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   Chapter 26 Intimacy

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Allen shook his head and said, "No, I'll go to the construction site to have a look. You can have an interview first." After saying that, he turned around and gave a smile at Kelley to encourage her. Then he turned around and left the door of the manager's office.

The smile on Manager Liu's face disappeared when she saw Allen leave. She looked at Kelley up and down and said calmly, "Come in and have a seat. Tell me if you have any sales experience before?"

Kelley carefully sat down on the simple chair in front of the desk in the manager's office. She listed the part-time jobs she had done in the past, supermarket promotion, shopping mall electric appliances, street leaflets Promotion Manager Liu interrupted Kelley's impatiently, "As a matter of fact, you have only sold some little things. Do you know that we are selling houses here? Do you know that the current housing price in J City? Do you know how much a house here costs? "

Kelley shook her head in confusion. She majored in foreign language at school, not real estate. Besides, she had never thought of buying a house. How could she know the housing price of J City?

Manager Liu shook her head helplessly and thought to herself, "She is really a student girl. I don't dare to expect her to have a good performance if such a girl enters my marketing team. As long as she doesn't offend my clients, I will be grateful." But this girl was brought here by Mr. Allen himself. I should at least show respect to him."

Thinking of Mr. Allen, who was handsome and gentle, Manager Liu smiled. Mr. Allen was a star in Wu Group's Real Estate Company, and every woman coveted him secretly. Whether they married or not, they couldn't resist Mr. Allen's charm. Since Mr. Allen was recruited to Wu Group's Real Estate Company through the headhunting company a year ago, the company was getting better and better. Mr. Allen was really an extraordinary good man.

However, such a peerless man always kept a distance from all women, neither cold nor indifferent. There were already many bold female employees in the company discussing in private. Did Mr. Allen look charming but useless? Otherwise, why was he not interested in women even though he was single?

At the thought of this, Manager Liu-Emily Liu, looked at Kelley up and down again. Kelley was good-looking, but she was too ordinary. She had a poor figure. How could she be so close to Mr. Allen?

Being stared at by Emily, Kelley felt a little uncomfortable and asked, "Manager Liu, I... Can I work here? "

Emily came to her senses. She picked up the coffee cup on the table and took a sip of the coffee. "Okay, you can come tomorrow. At the end of the year, a building will be opened, and there is a shortage of sales staff. You can work here for a while."

"Thank you, Manager Liu. When will I come tomorrow?" Thinking that the winter vacation wouldn't be monotonous, and this time, she would sell house and the salary was very high, Kelley was very happy.

Emily said lightly, "We will go to work at nine o'clock. But you are a new comer. Try to come here early and learn more."

"Okay, if you don't have anything else, I'll go first." Kelley stood up and gave a polite smile to Emily. Then she turned around and left the manager's office. Tomorrow, it would be a new beginning. Kelley encouraged herself secretly.

When Kelley came to the parking lot outside the marketing hall, Allen was already waiting for him in the car. When Kelley came over, Allen opened the door. A

fter Kelley got in the car, Allen] asked with a smile, "How is it? Is everything going well? "

Kelley nodded and said, "Everything goes well. I can work here tomorrow."

Allen rubbed Kelley's hair lovingly and said, "Well, in order to wish you a great deal of money, how about I treat you a big meal today?"

Gradually, Kelley was familiar with Allen's pampering. She pulled his hand off and said, "We don't have to go out for dinner. Take me to the supermarket. We can buy some food and cook by ourselves. Let me tell you, my cooking is very good."

Allen nodded gently and said, "Okay, then buy some food and cook it at home." As Allen spoke, he held Kelley's hand and started the car, heading to a large chain supermarket nearby.

Kelley wanted to take her hands back, but Allen held it so tightly that she couldn't get rid of it. They had known each other for such a long time. In the past, he could at most rub her hair affectionately, but had never held in hand. But today, what happened to him? When Kelley was uneasy, Allen suddenly loosened his hands and put his hands on the steering wheel. He looked calm, as if nothing had happened between the two.

Kelley observed Allen's expression carefully and found that he didn't have any other emotions. Was she herself thinking too much? She shook her head and thought it was just a hand in hand. There was no need to make a fuss. While Kelley was quietly thinking about Allen's thoughts, the car stopped in the parking lot outside a large supermarket.

"Let's go shopping." Allen stopped the car and got off. He walked to the other side of the car, opened the door and protected Kelley like a gentleman. Such meticulous care made people feel very warm. After getting out of the car, Kelley followed Allen to the entrance of supermarket, thinking, "If only I have an older brother like him, how good it is."

In the exclusive food area of the supermarket, Kelley carefully selected all kinds of meat, vegetables and main food, and bought some respectively. Behind her, Allen pushed the shopping cart and followed closely in silence. From afar, they looked like a couple buying living goods together. The woman was soft and beautiful, and the man was calm and steady.

After choosing the ingredients, something suddenly occurred to Kelley. She asked Allen, "Allen, do you have any condiments at home? Oh, I should ask you if you have cooked by yourself or not."

Allen smiled faintly, "I seldom cook by myself. But the kitchen is fully equipped. You just need to arrange as you want. "

With a smile on her face, Kelley nodded and said, "Okay, then I'll make the decision." At this moment, Kelley was simply happy. She didn't suffer from the pain brought by Henry, nor did she face the heavy defense of the cold world. At this moment, she was so relaxed and calm. She didn't know since when she had trusted Allen so much. She believed that he was a good man, that he loved her, and that he had brought a strong sense of security.

After shopping, Allen came to the car with several big shopping bags and put them into the trunk. Then he got in the car with Kelley and drove to his residence with a smile.

Allen's house was very simple. It was not a big villa, nor was it an exaggeration like the grand manor of Henry. It was a duplex apartment with more than 200 square meters. Before he promised Kelley to cook at home, he just regarded this place as a place to sleep. Before he met Kelley, his life was simple and his goal was simple.

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