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   Chapter 137 The Chairman Of SD Company (Part One)

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Bearing her displeasure, Kelley nodded and said, "Okay, I'll pack up some documents and rush there." It was good for her to leave the office. At least, she didn't have to see the department manager and the general manager. Thinking of this, Kelley put the product information into a new folder, picked up her bag and quickly left the office.

As soon as Kelley left, someone asked the department manager, "Can she do it? She has just been in the company for less than three months and knows nothing. Do you really trust her with such a big order? "

The department manager gave an unfathomable smile and patiently taught his subordinate, "It doesn't matter if she doesn't know anything or has no experience. Some customers buy things for products, while the order of SD Company is for the person who sells products instead of the products." He had seen it the other day. The handsome young man in charge of Z Group had been secretly watching Kelley from beginning to end. He had been doing business for many years, so he knew something.

"Oh." A male employee smiled obscenely. "So it's right to let her go alone."

"Well, let's stop gossiping. Work, start working! If this month's performance can't increase, you will have no bonus next month! "

Standing at the foot of the building of SD Company, Kelley looked up. The sun shone brightly on the glass of the building at nine o'clock in the morning. It was the first time that Kelley had dealt with business with a client alone, and it was such a powerful company. It was inevitable that she felt a little nervous. She calmed herself down in a corner downstairs and felt less nervous. Then she walked towards the hall of the office building.

Through the front desk, she found the purchasing assistant of SD Company. Because the company Kelley worked in was too small, and she herself was too ordinary, not only ordinary, but also a rookie in the workplace. Seeing such a nobody, she just needed to go to the small reception room near the front desk.

In the reception room, Kelley listened patiently to all kinds of accusations from the purchasing staff of SD Company. Even the samples were made like this, and it was almost impossible to accept the following goods.

With a small

ss wall music, she could see the hanging lights of the court wind inside. Just when she wanted to have a closer look, the secretary walked to the door and pressed a button. "Chairman, Miss Kelley is here." Then a very casual and cold voice answered.

The secretary politely nodded to Kelley with a smile and then walked away. Kelley couldn't help but admire that a secretary at the front desk could be so courteous. SD Company was really awesome. Kelley took a deep breath and pushed the translucent glass door open as if she had summoned up a lot of courage.

The office area was unusually spacious. The European style chandelier emitted soft light, coating everything in the room with a soft light. The floor was covered with carpet, and the air emitted a faint fragrance like grass. It was said that the air quality in the city was poor, and the air quality in the well decorated rooms in the city was worse, but as soon as she entered the room, she felt the fresh and natural air she breathed, which was intoxicating.

After entering the room, Kelley closed the door behind her carefully and looked at the fresh and elegant owner of the room. She saw a handsome and cold man sitting behind a large desk. He looked so cold and dignified, which Kelley had never seen such Henry before. She had seen him before, who was evil and cunning, domineering and cruel, lazy, arrogant and unruly, and she had seen him who was like ordinary people in the orchard, but she had never seen him in work.

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