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   Chapter 30 A House As A Gift From Mr. Henry

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The dark suit was handmade and perfectly matched with his body, making the man's beautiful and strong figure even more handsome. He lazily walked to the soft leather sofa in the marketing hall and sat down. His sharp eyes looked around. When he saw Kelley standing stiffly in the corner, he smiled faintly. If this person wasn't Henry, then who else could it be?

A saleswoman went to receive Henry and asked him to buy a house. Henry casually pointed to the direction of Kelley and said a few words to the sales woman. Then the sales clerk walked up to Kelley and said, "The guest wants to ask you about the real estate industry. You can go there quickly."

Kelley knew that Henry came here was definitely not to buy a house, but since he had found this place, she couldn't escape. She had to reluctantly walk to the sofa opposite to Henry and sat down. The man's eyes were so sharp that Kelley didn't dare to look straight at him. She slightly lowered her head and looked at the tea table in the middle of the two sofa. Pretending to be calm, she asked, "What do you want from me? If you have anything else to say, just say it. If you don't have anything else, I'll leave. I'm very busy today. "

"Are you busy? What are you busy with? It's just selling the house. I'm here to buy the house today." Henry said.

"You..." Kelley was a little angry. This man was so mischievous. Didn't he promise that he would never have any relationship with me again? Didn't he already have a fiancee? Didn't he promise madam's requirements? Why did he come here to see her? The only thing she had now was her self-esteem.

Henry casually lit a cigarette. Regardless of whether he could smoke or not in the hall, he smoked it and blew it out a few seconds later. Then he stood up indifferently and said to Kelley, who was sitting opposite to him, "Let's go. Introduce the houses here to me."

Thinking that she was just a new employee and couldn't drive the customers out, Kelley had to follow Henry to the model building in the center of the marketing hall. According to the information she had seen for several hours, she said, "From building one to building five, the buildings have been sold out. They had been completely completed and can be handed over at the beginning of next year. From building six to building twelve, they are forward housing delivery. The price is relatively low, but it will take more than a year to hand over... "

Obviously, the terms of the shopping guide of this non-professional person were too boring. After hearing a few words, Henry impatiently interrupted her, "Do you really work here? Why don't you even wear a uniform? "

Impatiently, Kelley pulled up the temporary work card on her neck and showed it to Henry. "This is my work card. Have you seen it clearly? Do you want to buy a house or not? I have something else to do. " Kelley turned around and was about to leave. Mr. Henry of the Leng family didn't need to buy a house. He was here to make trouble!

"I'll have a look at your ID card. I'll leave as soon as I see your ID card. I have a lot of things to do." Henry said.

Kelley angrily went to the staff locker and found her bag. She took out her ID card from it and showed it to Henry. Henry glanced at her ID card. When Kelley was about to put it away, Henry took her ID card away.

Kelley was so furious. Was he a robber? When Kelley was about to get her ID card back, Henry had already turned around and left gracefully. Perhaps because Henry felt the anger in Kelley'

s eyes, he who had walked a few steps away turned his head and said indifferently, "I'll return it to you in half an hour."

Henry walked through the marketing hall and walked to the office area. He found the office of the regional general manager of the Wu Group's Real Estate Company. When Henry knocked on the door, the door opened. A middle-aged man stood at the door and looked at Henry angrily. He didn't know Henry, but judging from Henry's luxury clothes, he guessed Henry should have a strong background. So he asked politely, "Excuse me, who are you?"

Henry glanced at the middle-aged manager and said, "I'm Henry."

The manager was taken aback. "You... You are... " He couldn't say anything more. The middle-aged man politely and carefully let Henry enter the office, pouring tea and handing cigarettes in a hurry. Yesterday, the owner of the Wu Group's Real Estate Company was changed, and the new boss was this man. The middle-aged man didn't expect that this new boss would come here in person today. He was very excited. He was worried that he would be kicked out of the position because of the change of the senior management.

Henry sat on the sofa lazily in the office of the regional general office. He looked coldly at the busy manager around him. The manager was polite and attentive. After the manager calmed down, Henry explained his intention, "Choose the best house in this building which can live in it immediately. I'll buy it. The name is written on the property ownership certificate. Ask my assistant for money. He will pay in full." As Henry spoke, he handed over Kelley's ID card to the manager.

The manager took Kelley's ID card and knew at a glance that it was a young girl. Was she Mr. Henry girlfriend or mistress? There were a lot of things that didn't need to be explained clearly. The manager nodded and said, "Mr. Henry, now the real estate companies in J City are all yours."

"If you can't control your mouth, I'll have enough people to take over your position." Henry said. Although Henry was domineering, he kept a low profile in business. He didn't like others to talk about him.

The manager knew he was talking too much. If Mr. Henry wanted to buy a house for others, he just needed to go through the formalities quickly. Why did he say so much? So he said to Henry, "Mr. Henry, don't worry. I remember that there is a very exquisite model room in the first stage of the house, which is very good in location. You can check in at once. I will help you complete the formalities. Then I'll give you the house proprietary certificate in the next few days. "

With a sneer, Henry stood up and said, "You don't have to give it to me. Give the key to her. She works part-time in your real estate. It's not difficult to find her." Then Henry left. If it weren't for his little wife, he wouldn't have come here to talk with a little manager.

The manager was very humble again. He accompanied Henry to walk out until they arrived at the end of the office area. Seeing that the Mr. Henry was a little impatient, he stopped.

It was the first day for Kelley to work in the marketing center. Although she had met Henry and she was a little unhappy, everything went well. It was about five o'clock in the afternoon. It was time to get off work. A colleague of the night shift took over. Kelley packed up her things and was about to go home. But when she walked out of the gate of the marketing center, she suddenly felt confused. Where was her home? Where could she go?

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