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   Chapter 25 A New Opportunity

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As soon as this idea came to his mind, Allen was shocked by himself. He didn't expect that himself who had experienced so many vicissitudes of life, would have such an idea.

After resting in the hospital for a few days, Kelley recovered completely on the day before the New Year's Day. Except for her hoarse voice, the rest of the discomfort disappeared. She repeatedly asked Allen to let her leave the hospital. Allen drove her back to school and repeatedly told her to wear warm clothes and take good care of herself. He didn't drive away until he saw her enter the school gate.

When Kelley went back to her dormitory from the hospital, she carried a big bag with hats, scarfs, gloves, cotton padded jacket, cotton boots, and other warm clothes. In addition to these, there were also milk powder for girls to replenish her bodies, jujube and so on. She really doubted if Allen pampered her as a child.

When Kelley thought of the word "pamper", she was frightened. It turned out that Allen had been so considerate to her in the past few days. Thinking of this, Kelley couldn't help but take out a fluffy hat from the big bag and put it on. She smiled and felt that it was so warm to be pampered. It was the first time that she felt warm and happy.

Without wasting too much time, Kelley immediately took out her book and began to study. The examination week would be held after the New Year's Day. She couldn't waste time any longer.

Allen drove back to the company from the gate of Kelley's school. On the way, he saw a girl carrying a large bag of snacks in her hand. He suddenly thought that if he bought such a large bag of snacks for Kelley, she must be very happy. Girls liked eating snacks, didn't they? Thinking of this, Allen laughed at himself. Since when did he learn to care about others? He drove steadily and turned another road. He told himself that he just spoiled a little girl and treated her as a pet.

Pet? Thinking of this word, Allen couldn't help smiling. Yes, she was his pet. He liked to see her sitting in his car and being silent. He liked to buy her a lot of things to care and protect her.

Perhaps it was because too many things had happened a few days ago, the following days suddenly became peaceful. After Kelley passed the examination week quietly, the school had a winter holiday in the middle of the first month. The roommates in Kelley's dormitory packed their luggage one after another and went back home to celebrate New Year. But Kelley was anxious. Now that she had left the Leng Family, where had she been during this winter vacation?

When Kelley was in a dilemma, her phone rang. She picked it up and it was Allen who called her. "I'm waiting outside your school. Get your things ready and come out."

"What? When did you come here? " Kelley was a little surprised. Allen didn't call her in order not to disturb her during the exam. Why did he come here today?

Allen smiled gently and said, "Didn't you start to have a holiday today? I'm here to pick you up. Take your time and I'll wait for you. "

"Okay, I'll go now. I don't have anything to pack up." Kelley answered. She felt embarrassed to let Allen, the CEO, wait for her.

A few minutes later, Kelley came to Allen's car with her backpack, opened the door and got in. After getting along with him these day

s, she had already been familiar with him, and there was a faint intimacy between their movements. If more than half a month ago, she dared not directly open his door and got into his car.

Allen put down the business management magazine and said to Kelley with a smile, "How is it going? How was your exam? "

"I don't think I can get the scholarship this time." Kelley said sadly.

Allen smiled and rubbed Kelley's hair, "How many scholarships? I'll give it to you. "

Kelley shook her head and dodged Allen's big palm. "A gentleman makes money in right ways. I won't take your money."

Allen started the car. When the car was running, he said to Kelley, "Well, then you can make money by yourself. I have found you a part-time job. I was supposed to take you there last time, but...How about today?"

Kelley nodded. She had been idle for a long time, so it was time for her to work hard to earn money. Hearing Allen's words, she remembered the day when Henry chased Allen's car domineeringly. She couldn't help saying to Allen, "I'm really sorry for what happened last time. It's me who got you involved. I don't know Henry... He will hurt you. "

Allen smiled faintly, "Is Henry so terrifying in your heart?"

"Yes, I've seen him killing people. He's really scary." Kelley nodded.

Allen put on a mysterious smile. After a while, he said to Kelley, "The world is not under his control. I'm not afraid of him."

Looking at the expression on Allen's face, Kelley was confused. Why did she always feel that he was like a gentle pond of water, which could tolerate everything that was thrown into it, but was so deep that no one could see the bottom? She could talk to him casually, and even make a lot of requests. He would accept her gently, but she could never touch his bottom line. She hoped it was not a bad thing.

A few minutes later, the car stopped at a newly developed building. Allen got off the car and walked towards the marketing center of the building with Kelley. The marketing hall was extraordinarily magnificent. The model drawings of the buildings were displayed in the center of the hall. On the comfortable sofa, tables and chairs in the hall, there were several customers who came to ask about the information of the buildings.

Allen took Kelley through the marketing hall and walked to the office area on the other side. Along the way, there were many staff in working clothes greeting Allen. Allen replied with a faint smile. He walked along the corridor to the door of the manager's office at the end and knocked on the door. The door was opened. A slim woman with light make-up opened the door. When she saw Allen, she greeted him politely, "Mr. Allen, why didn't you let the secretary inform me in advance? Look, I'm too shabby here."

Allen raised his hand and interrupted the beauty's words, "Manager Liu, you're welcome. Last time I said that I would introduce someone to you, but today I've brought her here. Please interview her."

It was not until then that the beautiful Manager Liu saw a woman behind Allen. She looked so innocent without any makeup. Was she a student? But this girl was brought here by Mr. Allen himself, so Manager Liu couldn't refuse. She said politely to Allen, "Mr. Allen, would you like to come in and have a seat? The interview is not urgent. "

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