he said, the image of Vivian would be ruined in his heart.

Vivian didn't argue. She looked at Riley's hypocritical smile and felt it laughable. Her lie was so funny that it could not only create a good image of a kind-hearted woman for herself, but also bring herself to the bottom of the valley, which proved her identity as a fake women!

Jay looked at her worriedly. Vivian didn't want to argue with him, but she couldn't. Her heart ached. He wouldn't believe what Riley said, but he wanted to help her more. However

"Honey, did she come to tell you about it? I did it on impulse. I really couldn't bear it. Will you blame me?"

"No, I won't. Vivian, my wife did this to you. I think you are the one who bullied others first. I really don't know your true color! I didn't expect you to be such a hypocritical woman! I think you just want to take this opportunity to make me misunderstand Riley, right? Huh."

Staring at the excited Jay in front of her, Vivian knew that he was against her for another woman.

"I didn't do anything wrong. Why should I bear the consequences of the victim of this fraud? You couple are so tacit. I am speechless!"

Riley glanced at her complacently. As long as Jay was on her side, she would be in big trouble!

"Bang!" The assistant looked at the scene in front of him awkwardly and whispered something in Jay's ear apologetically. Then, Jay pushed the door open and walked out.

After he left, Riley sat elegantly on the sofa with her hands crossed over her chest, as if she was in charge of her own territory.

"I really don't know why you come here to look for trouble. I was going to show Jay the new clothes I bought today, but you were just an eyesore here. You two were alone in the room, not to mention that you were a real tramp. It's normal for me to worry about you."

"I don't know what to say if you are suspicious." After saying that, Vivian picked up her bag and was about to leave. She really forgot to check the calendar when she went out today!

"Bitch! Who do you think you are? Still thinking about the company? Let me tell you, the company is ours, and Jay is also mine. If you have any bad intentions, don't blame me for being rude!" Riley looked ferocious. She had had enough of this bitch's stare just now.

It burst out in a loud voice.

Jay, who had just pushed the door open, frowned. He didn't expect that Austin would hear the woman's quarrel in this way.

Riley looked at Jay in astonishment. She ran to hold his arm and kept comforting herself that he didn't hear anything.

"Jay, I'm sorry to make you laugh just now. She has been arguing with me for a long time. You should get used to it!" Vivian cast a cold glance at Riley. She was so unlucky that the goddess image she had tried hard to build was destroyed all of a sudden!

Austin's eyes widened at the sight of Vivian, but soon regained his composure. He smiled and said, "I was in a bad mood, but now I'm much better after hearing something new."

Riley was at a loss and her face was rigid with tension.

"You should take good care of your wife. I heard that she is gentle, lovely and approachable. She deserves the reputation." Speaking of this, Austin stared at Riley with sharp eyes.

Jay smiled and said nothing. Of course, Vivian was happy to get out of this.

Riley couldn't stay calm anymore. She heard her mother's words. She must win Jay's heart back!

"Then I won't disturb your precious time alone. I can visit you another day." Noticing that Vivian was about to leave, Austin said something first. It was not easy for Jay to refuse. What's more, Riley had caused a lot of trouble.

Vivian took the elevator with him. Looking at the floor number on the screen, she felt that the time seemed to stop and it was a little slow. The people around her were not annoying at all and helped her out. Without him, she might not be able to deal with it.

"Thank you."

"It's okay. I just knew about it. It really surprised me." Austin said. It was obvious that he meant was Riley. She was so shameless that she dared to make things difficult for her sister!

"Why don't you refute?"

"Refute? I have forgotten what refuta

tion is. I was afraid of being scolded back by them, but now I don't want to talk with them anymore."

What Vivian said him feel sorry for her. She had suffered a lot of grievances in the past, so she didn't take it seriously now.

"But it doesn't matter. I don't care about it now. Let me treat you to dinner. You helped me a lot today."

"Okay." The two of them made a deal.

Riley and Jay were in a stalemate. She stepped forward and acted all flirty and pouty, "Honey, in fact, I just..."

