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   Chapter 24 Warm Protection

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When Kelley opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was the white roof. It was not her dormitory. She was shocked and looked around. Then she saw Allen sitting on the sofa and reading newspaper. How could it be him? Kelley was not familiar with Allen in her heart.

Allen felt the movement on the bed, put down the newspaper in his hand, stood up, walked to the bedside of Kelley with a smile and said gently, "You're awake? I sent you here yesterday because you were sick. "

Kelley pulled her arms out of the quilt and rubbed her dizzy head. It seemed that she really felt very uncomfortable yesterday. Allen bent down and tucked Kelley's arm into the quilt. He said with concern, "You haven't fully recovered yet. You can't catch a cold again. If you feel uncomfortable, ask the nurse to give you a massage."

"No, thanks. I just need to take a rest by myself," said Kelley in her hoarse voice.

Allen smiled, stood straight and looked at his watch. He asked Kelley, "It's eight o'clock. Do you want to have some breakfast?"

Before Kelley wanted to say no, this time, Allen said first, "Breakfast is necessary. Only when you are full, you can recover soon. Wait for me. I'll go to buy breakfast."

Seeing that Allen walked out of the ward step by step with steady steps, Kelley felt depressed. When she was the most helpless when she was sick, the person who stayed by her side was actually a stranger whom he had known for only a few days. But on second thought, she didn't have any relatives. They were all strangers. Except for Sandra, all the others were strangers. Now Henry she had been looking forward to was also a stranger to her.

With a long sigh, Kelley pulled up the quilt to cover her head and hid herself in it. Only in this way could she feel a sense of security.

Allen bought two breakfast and put them on the white bedside table. He gently smiled and asked Kelley to get up, "Get up. Have breakfast. It's not comfortable to sleep with an empty stomach."

Kelley pulled down the quilt, sat up, took the clothes from Allen and put them on. Then she began to eat breakfast. Although there was no taste in food now, she had no right to refuse. The senior management of a large company like Allen personally bought breakfast for her. If she didn't eat, she would be too hypocritical.

After finishing the breakfast, Kelley wiped her hands and face with a wet tissue and sat on the bed in a daze. It was not that Kelley wanted to be in a daze, but that her head was now numb. A little thought would make her feel very uncomfortable. Maybe it was because her fever hadn't completely gone down, or maybe her body was instinctively protecting herself from those uncomfortable things.

Allen asked the nurse to tidy up the ward, and then dragged a chair to sit on the edge of her bed. He asked her gently, "Did you often be beaten when you were a child?"

Kelley looked up at Allen, shook her head and said, "I don't want to talk about it. I feel so tired."

Allen smiled gently, "Well, let's stop talking about it. Then tell me what you are going to do in the future? You will graduate next year. "

"I don't know. Next year? I don't even know what will happen tomorrow." Kelley shook her head.

Allen didn't say anything

more. He stood up, poured a glass of hot water and handed it to Kelley. "Drink more water when you have a fever. You will recover faster."

"Thank you." Taking over the cup, Kelley thanked him politely.

Allen sat down on the chair beside the bed again and sighed, "You really shut others out of you, or do you treat me as a stranger. If you don't want to talk, I won't ask any more. But you have to know that everyone in this world has gone through some difficulties. Look at them. They are all well-dressed. Who knows how helpless they will be when they go back home at night? "

Holding the warm glass in her hand, Kelley looked at Allen and asked, "Such a rich person like you also have any helplessness?"

Allen nodded slightly, "Of course. I have a lot of helplessness. Some people have suffered a lot and they can tell others, but I can't tell anyone. "

"Why can't you tell anyone? Was it a secret? I think you will feel better after you tell others. " Kelley could be very cruel to herself, but she was very kind to others and cared about others unnaturally.

Allen shook his head and said, "I don't want to talk about the past as you do, but I'm a little stronger than you. I know what I should do next. Although I have suffered a lot before, I may be free this time if everything goes well. " Allen didn't know why he said that. These should be buried in the bottom of his heart, shouldn't they?

Kelley nodded in confusion. Allen smiled and said, "You've had breakfast. How about you sleep a little longer? Drink this glass of water and sleep a little longer. "

Kelley nodded obediently, drank up the water in the glass in her hand, put the quilt on the bedside table aside and tucked it in, intending to sleep a little longer. She really wanted to sleep now. Before going to bed, she took a look at Allen and wanted to tell him that he didn't need to stay here.

Before she could say anything, Allen said directly, "Don't worry. I'll be here and won't go anywhere."

Although Kelley knew it was not appropriate to let Allen stay here, it was rare for her to feel such a sense of security being protected. This time, let her be weak for once. So she gave Allen a grateful look and began to sleep.

Soon enough, Kelley fell asleep soon. Sitting on the sofa, Allen quietly looked at Kelley. This girl was a rare strong, simple, beautiful, sincere and kind-hearted. The more he got to know her, the more he felt her beauty. He didn't expect that this beautiful woman had a lot of unforgettable past. He couldn't help but want to know more about her.

When it was almost noon, a nurse came to the ward to bring some medicine and take Kelley's temperature. Allen stood up from the sofa and signaled the nurse to be quite in case of disturbing the woman in bed. The nurse smiled and lowered her voice, "Sir, is this your wife or your girlfriend? You are so kind to her. "

Allen's body was a little stiff. He didn't answer the nurse's question, but listened to her say when Kelley should take some medicine, and then watched the nurse leave the ward. Silence returned to the ward. Standing beside the bed and looking at the sleeping Kelley, a crazy idea came to Allen's mind. What would happen if he really had such a girlfriend?

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