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   Chapter 138 The Chairman Of SD Company (Part Two)

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Today, Henry wore a silver suit, a dark blue shirt, and his slender and clear fingers tapped the keyboard of the laptop on the table in front of him from time to time. The diamond watch at his wrist slightly exposed into the air sometimes, emitting a dazzling light in the soft light of the room. His handsome face was a little serious, and sometimes he squinted his eyes and was thinking about something quickly. Sometimes he clicked the keyboard to switch the interface.

It was very quiet. After standing near the door for a few minutes, Kelley didn't know what to do. Under such a circumstance, Kelley felt that Henry was a little strange. He was superior to others. The decision he made inadvertently would affect the rise and fall of many people. The decision he made quickly would bring a new wave of fluctuation in the financial market recently... But she was just an ordinary person. She was confused about a small order and had difficulty in moving forward.

She thought she was close to him, but it didn't seem to be true. The distance between him and her was more than the distance between the door she was standing and the elegant chair he was sitting!

As time went by, Kelley felt a little guilty. She wondered if the secretary at the front desk had made a mistake. Maybe the person he wanted to see was not her, or maybe some other woman with the name of Kelley. Well, it must be like this. Thinking of this, Kelley turned around and wanted to open the glass door to leave this depressing room.

Just as she turned around, the man behind the desk suddenly said, "Don't you know where to sit if I don't speak?"

"Umm." Kelley walked to a sofa and sat down obediently. In fact, she also thought it was impolite to leave the noble chairman's office without saying goodbye.

Henry raised his eyes and glanced at Kelley, who was sitting on the sofa. With an almost invisible smile, he picked up the phone microphone on the desk and dialed an internal number. The platinum buttons on the sleeves of his inner shirt were low-key, revealing a faint golden luster. His fingers with even joints placed the microphone near his ear and arranged something indifferently. "Send lunch to my office."

Kelley had to admire the efficiency of the people in SD Company. Soon, a beautiful secretary of the executive department came in with tow meal boxes. How did they know that there were two people in this office? These people were all sophisticated.

After the secretary who sent the food left, Henry turned off his computer and walked out from behind the desk. He walked to the coffee table, picked up his lunch and walked to the door of a suite. When he reached out his hand to push the door, he turned around and looked at Kelley. "Don't sit there and eat. I don't like the smell of the food in the whole room."

"Okay." Kelley picked up the rest lunch box and walked to the suite where Henry opened the door. It was a suite, but when she looked at it carefully, she would find it so equipped with all things. There was a bookshelf, a magazine table, a bright light green wide fabric sofa, and a large French w

icated and advanced air-conditioner had purified the air in the room! Regardless of the mellow scented tea, she turned on the air-conditioner and switched it to a comfortable temperature.

Perhaps Henry still had a lot of things to do, so he didn't stay too long in the lounge. After drinking half a cup of tea, he went back to his office and continued to work.

Kelley had planned to go back to the company as soon as possible, but when she saw that the sun was a little bright outside the window and the sunshine was still very strong at noon in the late summer and early autumn, she planned to go back later. She planned to go back at two or three o'clock in the afternoon when the sun was not too strong and there was no traffic jam. She could just read the magazine here. What kind of magazine was the general manager mentioned this morning? Kelley carefully read the magazines on the lounge table.

As expected, she did find several business talk of H Country. She took these magazines back to the sofa and leaned against the pillow, reading page by page. Finally, when she turned the second book, she found the photo of Henry. The article beside the photo gave a very high evaluation of his Z Group. Perhaps the poor reporter could not dig out more information, so the whole article was only a rough introduction, without many details.

Looking carefully at Henry in the photo on the magazine, Kelley curled her lips slightly. She really didn't know which reporter had taken this photo. The photo was not as handsome as him, so the reporter must have taken it secretly. After reading this exceptionally simple interview, Kelley had no interest in continuing to read the magazine. She curled up on the sofa and took a nap. Just sleep for a while.

But she didn't expect that she had been sleeping for the whole afternoon. When Kelley woke up naturally, she found that the light in the room was dim, so she stood up in a hurry. As soon as she sat up straight, she saw a suit jacket sliding down from her body. The silver suit was exactly the one that Henry wore today.

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