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   Chapter 139 A Paid Leave (Part One)

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How careless she was! Why did she sleep for so long? The head of the department in the company had to wait crazily! With her bag in one hand and Henry's suit jacket in the other, Kelley walked out of the lounge. The light in the room was bright. After sleeping for the whole afternoon, Kelley squinted her eyes slightly. It took some time for her eyes to adapt to the bright light.

Wearing a dark blue shirt inside, Henry leaned against at the soft back of the seat, with his arms behind his head, and his feet on the desk in front of him. He closed his eyes for rest. There was a faint smile on his face. How could he have such a quiet moment? Kelley walked up to him and covered him with his coat.

Henry immediately opened his eyes and took a look at Kelley. "You're awake?"

Kelley complained, "Why didn't you wake me up early? It's getting dark. "

Taking back his legs on the desk, Henry stood up, put on his suit jacket and said to Kelley, "Go to have dinner."

"No, thanks. I have to go back to the company." Said Kelley worriedly.

Henry smiled, "Are you worried? If you are worried about your company, you can give a call. " It was just a small deal. Such an order had to be dealt with a lot every day in SD Company. This afternoon, when he called the purchasing director to his office for a question, the purchasing director had already come out with a whole set of plans. He would not let SD Company suffer losses, but let the small company where Kelley worked have benefits, and would not let her boss find trouble with her. Only a small company would employ such a clumsy person like Kelley.

Hearing the suggestion of Henry, Kelley immediately reached out her hand to look for her mobile phone in her bag and was about to call back to the company. At this time, Henry grabbed her mobile phone and said with dissatisfaction, "Are you really calling? Let's go to have dinner. It's off duty now. "

Looking at the phone that had been confiscated by Henry, Kelley pursed her lips. "Forget it. I won't call him. Anyway, I don't like the general manager very much."

The dinner was in an elegant restaurant. When the dishes were

ve a fridge. It will be bad if I can't eat it. It's too wasteful to throw such good dishes away."

Ignoring her refusal, Henry asked her to tell the waiter her address so that the waiter could send the packed dishes there.

Well, she knew Henry was stubborn. Kelley muttered and told to the waiter her address and left the restaurant with Henry. When Kelley went back to her rental house, she was surprised to see that there was not only a worker who was waiting for delivering food, but also an electric worker who was delivering fridge. She looked at Henry with a sigh. She didn't seem to see him call someone to bring the fridge!

What considerate! When Kelley went upstairs to open the door, she couldn't help but think if one day she wanted to leave him, would he cast an invisible net to cover her? Alas, what was she thinking about? She actually had thought of separation before she started the marriage. It was ominous. Kelley shook her head, trying to get rid of these ominous worries.

There was a fridge in the living room. The fridge was also of a small size, so it didn't feel strange. Large boxes and small boxes of food were also placed in the fridge. The person who sent the food and the person who sent it to the fridge had left, but Henry had no intention of leaving. He checked Kelley's kitchen and confirmed that there was a tool to heat up the food. Then he said with relief, "Don't eat cold food, okay?"

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