"Well, you don't have to say that. I know you are doing this for my own good." Jay said indifferently. It was good that Vivian was fine. He knew what kind of person Riley was, but he had to put up with her!

"Honey, you are the best! Go ahead with your work. I'll leave you alone." Riley shook his arm gently and acted coquettishly.

She had to hurry up to catch up with him. It was a rare opportunity!

After saying goodbye, she saw two familiar figures and called a taxi to follow them. "Sir, can you hurry up! I'm in a hurry!"

"Madam, safety is the first priority. But this time, I'll make an exception and show you my skill." The experienced driver stepped on the gas and skillfully drove the car.

He quickly caught up with them and kept a certain distance.

Riley smiled and took out her phone. With a click, a photo came into view. It looked good! As long as they found the right angle, they would be convicted of adultery.

What will Jeffrey do when he sees these photos?

Austin was playing light music, and the atmosphere in the car was a little unusual. Vivian looked out of the window from time to time, her big eyes full of curiosity, and her mouth opened and closed, muttering.

"What are we going to eat? What do you like to eat?"

"Farm dishes? How about you?"

"Me too!" Vivian didn't expect to meet a man with the same taste as her! Jeffrey always said that she had a special taste, but in the end, he would take her to eat what she liked.

Why did she think of him!

Shaking her head and blinking her big eyes, Vivian said, "I know a very good restaurant. Let's go there. I'm a frequent customer there."

"Okay. Is it over the South Sea road?"

"That's right. I didn't expect that our hobbies are so..." The car was full of joy. Vivian laughed loudly.

It was not easy to meet a person who was not annoying and had the same taste!

"By the way, my name is Austin. I haven't introduced myself yet."

"I'm Vivian. Nice to meet you."

Vivian smiled and scratched her head. If he didn't introduce himself, she would have forgotten to introduce herself. If he were her brother, how wonderful would it be to have dinner with him and chat with him.

Riley followed them all the way to the end. When she saw them enter the restaurant, she pressed the shutter for the last time and looked at the results complacently. Then she smiled with satisfaction, edited a message and sent it to Jeffrey's e-mail.

Jeffrey clicked on the e-mail and rubbed his temples, thinking that after he dealt with the last thing, he would pick up Vivian for dinner. When he saw the content of the e-mail, he was stunned, and then stared at the note on the screen of her mobile phone with malicious black eyes.

You are such a troublesome woman! Vivian!

In order not to disturb the harmony of the dinner, Vivian deliberately turned the ringtone to mute, and the phone kept buzzing in her bag. Obviously, the two people who were chatting happily did not realize this.

Why didn't she answer the phone!

After deleting the e-mail, Jeffrey thought for a while and guessed that it might be from Riley. Why didn't she open a new account and sent the e-mail to his public e-mail?

"Ring, ring, ring..." The familiar ringtone of her phone rang. Jeffrey thought it was from Vivian, so he answered the phone without even looking at it.

"You are really..."

"Hello, daddy?" The soft voice came through the phone. It was Ruby!

"Daddy, what's wrong? Did Mommy make you angry? Daddy... " Hearing that Jeffrey ignored her, Ruby was anxious.

"No, honey. What's wrong?"

"I miss you, okay? Where is Mommy? I want to talk to her."

"You don't want to talk to me? Okay, I'll hang up!" Jeffrey said jokingly. As soon as he heard his daughter's soft voice, he immediately put down his tone. He was so gentle that he even forgot his usual coldness.

"I want mommy. Daddy, I don't want you. How can men listen to women's talk?"

"Ruby, where did you learn that from?" Jeffrey narrowed her eyes. If he didn't know where she learned it, he would break her legs, even though he couldn't do it.

"Sorry, daddy. Didn't you say that I'm not a man? So I'm a woman!"

With her hands akimbo, Ruby stepped on the bed boldly. After saying that, she suddenly lay on the bed, her little feet constantly shaking.

She wouldn't say that she learned it from her mother!

Judging from daddy's tone, it seemed that they had a fight. The world of adults was really terrible.

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