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   Chapter 23 Serious Illness

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Although Henry seemed to be careless, in fact, he had already secretly understood the temper and temperament of the several people he had targeted. On this day, Henry was dressed in a dark suit. His woolen coat had been taken off when he walked into the huge hall of the club. The temperature in the club was a little high. Standing beside the huge French window, he unbuttoned the platinum buttons on his left and right sleeves one by one.

"Mr. Henry, when are you going to take action?" John asked in a low voice.

With a sneer at the corners of his mouth, Henry said, "I thought they were all some big shots. It turns out they are all such people." In the past four years, Henry had gone through many commercial wars, large or small, especially in the more advanced western countries. The commercial wars had already entered an intense state. He did not expect that the level of H Country was so backward, and such a person with such a quality was still a big shot. A mocking smile appeared on his cold face.

After hearing Henry's comments on these people, John thought for a moment and asked, "Mr. Henry, then our previous plan..."

Henry took out a cigarette and lit it lazily. After smoking, he said to John, "The plan doesn't change. Although those plans are more than enough to deal with these people, I've just arrived, so we have to be cautious."

John nodded. With a cigarette in his hand, Henry patted John's shoulder and said, "Let's talk about it when we go back. Let's go. Since you've come here today, I'll give you a day off. Have a good time."

John nodded with a smile and whispered in Henry's ear, "Mr. Henry, I heard that there are all kinds of girls here. Do you need me to find some for you?"

"Are you serious?" As Henry walked towards the sofa scattered in the clubhouse, he teased John, "I said you had a day off today. Have a good time."

As soon as Henry sat down on the sofa, a woman in pure dress walked over and sat down opposite to Henry and John. She smiled and said, "Hey, boys, do you want to drink or go to massage first?" If you wanted to drink, you could go upstairs to the bar. If you wanted to take a shower and massage, it was upstairs from the bar. In a word, all the entertainment center clubs were here.

While Henry was smoking lazily and casually looking at the beautiful woman in front of him, in a dorm of a girl's dormitory building in Normal School in J City, Kelley was lying on her bed weakly.

One of the other three roommates went on a date with her boyfriend, while the other two roommates were reading warm books in the library. Kelley was lying on the bed to resist the huge discomfort. She didn't know what time it was, but her phone rang at the bedside table. Kelley languidly answered the phone. It was Allen who called her and asked her to have dinner with him.

"No, thanks. I'm not feeling well today... Very uncomfortable..." Kelley said. Before she opened her mouth, she didn't feel that her voice was unusually hoarse, which sounded frightening.

Allen asked with concern, "Do you have a fever? Did you go to the hospital? Where are you now? I'll be right there. "

It was true that Kelley had a high fever at this moment, and it was very serious. Her brain was in a mess because of the fever. When she heard that Allen asked her where she was, she answered, "I'm in the dormitory."


es, in the dormitory of the school, this was the only place for Kelley to hide. All she had in the world was just the bed and some daily necessities of this dormitory. Even this simple bed didn't belong to her when she graduated next year. To be honest, she was so poor that she had nothing in her hands.

In a daze, she felt something sticking to her forehead, like a palm. Kelley felt dizzy and painful. Her throat was dry and painful, and she felt ache all over her body. No matter how she changed her sleeping position, she felt uncomfortable. In a dizzy, she felt as if she was picked up. She held the man tightly subconsciously and felt comfortable when she touched his cold clothes.

When Allen arrived at Kelley's dormitory, no matter how hard he knocked at the door, no one answered. He went to the dormitory keeper and asked her to open the door. He saw Kelley lying on the bed with a red face and a severe fever. He touched Kelley's head to feel her temperature. It was so hot that he immediately carried her out of bed. He rushed to the hospital.

After getting in the VIP ward, the doctor checked on Kelley and sighed, "Fortunately, she was sent here in time. Otherwise, if the fever goes on like this, people will be silly."

After the injection, doctors finally stabilized Kelley's condition. The doctor and nurses left the ward. Allen sat down on the sofa and watched the woman on the bed. Kelley was covered with a thick quilt, and the needle of the infusion tube was fixed on the back of her hand covered by the edge of the quilt. She seemed to be asleep, but she always talked nonsense from time to time.

It was supposed to be a happy Christmas day, but Kelley had spent it in deep slumber. The pills she had taken had the effect of sleeping well, and even the infusion bottle had the effect of sleeping well. So she should have a good sleep, but she didn't sleep well. Sometimes she would say something in a low voice.

Seeing that Kelley frowned and began to talk nonsense again, Allen couldn't help but bend over and put his ear close to her mouth to listen to what she was talking about.

"Don't hit me... I'm a good girl. Don't hit me... Madam... " Said Kelley in a hoarse voice.

A trace of hesitation flashed across Allen's handsome face. What kind of life had she lived since she was a child? Wasn't the madam of the Leng Family the most dignified and kind? Why did she hit others? Allen was confused, but before he could think it over, Kelley, who was lying on the bed in a coma, murmured again, "Mr. Henry... I have to wait for Mr. Henry to come back... "

Allen frowned. Wait for Mr. Henry to come back? It was Henry. What's the relationship between Kelley and Henry? Was she really Henry's child bride? Thinking of this, Allen felt a little funny. He had investigated something about the Leng Family before, saying that the Leng Family raised a girl, who was the child bride of Henry. He smiled and thought, " What's the age now? Is there still child bride? It was so funny that Jenifer found such a poor excuse.

Because of the timely treatment and the good physical condition of Kelley, she had been given an injection during the day and slept for several hours. At night, she was covered by a thick quilt with sweat all over her body, and her fever was reduced a little. She woke up early in the morning of the second day.

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