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   Chapter 33 Will You Marry Me

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"Henry! Are you crazy? I have nothing to do with him! You can't do this to him! " Kelley fumbled for her phone anxiously and wanted to call Allen to tell him not to follow her and to go back as soon as possible. It would be very miserable for anyone to have trouble with Henry.

As soon as Kelley touched the phone, it was snatched away by Henry. The man chuckled and said, "Why do you keep this rubbish? Throw it away and I'll buy you a good one tomorrow." As soon as he said, he rolled down the window, and Kelley's phone was thrown out of the window. The next second, it was crushed by a speeding car.

"Henry! You've gone too far! " Kelley was really angry. How could she provoke such a man?

Henry's car stopped at the parking space outside a luxury fitness club. Seeing that the car finally stopped, Kelley got out of the car in a hurry. She wanted to leave, but she stopped after a few steps, because Allen's car stopped at the door of the fitness club. He finally caught up with her. He knew the consequences, but why did he still come?

Standing aside in silence, Kelley looked at Henry which was with an evil smile. He said to Allen, "very good. You are bold. I haven't seen anyone who is not afraid of me for a long time. Since you have come with me, why don't you go in and have fun?"

Allen smiled gracefully, "Mr. Henry, you are not a monster. Why am I afraid?" After saying that, Allen looked up at the huge signboard of the building where the fitness club was located and smiled gently. "It's good to have fun. I haven't exercised for a long time. It's such a luxurious club. If it weren't you, I wouldn't have had the chance to go in."

With a sneer, Henry said coldly, "Since you agree to come, let's play a big game tonight. You and I, the loser will crawling out from here. What do you think?"

Allen smiled faintly, "If you are interested in playing, I'll play with you to the end. It's not a big deal. The loser will deserve it. Do we need to sign a statement in advance?"

Hearing this, Kelley finally felt that the matter was really going to be big. These two men were not playing games, but they bet with their lives! She had seen how skillful Henry was. All the well-trained people on the island had been killed by him, not to mention such an ordinary man, Allen? So she hurried to the middle of the two men and said, "No, you can't play anymore. You can go back to your own home..."

Allen held Kelley's hand and comforted her, "Don't worry, Kellie. I'll be fine."

"Allen, you don't know Henry at all. Listen to me. Go back now. I don't want you to die. " Kelley wanted to dissuade Allen.

Allen smiled faintly, "Kellie, are you sure that I will lose?" After saying that, Allen suddenly thought of something. He leaned close to Kelley and said, "Kellie, if I can leave here alive tonight, can you promise to marry me? As long as you agree to marry me, I will wait for you to decide when to get married. "

Kelley was stunned. Henry urged impatiently, "Why are you doing? Will you confess your will? "

Allen passed Kelley's body, walked to the side of Henry and said, "Mr. Henry, let's

I leave here alive tonight, will you agree to marry me?"

"I... I'm still a student. " Kelley found a seemingly good excuse.

Allen replied firmly, "I can wait for you."

"But... But... " Kelley didn't know how to refuse.

At this time, Henry had wiped the sweat on his face and body and threw the towel to John. He came over, grabbed Kelley's arm and blocked her behind. He said to Allen, "Don't think that I won't hurt you tonight, then I will be really unable to do anything to you in the future. I respect you as a man. I'll spare your life tonight. If you keep harassing my woman, I won't be softhearted next time. "

Allen smiled at the words of Henry with a disdainful attitude, but his eyes were fixed on Kelley behind Henry, as if he was waiting for something eagerly.

Kelley knew that Allen was much weaker than Henry in economic strength and other aspects. If he and Henry were enemies, he would not have good results. So she looked into Allen's expectant eyes and said, "Allen, thank you for your concern for me a few days ago. I can't marry you. You... You can be my brother. "

Allen sneered. It was the first time that such a sneer had appeared on his face. He said, "Kellie, is it because of Henry? I don't think you are a person who admires vanity and wealth. "

"No, it has nothing to do with him. Allen, I just want to live my own life. You can leave now. Don't get yourself in trouble for me. " Kelley lowered her head and didn't dare to look into Allen's eyes. Tonight, Allen almost lost his life. If it weren't for his good skills, he would have been dead. The reason why he was in such a big trouble was just to pursue her.

A warm feeling coursed through Kelley's heart, which was the happiness and warmth when she was loved, but after the warm feeling, she felt a little sad. Allen was such an excellent man. He shouldn't have encountered such a trouble because of her. After thinking about it for a while, Kelley felt silence around herself. She thought Allen had left, but when she raised her head, she saw Allen's sad eyes. He was still there.

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