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   Chapter 22 Heartbroken

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When Kelley returned to her dormitory, she felt weak all over. She threw herself on her bed and curled up in the quilt. She deceived herself that she would be safe and would never be hurt or sad again. But only she knew the bitterness in her heart best. Sadness? Lose? Despair? She didn't know how she felt at this moment. She only knew that the pillow beside her face was wet by some liquid flowing from the corner of her eyes.

Kelley didn't know how long she had curled up in the quilt. She only knew that the door of the dormitory had opened and several roommates had returned to the dormitory one after another. It was dark outside. The day passed like this.

One of the roommates saw that Kelley was lying on the bed of the dormitory and couldn't help joking, "Kellie, didn't you go to work part-time today? It's so rare. "

Another roommate retorted, "Kellie is also a human. No one can withstand the part-time job day and night."

The roommate who finally went back to the dormitory wore the down jacket that had been changed from Kelley yesterday. She looked very happy and said, "I had a good time today. My boyfriend treats me very well. Women need to wear designer clothes. They will look especially elegant in designer clothes. "

The roommates had all come back. Hearing their conversation, Kelley felt better. She got out of bed and washed her face. She adjusted her mood and began to read. But she was always absent-minded while staring at the book. She recalled the lonely island where she first met Henry, and the bloody battle. It was dangerous and he could die at any time, but he always kept a faint evil smile on his face. He looked calm, but in fact, he was the most vicious.

Kelley raised her hand and patted her head impatiently. Didn't she decide that she didn't miss him anymore? Didn't she want to end the relationship with him? Why did she still miss him?

Kelley's mind was in a mess. She felt that a person was telling her Henry's advantages in her mind. He was outstanding, handsome, evil, attractive, deep, domineering and cunning. He wa

background, so that he could make the most advantageous judgment.

At the end of December, it was a very lively period, because it had Christmas and New Year's Day. On the morning of Christmas, Henry, together with his most capable assistant, John, met his first group of targets in a very quiet and luxurious club in the quiet suburb of J City, who were the best in several industries in J city.

The whole club was well decorated with festive activities, such as bathing, massage, chess, playing, singing and dancing. The target customer group was specially targeted at rich businessmen and some high-ranking officials worth hundreds of millions. The waiters shuttling among them were all handsome men and women. They could provide all the entertainment you could imagine.

It had only been a few days since Henry came back from abroad, but he was not familiar with the high-ranking officials and wealthy businessmen in the country. Without saying anything, he stood leisurely beside a large glass French window of the club with John. He looked down at the luxury cars parking downstairs, and saw the security guards of the club following a luxury car of a guest who came for entertainment, running in a slow line with the luxury cars to show their welcome. Therefore, it could be seen that the customers who came here for consumption and entertainment were very noble and rich.

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