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   Chapter 13 Lookers-on See Most Of The Game

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"Then Then how did you plan to set her up?"

"I wanted to make her a hypocritical goddess of the nation, but I didn't expect her to walk such a rugged road. I can't help her." Jeffrey shrugged.

The smile on Vivian's face was so big that it almost made her cry. As the goddess of the nation, she was so scheming that she was a lot different from that.

"Boss, I've prepared all these devices. We can take action at any time!"

Looking at the young man in front of him, Austin nodded and patted his strong shoulder. Derrick was a good friend he had known since he moved in. They showed each other respect and their relationship was very close.

Derrick was a top-level hacker master. He had planned to boldly find out who was investigating the information of the orphanage, but all kinds of evidence pointed to that the person behind it was a woman! This was what made people feel strange.

To be sure, he first loaded the virus on the computer, and then looked for the information of that person, without leaving any trace, although that person had already been waiting there for a long time.

"Derrick, it's up to you!"

Derrick skillfully loaded the virus, and his fingers danced quickly on the keyboard. After a while, he stopped and said to Austin, who was standing aside, "Boss, you can do whatever you want to do next. I promise there will be no accident!"

"Well, if we succeed this time, we must have a good drink!" Austin stared at the information in front of him with his eyes wide open.


It turned out that he had a sister who had been missing for many years! According to her personal information, her brother was missing at a young age, and no one knew whether he was alive or dead.

And the reason why he went to the orphanage was that he lost his memory and was stimulated to forget part of it. When he grew up, he inadvertently hurt his head and remembered this, and he had already forgotten the person in the past.

He really didn't expect that. He didn't expect that. His mother had passed away, and his father had married another woman and given birth to a daughter and a son.

Riley often saw on entertainment news that a high-profile woman would have no good character!

Austin frowned. In this way, everything was clear. Why was there a strange woman who claimed to be a servant? No matter how cold she was, she would not give up. She wanted herself to remember things.

He released the mouse and signaled Derrick to plant the virus out of the computer. Then he took out his mobile phone to look for the number of the contact. He remembered that her mobile phone number had been saved before!

Derrick put away the computer devices one by one and looked at Austin, who was still trembling with nervousness. It was the first time that he had seen him act like this. He was usually a cautious and patient man.

"Derrick, I have something urgent to deal with now. Let's have dinner another day. Thank you so much today!" Austin nodded and said excitedly as he found the familiar phone number and patted Derrick on the shoulder.

"Go ahead with your work! We'll talk about it later. Don't worry about it."


When they arrived at the coffee shop, Austin sat in front of a strange woman with his sixth sense. She was only more than 30 years old, and her big eyes were full of sadness and uneasiness. She was staring at Austin.

"It can't be wrong. It can't be wrong." She murmured.

"Hello, I haven't formally introduced myself before. My name is Austin."

"You are not Austin. You are Adam, Mrs. Pei's son!" Anna shook her head uneasily. She had witnessed Adam being sent to different places, but she couldn't take him away. She felt so sorry for her dear son.

Feeling that she was different from other days, Austin asked anxiously, "Am I really Mrs. Pei's son? Do I have a sister called Vivian?"

"That's right! Master, do you remember that? Master." Anna covered her face with her hands. Since his mother was killed, she had moved out of the Pei Family, far away from the filthy Kelly and her daughter.

She felt so sorry for her! If she didn't have the courage to protect the two of them. She could at least protect him. They were living a hard life. Later, with the help of a kind-hearted person, his life gradually became better and better.

Then she finally decided to meet him! Unfortunately, he didn't recognize everyone.

"Master I'm so heartless! I won't forget how much Madam has done for me all my life, but I haven't taken good care of you when you grow up. Master, how are you doing in the Lu family? I thought you couldn't remember these things all your life."

Anna said in a panic, looking around.

Since Kelly and her daughter cursed her, she had a bad time. She had to look around to see if there were any villains who were eavesdropping, which caused her to be in a trance for a period of time.

"Don't worry. No one will come here." Austin crossed his hands and said firmly.

"Master, my name is Anna. I'm a close friend of Lord Pei's first wife. I've been treated well by my wife when I moved in. I won't forget her kindness. But later, with the appearance of Kelly and her daughter, my life gradually turned down."

"They behaved like a fox in front

of Lord Pei and me. I didn't have the courage to refute them, so I lived a cowardly life. Later I irritated them, and they took back their jobs. At the beginning, they even arranged people to follow me."

