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   Chapter 135 Be In Charge Of It (Part One)

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Kelley didn't want to disappoint Camille, so she took out the membership card given by Henry yesterday and put it in Camille's hand. "You can get half off with this card. You can choose it at ease. Even a nurse can buy clothes here. Dr. Camille can't be wronged. " Although Kelley said so, she still felt a little guilty whether the shop could really give her a half off discount. Just have a try. After the try, she would know it.

Hearing that Kelley said that the card could get half off, Camille didn't frown. After getting half off, she could barely accept it. Girls would be excited to see beautiful clothes, especially Camille, who usually wore work clothes and had no chance to wear clothes freely, so she was more eager to buy clothes. The more they couldn't do, the more they wanted to do.

Soon, Camille selected an autumn dress and a small coat. After calculating the price at half off, she went to the cashier's desk to pay. When Camille went to pay for the clothes and the sales clerk packed the clothes, Kelley was still worried about the effect of the card. Could it really have a discount in those stores?

While Kelley was worried, she saw Camille walk towards her in surprise. In a panic, she walked up to Camille and asked, "What's wrong? That card can't be used? "

"It works! It works! " Camille nodded, but the surprise on her face didn't fade away at all. Seeing the anxious look in Kelley's eyes, Camille smiled and said, "Your card is so awesome. The cashier said that you could buy it for free with that card. It's really free. I got these without spending a penny. "

"What? Free? Isn't it half off? " Kelley's mind went blank.

Camille took the packed clothes from the counter and walked up to Kelley, asking curiously, "Your membership card is so amazing. Where did you buy it? I'll buy one too. "

"What? Oh, I didn't buy it. It's... It was from a friend. Maybe... Maybe it was an internal card of his company. Well, what else do you want to buy? Do you want to go there and have a look? " Kelley changed the subject stiffly and pulled Camille towards another counter.

Obviously, Camille was still curious, "Which company has such good benefits and such a powerful ca

es and shoes for free. She was very happy and ordered a lot of dishes, urging Kelley to eat more. Seeing that Camille was so happy, Kelley felt happy too. Let her talk about it tomorrow. The most important thing now was to have fun.

After eating for a few minutes, Camille suddenly said to Kelley with a glass of wine in her hand, "Kellie, in fact, sometimes I really envy you."

"Why should I envy you? I don't have any education background, job or anything else. " Said Kelley flatly. It was her to envy Camille. Camille went to a good school. She had her family. When she came back home, she could still call her mother confidently.

Camille suddenly smiled and said, "Forget it. Let's drink. Cheers. " After saying that, Camille raised her head and drank the liquor in the small transparent glass.

Taking a sip of the wine, Kelley felt that Camille seemed to have something on her mind, but Camille obviously didn't want to tell her, so she didn't ask. She comforted Camille, "Camille, we are good friends. No matter what difficulties you encounter, I will help you. We must be good friends all our lives." All of a sudden, Kelley realized that she had been too busy to talk with Camille these days.

After drinking a glass of liquor, Camille's face began to turn red. She smiled, picked up some food to Kelley and said, "Of course we are good friends. It's rare for people to find a few good friends in their lives. We will be good friends all our lives."

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