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   Chapter 32 I'm Sorry

Enticing Fancy: Genius CEO's Bride By Lan Xi Characters: 10086

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Henry glanced at these well-dressed and delicately made up ladies and smiled faintly. "Do I need your permission to leave or not?" After saying that, he walked towards the door of the dance hall. As soon as Henry went out, he saw Anne rushing over.

Anne stepped forward and held Henry's arm, "I'm sorry, Mr. Henry. I'm late."

Taking a look at Anne's slightly red face because of the rush here, Henry leaned over her cheek and whispered, "Miss Anne, you are more and more beautiful these days. We can play some other day. I have something to deal with today, so I'm leaving now. "

Anne was intoxicated with the noble smell of men's perfume for a few seconds. When she came to her senses, the man had disappeared. He was always like this. He seemed to be close to her, but sometime, he was so alienated. He could flirt her in front of others, but when they got along in private, he just called her Miss Anne.

In the hot pot city, Kelley and Allen had a big meal together. After paying the bill, Allen took Kelley out of the hot pot city, went to the parking lot and found his car. As Allen opened the car door, he said to Kelley, "Let's go. I'll drive you to a new residence. It's a small apartment. You can live there alone. "

"Okay," replied Kelley. Then she opened the door and got into the car. Suddenly, she thought of something and asked anxiously, "You drank just now. Is there anything wrong like this?"

Allen leaned against the back of the seat and said quietly, "Let's wait until the smell of alcohol is a little lighter."

Thinking that Allen had drunken, Kelley suggested, "Allen, let's take a taxi. It should be okay to leave the car here."

Allen shook his head and said in a low voice, "Kellie, sit with me for a while. Let's talk."

Kelley glanced at Allen. He had a handsome face, a strong body, and a calm and reserved personality. In the idol drama, the cold CEO that girls liked couldn't compare with him at all. Why did such a beautiful and excellent man have such a heavy heart?

Thinking of this, Kelley asked, "Allen, do you have any difficulties? Just tell me. I promise I won't tell anyone. "

Allen sat on the driver's seat lazily and said slowly, "I'm an orphan. I haven't felt any family love. I thought that as long as I did my best, I could find the life I wanted. But life is decided by God, and it can't be decided by myself... " After saying something, Allen rubbed his face with his hands and sighed, "Why should I tell you this? You don't understand."

Kelley pulled Allen's sleeve and said, "Allen, I understand. I... I'm also an orphan. See, I can live well with nothing. Why do high-end talents like you give up so easily? Don't worry. The life you want will come one day. "

Allen smiled and held Kelley's hand. He turned his head and looked at Kelley. Outside the window, the city street lights and neon lights sprinkled on the two people through the window glass. The two sat quietly, and the air was filled with a faint warm atmosphere.

Kelley felt

are to me. "

Hearing what Henry said, Kelley felt that something was wrong. It was too late for her to break free. Henry held her to the door of his Spyker Car. Then the door opened and she was forcefully stuffed into the car. The next second, the door was closed.

When Kelley was about to push the door open and get out of the car, the car suddenly started and rushed out. After the car ran at a high speed for a while, the man suddenly sneered and said to Kelley who was sitting on the passenger seat, "You are not bad. You are so charming. He is coming. He is so fearless of death. What should I do with him? Kill him with a shot, or cripple his hands and feet? "

When Kelley turned around and saw Allen's car, she couldn't help complaining in her heart, "Why did this fool catch up? How could he defeat Henry?

Seeing the worry on Kelley's face, Henry sneered, "What's wrong? Scared? If you know you are afraid, you can think of being my woman in the future, don't try to provoke men, or those men will all die! "

Kelley looked at Henry angrily. Was he still a human being? It was clearly a demon. This was a society ruled by law, not an isolated island where he had once lived. Every human life was extremely precious. Why did he speak so lightly about other people's life and death?

Receiving the resentful gaze of Kelley, Henry sneered, "You don't believe me? Don't you believe that I will do that? Well, I'll kill Allen tonight. See if I dare to do that! "

"Bastard! Stop the car! " Feeling that she couldn't communicate with this devil, Kelley just wanted to leave him as soon as possible, so she shouted, "Stop the car! I'm going to get out of the car! "

Henry raised his hand and touched Kelley's face. "What's the rush? There will be a good show soon. I'll send you back after the show finishes. "

"What's the good show?" Kelley asked.

With a cold smile, Henry said, "Of course I want you to see how he died at my hands. I don't want you to mess with other men next time."

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