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   Chapter 136 Be In Charge Of It (Part Two)

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Zhuo was in favor of Camille's words. There were not many people who could be good friends all their lives. So he took another gulp of wine.

The two of them finished most of the food on the table. Camille's face flushed because of drinking too much, which was very cute. She took out her phone and checked the time. She was shocked and said to Kelley, "Kellie, I have to go now. I'm going to see him tonight."

"Who are you going to see? You have the nerve to leave me alone here! " Although Kelley was a little drunk, she was still sober. She shouted at Camille who left in a hurry with many bags.

Camille turned around with a smile, "It's just a patient of mine. Don't think too much. Besides, you are not alone. Call Mr. Henry and ask him to come over. "

"If you want to leave, just go. I want to be alone. " Kelley asked Camille to leave as soon as possible. She was afraid that she would be really drunk and call Henry.

After Camille left, Kelley sat at the table, intending to take a taxi after the alcohol subsided. When she was alone, she suddenly felt a little lonely. She didn't even have a friend to chat with. Camille had something to do and didn't want to disturb Henry. Who else could speak? It turned out that she lived such a poor life and didn't have many friends.

At this time, it occurred to Kelley that she had a friend, Donna. Kelley tried to call Donna, but the phone was answered after a few rings. Kelley asked casually about Donna. Donna said, "I'm running a studio now. It's just starting. I'll expand it after I make money. I haven't seen you for a long time. How are you and Mr. Henry now? "

Embarrassed for a while, Kelley said, "Fine. Just talk about me. How are you and Tony doing?"

"Fine." Donna cleverly said like Kelley. Perhaps it was because the topic of love was too private, Donna changed the topic and said, "Come to my studio if you have time. I can do beauty treatment, body refining and hairdressing here. You are actually a beautiful girl, but you don't know how to dress. Come here, I will teach you well."

"Well, if you don't mind I'm stupid, I'll go to your place every day to bother you." Kelley felt so good to chat with friends. Maybe it was because the city was too cold, or people were too isolated, or life was too busy, such chatting was a little extravagant.

Donna smiled happily and said, "Okay, come here quickly. You are the eldest daughter of the Xie family. If you come, you have to pay much."

"Okay, I'm serious. I'll go to work next weekend. Where is the address? " All of a sudden, Kelley felt that the way to maintain friendship was very simple. A phone call had shortened a lot of distance. After chatting Donna Edith for a while, Kelley stood up and left the restaurant when she saw a new customer coming in to find a seat. After hanging up the phon

itely a pennies from the heaven. Seeing the general manager's smiling face, Kelley knew it. Although she knew that the business field always paid attention to the word "profit", she still wanted to leave the office as soon as possible. So she stood up and said to the general manager, "Do you have any other arrangements? I have to go back now... I'm going back to follow the order you just mentioned. "

"Nothing else. You can go back now. If there is anything new, just report it to me directly. " The general manager was very polite and did not show any displeasure because of Kelley's initiative to stand up and leave.

After leaving the general manager's office, Kelley sighed. As soon as she sat back in her seat and picked up the telephone receiver, the department manager said, "Kelley, you have to go to SD Company for the order. There seems to be something wrong with the sample that was hurriedly sent last week. By the way, are you in charge of this order?"

SD Company was a company of Henry. Kelley stood up and replied politely, "Yes, I'm in charge of it."

"Why don't you go there and have a look?" The department manager urged Kelley anxiously, "If there is something wrong, you can explain it slowly. Don't quarrel with anyone in the client company. Do you hear me?"

"Yes, I heard it." Kelley nodded in agreement. She felt that the general manager and the department manager had worked together to push her into a big trouble. She just knew Henry. She didn't know anything about other products! What if it was smashed? It was really annoying. If Kelley made money, it would benefit the whole company. If the order was messed up, it was her fault alone. Why did Henry have to sign the contract with this small company for no reason?

The department manager urged impatiently, "If you hear it, take action quickly. Can you let the purchasing manager wait for you?"

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