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   Chapter 140 A Paid Leave (Part Two)

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This was the second time that Henry had come to this small rental house. However, Kelley still felt that the atmosphere here was not suitable for him. No matter what he said, she nodded obediently and wanted to send him away as soon as possible. Otherwise, she would feel very depressed even in her own room. Kelley loved and feared. That was how she felt about Henry.

After looking around Kelley's small living room for a while, Henry said, "I wanted to send you a washing machine, but you won't stay here for long. You'd better move to my place after the press conference. "

This time, Kelley didn't nod. She felt complicated and excited. Was she going to go back to his Dragon Manor again? How did she feel?

Before Kelley nodded, Henry said in a soft voice, "What are you thinking about? After the press conference, you will be my fiancee. You have all my things. It's natural for you to use what you own. " He wanted to tell her that he was neither pitying her nor giving her anything this time. He really wanted to live with her and share all his material things with her.

But what Henry meant didn't enter Kelley's mind. When she heard the word "fiancee", the first person she thought of was Anne, because Anne had also been his fiancee. But in less than a year, he gave up Anne's engagement. Kelley thought to herself, "Will he give up on me and get engaged to another woman in a few months?"

At the thought of this, Kelley's face turned pale with fear. If that was the case, what should she do?

"What are you thinking about?" Judging from her expression, Henry guessed that she must have misunderstood him again!

Hearing that, Kelley immediately came back to her senses. She looked at his handsome face. She really felt that he was more and more adorable. He was so handsome and rich, and he did everything perfectly. He established such a huge group, Z Group, after he just came back from abroad. She felt that she loved him more and more, and so there must be another woman who loved him so deeply.

If another woman who was more suitable for him appeared after a period of time, would he give up the engagement and be with another woman immediately? Somehow, Kelley thought of the question she was just worried. So her face turned pale again.

Seeing such a pair of clear and sad eyes, Henry felt sorry for her. He pinched her face and said, "Are you really stupid? Do you want to see a psychiatrist? "

"You are insane!" Kelley snapped out of her trance. She suddenly felt that the way she got along with him was much more normal. She had made up her mind that if he abandoned her one day, she would joke with him and quit carelessly. She had to leave with dignity.

Pretending to look at the time, she took out her phone and looked at it. Then she said to Henry, "It's late. You should go back now. I have to

lled dignity she had insisted before was so childish. Since Henry was going to be her fiance, why couldn't she use the money he gave her? Buy whatever she wanted. In other people's eyes, she had already had something with the chairman of Z Group.

Camille had to go to work now, so Kelley had to call Donna to ask if she had time to go shopping with her today. After receiving the phone call from Kelley, Donna agreed gladly. Now she had her own studio, and as the boss, she had hired a few subordinates. The time was still free.

At the entrance of the department store, when Kelley saw Donna get out of the taxi, Kelley immediately walked up to her and said, "Donna, you must help me choose a few clothes today based on your professional beauty and modeling design. I'll treat you to dinner tonight. "

"Well, you have become more arrogant after being a member of the Xie family. All the things in this building are of the best quality. You are so generous that you said you want to buy as much as possible. " Donna and Kelley walked into the department store together and joked.

Kelley thought that Donna hadn't gone to the Xie family for a long time. Otherwise, Donna wouldn't have thought that she was still in the Xie family. She had been away from the Xie family for months. At the thought of this, Kelley explained to Donna, "I have left the Xie family. Don't say that from time to time."

Donna was stunned for a while and then responded quickly, "Oh, so you are with Mr. Henry now?" Donna was very clear about the economic situation of Kelley. Now Donna was determined to go to such a high-end shopping mall. It could be seen that she had a lot of money. Without the financial support of the Xie family, she must have been taken care of by Mr. Henry.

With an embarrassed smile on her face, Kelley said, "You can guess it at once. Henry asked me to buy some clothes today."

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