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   Chapter 39 Cancel The Engagement

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After dinner, the two women sat on the sofa and chose an idol play that was specially displayed at the end of the year. After watching it, they went back to their own bedrooms to sleep.

Life should have been so peaceful and happy, but on the second day, when Kelley went to the hospital to visit Allen with the lunch box, she met someone she couldn't avoid before she reached the bus stop. Leaning against the car, Henry casually smoked a cigarette while staring at Kelley who was not far away.

At the same time, Kelley also saw Henry who was on a noble and luxurious handmade white suit. She didn't feel good, so she turned around in a hurry to escape from him. However, before she took a few steps forward, she felt that her arm was grabbed by a strong hand. The next second, the lunch box in her hand was grabbed and thrown into the trash can on the roadside not far away.

With the sound, the lunch box was broken in the trash can, and the air was filled with a faint smell of food. It took her more than two hours to cook it. She got up at six o'clock in the morning to buy food! Furiously turning her head to look at Henry, Kelley found that the man had a handsome face and a perfect figure in a white suit. However, in her eyes, this man was no different from a domineering villain. She cursed, "Bastard! I hate you! "

Henry let go of Kelley's arm, put his hands in his trouser pockets elegantly, stared at Kelley with his sharp eyes and said word by word, "You seem to have forgotten that you should go back to the old house today. I kindly remind you that this is how you thank me?"

It occurred to Kelley that Camille had told her yesterday afternoon that Mr. Henry called her and ask her to go back to the old house of the Leng Family on the second day. At that time, she was too sleepy to pay much attention to it. She really didn't know how Mr. Henry could find here. Why did he know she was here? Why did he come so soon?

Seeing that Kelley didn't say anything, Henry pulled her arm and walked towards the place where the car was parked. Kelley struggled. "What are you doing? Robbing people in the street? I'll call the police. "

With a sneer, Henry said, "You can call the police. I don't believe that the police will care about the conflicts between the couple."

"We are not a couple! I have nothing to do with you! " Kelley shouted angrily.

"Don't be jealous anymore. I know you've been jealous of Anne. Today, I'll tell you the truth. I won't marry Anne. I'll break off my engagement to her. Today is December twenty. Let's go back to the old house of the Leng Family to discuss our engagement, okay? I hate going back to the old house so much. I went back for you. "

Covering her chest with her hand, Kelley frowned and looked at Henry. "Who do you think women are in your eyes? Henry, you're too self-righteous! Do you really think that I'm so grateful for you just because you want to get engagement with me then I have to go to the old house with you? You are wrong. I don't love you anymore. Please let me go. Anne is a good woman. You can live a good life with her. "

After saying t

used to calling her Sandra.

After Sandra and Doctor Liu left, there were only three people left in the big living room, Jenifer, Henry and Kelley. Jenifer wore a light blue short fur coat, a dark and calm winter fur dress and a pair of winter fur slippers today. She stretched out her slender and beautiful fingers to pick up the teacup on the tea table, but when she saw Henry's feet on the tea table, she was not in the mood to drink tea and put the teacup on the tea table.

"Henry asked you to sit down. Just sit down. It's so annoying to stand here." Jenifer said this to Kelley.

"Okay," replied Kelley, and then she sat down on the armchair at the edge. Yes, in the past more than 20 years, madam always felt so annoying at the sight of her. But why did madam still keep her in the Leng Family? Sitting on the sofa carefully, Kelley thought about the question that she couldn't figure out.

Henry withdrew his feet from the tea table and sat straight on the sofa. When he was about to speak, Sandra came over. After taking a look at Kelley, Sandra said to Jenifer, "Madam, I happened to meet Miss Anne at the door after I sent Doctor Liu out."

Kelley raised her head and looked behind Sandra. As expected, the beautiful woman who followed Sandra was Anne. Henry said he was going to cancel the engagement, and then Anne appeared here. Kelley felt that she was so capable that even the superstar Anne felt threatened.

When Jenifer saw Anne, she smiled and waved at Anne, saying, "Come and sit here, Anne. Why didn't you two tell me that you would come?"

Anne smoothed her hair, walked past Kelley and sat down next to Jenifer. She smiled and said, "Auntie, I just want to give you a surprise."

Jenifer held Anne's hand and smiled, "Anne, you are engaged with Henry. Why do you still call me Auntie? You should call me Mom. Anne, go to a dinner party with me tomorrow. My friends like watching your play very much. "

Anne glanced at Henry and said with an almost invisible smile, "Mom, since you've said so, I'll cancel everything tomorrow to accompany you."

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