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   Chapter 28 Sounding Out

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That night, Kelley and Allen had a very happy dinner. It was the first time that Kelley had drunk so much. After dinner, Kelley fell asleep on the sofa. Her face was slightly red because of the alcohol in her body, and her beautiful face looked more charming at the moment.

Sitting next to her, Allen looked at her quietly. He felt so warm in his heart. He could drink a lot. It was okay for him to have a few glasses of wine at night. But at this moment, he felt that he was drunk. Either he was drunk, or God had added some alcohol to his life and life. He was so drunk now. It was like a dream.

And that alcohol was the beautiful and kind-hearted woman, Kelley, who made him intoxicated.

It was already ten o'clock in the morning when Kelley woke up the second day. She found herself lying on the sofa and felt sore all over. She lifted the quilt and looked at the time on the wall. She was shocked. Oh my God! She had to work in the marketing center today. It was more than an hour late now.

"Manager Liu just called and said that her department was having a meeting today. You don't have to go there today," said Allen, walking out of the study.

Kelley nodded. Anyway, she was late. Whether Manager Liu's Department was in a meeting or not, it was too late for her to go there now. So she nodded at Allen.

Kelley didn't need to go to work today, so she had nothing to do. It was past eleven o'clock in the morning after she washed her face. She made a simple lunch in the kitchen and asked Allen to have lunch with her. Then she sat on the sofa watching TV idly. However, there were several TV plays starring Anne in several channels. Anne was so popular. Kelley turned off the TV unhappily. She knew that she had nothing to do with Henry, but she still couldn't help but feel jealous, and she was jealous of his fiancee, Anne.

After Kelley turned off the TV, she randomly picked up the magazines at the corner of the tea table to read. These magazines were all about business circle and enterprise management. The words were difficult to understand. There were many economic terms in them. Looking at them, she felt headache and leafed through them hastily. She wanted to put the magazine back to its original place, but suddenly a photo slipped down from the magazine by accident.

Kelley picked up the photo from the ground and looked at it. It was strange that there was no one on the photo, but it was a metal box. Taking a look at the photo, Kelley wanted to put it back into the magazine, but she felt a little strange in her heart. Then she put the photo in front of her and looked at it. Why did she feel it so familiar?

Staring at the small metal box on the photo, Kelley tried to recall where she had seen it before? She was sure that she had seen it before, but where had she seen it before?

After thinking for a while, Kelley patted his thigh and said, "I remember it!" She remembered that when she was seven years old, on the way back from school, an uncle came over in a hurry and stuffed something into her schoolbag. He said to her, "Miss, you should keep it well." Then he ran away in a hurry.

"I'm the child bride of the Leng Family, not the daughter of the Leng Family." Kelley remembered that she shouted at the man's back. That day, seven-year-old Kelley went back to her room and took off her schoolbag. She found the little metal box and played with it

for a while. She couldn't open it, and there was nothing interesting, so she threw it aside casually. She didn't know if it was thrown away by Sandra later. It was strange that there was a photo of the metal box in Allen's room, and the photo was a little blurry, as if it had snapped from an old photo.

While Kelley was absorbed in the photo, Allen came over and asked indifferently, "Have you seen this before?"

Kelley nodded and said, "Yes, I have. It looks like a toy I had when I was a child."

The muscles on Allen's face twitched a few times. Such a treasure was actually used as a toy by this girl!

"Haven't you found your toy yet?" Allen asked tentatively.

Kelley shook her head and said, "It has been many years. I have already forgotten where I have lost. Besides, I have left the Leng Family. How can I go back to look for it? Besides, I think it has been lost for a long time. " In Kelley's eyes, the broken metal box was just a small thing, not as interesting as the Barbie doll she had been eager to have when she was a child.

Allen frowned slightly, but he soon regained his composure. He took over the photo in Kelley's hand and said, "Let's go. I'll take you out for fun. It's not easy to have a winter vacation, so we should have a good time."

Hearing Allen's words, Kelley immediately forgot about the metal box and went out for a walk. Of course, it was more interesting than staying in the room in a daze. So she changed her shoes and went out with Allen.

The car was running aimlessly. At the end of the year, J City was a little lively and restless. The speed of the car was not very fast. Through the window, Kelley saw some young people who were carrying their suitcases at the bus stop and ready to go home to celebrate the New Year. Perhaps they were students or young white-collar workers who had just entered the society.

After driving for a while, Allen suddenly remembered something and asked Kelley, "Since you have left the Leng Family, do you want to move out your things in the Leng Family? I happen to be free today, so I can go with you."

"No, I don't have anything to pack. I really don't want to go back there," said Kelley, shaking her head.

Allen didn't say anything more. He drove silently to the side of a huge artificial lake park, found a place to park, and then took Kelley into the park for a walk. In a sunny winter day, there was a faint and warm sun. It made people feel warm. Although there was a breeze from time to time, it did not affect the beauty of the sun.

It was a huge artificial lake, around which a beautiful park was built. There were coffee shops, gallery, Western restaurants scattered in the park. On the periphery of the park were exquisite buildings, and there were several rows of small villa on the edge of the park. There were couples strolling by the green willow bridge in the park, and old couples strolling slowly. The breeze brushed the lake, and occasionally the birds that were fishing could be seen jumping into the water.

In the past, Kelley seldom came to such a huge park for a walk. She was always very busy. At this time, she was leaning on the railing of the wooden bridge, looking at the people rowing the boats on the water. She greedily thought when she could live less tired? When could she have a lot of time to be in a daze and wouldn't sell her labor just for the money for food?

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