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   Chapter 29 Monopolizing

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Allen stood beside Kelley. Looking at the woman's intoxicated expression, he smiled and said, "In fact, life can be very beautiful, but unfortunately, at the beginning of our life, we have chosen the path of inescapable fate, and from then on, all the beautiful things have become insignificant scenery along the way."

"Why are you so helpless?" Kelley turned to look at Allen.

Allen smiled faintly and walked towards the opposite of the bridge. "There's no helplessness. Soon there will be no helplessness."

Kelley followed Allen and thought, "Really? Could there really be no helplessness?

The two of them crossed the bridge and walked on a stone path covered with green grass. At the end of the path was a quiet and beautiful coffee shop. Allen wanted to invite Kelley for a cup of coffee, but his phone suddenly rang. He took it out and answered. After listening to it for a while, his face suddenly turned serious. He replied, "Okay, I'll go back to the company right now!"

Kelley wanted to ask Allen what had happened, but Allen had no time to explain. He took out the key and put it in Kelley's hand. "This is the key to the door. You can go back first. Take care of yourself. I may have to work overtime tonight in the company." After saying that, Allen took out his wallet and took out a pile of bills from it. He put them in the hand of Kelley and said, "I have to go back to the company immediately. You can take a taxi back. Be careful on the way."

Kelley nodded. In fact, she didn't want to accept Allen's key and money. But now she was just a student and she had been away the Leng Family. She had no place to live, nor did she have money to pay for her own life. She stiffly grasped the key and money that Allen gave her. Looking at Allen's hurried receding figure, she couldn't tell what she felt, and she was grateful to Allen and she also hated herself.

Fortunately, she could work in the marketing center tomorrow. She told herself that she must work hard to earn money, and then she could live her own life. She could be poor, but she could live with dignity. She didn't need to envy other people's wealth. She could only live her own life calmly.

At dusk, Kelley went back to Allen's house alone. The house was empty, with black and gray furniture. Kelley made dinner by herself, sat on the sofa and watched TV for a while after dinner. Then she took the quilt to the sofa and slept early.

This house was not hers. She was just a person who stayed overnight. She would be satisfied if she could sleep on a sofa. In the boundless night, Kelley lied quietly on the sofa, sleeping soundly. At this time, she did not know at all that the leading enterprise of the real estate industry in J City had been changed, and the Wu Group's Real Estate Company which Allen worked for had been taken over by a powerful backstage manipulator. That night, the real estate industry in the whole J City had been reshuffled.

Large real estate companies were merged, and small real estate companies were swallowed up. In this way, a newly rising large real estate company monopolized the real estate industry in J City.

The second morning, when Kelley woke up, she found that it was half past seven. Fortunately, she didn't get up late today. She planned to work in the marketing center of that building today. Facing the new start, she was very happy to wash her face and brush her hair in the bathroom. Before eight o'clock, she packed up and went out.

It was over eight o'clock in the morning when she arrived at the marketing center. The

marketing center didn't open. Kelley stood outside the door and waited quietly for a while. The staff didn't open the door until half past eight. After the door was opened, the staff came to work one after another. They were all wearing specific uniforms, neat and energetic suits.

Before all staffs went to work, there was a morning meeting. As the manager of the marketing team, Emily presided over this morning meeting. Last night, she vaguely knew about the changes in the senior management of the Wu Group's Real Estate Company. There was a big problem in the board of directors. The CEO, Mr. Allen, tried his best to save the situation last night, and she didn't know what would happen today.

It was better not to let the employees at the bottom of the company know about some difficult problems in the company, so today's morning meeting of Emily was the same as before. She summarized the previous day's selling situation, praised the employees with good performance yesterday, and let the employees with good performance come out to share experience. After that, she let the other employees set today's performance goal.

Everyone reported the sales target in turn. Although it was the first day that Kelley came, she stood among a group of professional suit salesmen. Seeing that it was about to be her turn, she reported a data like other employees. According to her speculation, that figure was about selling a house.

But why did other colleagues look at her with disdain after she said that? Feeling a little embarrassed, Kelley lowered her head and looked at the ordinary clothes on her. Then she realized that she didn't even have a uniform and knew nothing. Why did she say it out?

At this time, Emily said, "Well, that's all for the morning meeting. Let's go. Come on, we'll try our best to make more achievements today! Kelley, you can learn from me today. "

"Okay, thank you, Manager Liu." Kelley replied in a low voice.

All the colleagues left and Kelley came to Emily's side carefully. As the Department Manager, although Emily had asked Kelley to learn from her, she had her own things to do. She just took out some house information about the real estate and its advantages compared with other real estates. She put a large pile of information in Kelley's hand and said, "You've seen it this morning. Try to serve some clients in the afternoon. Well, sold the house are your most essential goal for your work. "

Holding the pile of documents in her arms, Kelley went to a quiet corner and looked through it carefully. She knew that she couldn't earn the commission for a single order even if she worked in the supermarket for a month. No matter what, she must work hard.

Everyone in the hall worked very hard. They led their customers to see the house type, to see the sample house, to calculate the housing price, and to answer all kinds of customer's questions about the real estate. People without money couldn't afford a house at this price, and rich people had more choices. In the afternoon, Kelley saw all kinds of difficult problems in the sales. Many colleagues worked hard, but they still didn't get a sales order.

Because of Kelley's low professional level, she didn't dare to talk to customers. She just stood aside and watched the business process of other colleagues. Time passed quickly. It was three or four o'clock in the afternoon. After staying in the marketing hall for a while, Kelley felt a little tired and wanted to go to the washroom. However, as soon as she stood up, he saw a person coming in.

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