"Later, I was in a trance, but sometimes I was serious. At that time, I happened to see you being abducted by a group of children trafficking criminals, so I followed up and knew where you lived, but I didn't dare to take you away. I was afraid that I couldn't control myself."

"When I was in a trance, I would go to the street and pretend to be a bagger. Normally, I would go to see you again. Later when you grew up, you were adopted, and I followed you. I didn't dare to come to see you until I was mentally normal, but you have forgotten it."

"Madam was framed by Kelly and her daughter!"

Anna covered her face with her hands and kept sobbing.

She felt so sorry for her. She couldn't forgive herself for this!

"Aunt Anna, I can understand you. I won't blame you. No one will blame you. Don't blame yourself. It's Kelly and her daughter's fault. They bullied people first!"

Austin clenched his fists in anger. Kelly and her daughter were really cunning. He was afraid that his sister had been poisoned by them, so he had to bear it and look at their faces? That's impossible!

As a result, Albert led a wolf into the house and put his brother and sister in trouble. What's more, it had cost her mother's life! As a father, there was nothing more devastating than this!

Austin frowned. Now, he must fulfill his responsibility as a brother and protect his sister!

After dinner, Jeffrey took the special elevator with Vivian. When they were about to close the door, a figure quickly got in.

Derrick looked at the two people apologetically and saw a familiar little face, which was very delicate. The tiny nose and cherry lips were very cute, and her big eyes were blinking. He seemed to have seen it before?

Right! It was the woman he had just seen! It was on that information chart.

It was this face, but it was a little more inexperienced. He didn't expect that the type Austin liked was this. It was fate that he missed the good opportunity to see a beauty like her.

Jeffrey cast a cold glance at Derrick who had been looking at Vivian, and hugged Vivian with dissatisfaction, telling him that this woman had company! However, Derrick didn't take it seriously. He glanced at them for a few more times and habitually raised his chest to stand aside.

Feeling uncomfortable with Jeffrey's hand, Vivian gently pushed him away, wondering why this man had been looking at her all the time.

In Jeffrey's eyes, Derrick's small action was a big mistake! He thought Derrick was flaunting his chest muscles, which he was proud of. He snorted coldly. Men all had chest muscles, so there was no need to be proud!

"Ding Ding." As soon as the elevator arrived, Jeffrey took Vivian to the front, striding with difficulty to keep up with the pace. She looked back at the strange man just now, wondering why he couldn't be seen.

"Which type do you like?" Jeffrey pressed her against the wall and held her in his arms.

"I'm not answering that question. Besides, why are you so close to me?" Vivian didn't want to be taken advantage of, so she turned her head around!

"You gave birth to our child. She is still waiting for us at home. You'd better not think about other men, otherwise..."


"It's too late for you to regret." After saying that, Jeffrey held her waist and put her on the car. Then she sat on the driver's seat and stepped on the gas.

Derrick looked at the figure in front of the door helplessly and twitched the corners of his mouth. Speak of the devil.

"Weren't you looking for a woman just now? Why did you run away all of a sudden? Did you look for someone?" Derrick joked, taking the good wine from his hand as usual.

As long as it was at this time, it was definitely not a good thing that Austin would come to him again. It was normal for him not to get drunk and not go home. At last, he fell asleep at home, unable to wake up no matter how hard he tried.

"When did you talk so much?" Austin picked up a slice of squid and put it into his mouth. He hated to see Derrick eat these snacks, but they tasted good occasionally.

"Because..." I saw her just now! Derrick paused for a while, opened the bottle of wine mysteriously and poured a glass in front of him.

"I'm bored."

"Yes, I can see that."

Austin pulled his tie. He had just checked the information about Kelly and her daughter by the way. He didn't expect that they would be so discreet that they used more forces to find out the hidden plot.

They really admired their strength and wisdom.

"Derrick, if I tell you that I have a sister, will you believe me?"

"What! She?"

Austin didn't say anything. He just drank up the wine in one gulp. Derrick looked shrewd at ordinary times, but his EQ was terribly low. If his curiosity was aroused, he would definitely keep asking. Alas, why did he ask for trouble?

"Then who is it? Is it some young model?"

Austin rolled his eyes. He didn't want to talk anymore. Derrick was just pretending to be aloof. Now he didn't care about his dignity anymore.

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