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   Chapter 21 Can't Be Your Wife

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Henry frowned slightly and wanted to say something. All of a sudden, Jenifer opened her mouth and suppressed the words that Henry wanted to say. She took a look at Kelley and said to Henry, "Son, you don't have to say anything. This girl is raised to be child bride. She is your woman. You can take her back if you want. But before you take her away, you must promise me one condition!"

Henry asked subconsciously, "What condition?"

"My condition is very simple. As long as you promise me that you won't marry her in the future and don't let her be your wife, everything will be fine." Jenifer said.

Kelley had thought that madam would let her go because Henry asked her in person, but Kelley had never expected that madam's offer would be like this! Madam gave Kelley the identity of a child bride, but didn't allow her to marry Henry and be his wife. Did madam want her to be Henry's concubine? Oh, there was no concubine nowadays. According to Jenifer, Kelley could only be a mistress at most.

Of course, all the thoughts came to Henry's mind. Although he was surprised, he thought that marriage was trouble. He had already been used to being alone, and he only believed in himself. He didn't want to think about it at all now. Anyway, it would be a long time later. There would be a lot of time for him to think about it. Then Henry nodded and said, "Okay, I agree to this condition."

When Kelley heard the reply of Henry, her heart immediately broken. If her heart had been shattered into powder before, then Henry's words would have directly taken out her heart and thrown it away. Her heart was completely empty. How could he promise not to marry her? Since he didn't care about her, why did he put on such a play today to hypocritically save her out? She would rather stay in the old house of the Leng Family to suffer than be ignored and tortured by him like this.

With a slight nod, Jenifer stood up and said to Henry, "You can take her away now. Remember what you have promised me just now. But anyway, you are my son. I have to find you a suitable woman to be your wife. Well, you can go back to your work. I don't feel well these days and need to rest. "

Sandra hurried over and supported Jenifer upstairs.

Silence returned to the living room. Henry glanced at Kelley, whose face was as pale as death, and smiled softly. He thought to himself, "This girl is really simple minded. How could she be intimidated by a few words of Jenifer? Nowadays, even a signed contract might fail to work, let alone some casual words. She must have taken what Jenifer said seriously." Henry couldn't help laughing. There was such a simple woman in the world.

When Kelley raised her head, she saw Henry who was very close to her. He said to her, "Come with me."

"No, thanks." Kelley took a step back and avoided the hand of Henry. She suppressed the boundless emptiness in her heart and took a deep breath. The heating in the room was on, and it was not too cold, but the breath she took in was enough to freeze all her internal organs. She questioned herself, what reason could she go with him now? Except for the child bride and husband, there was no other relationship between them. If they were destined not to be a couple, it was better to end it as soon as possible.

Thinking of this, Kelley smiled stiffly and sai

d, "Mr. Henry, thank you for taking me away from the Leng Family today. You used to encroach on my body, and now you have helped me a lot. We are even and we don't owe each other. Please don't come to me in the future. " After saying that, Kelley staggered away from Henry and walked out. At the moment when she brushed past Henry, she couldn't help but shed tears.

Henry froze in place. He thought it was insignificant, but she took it seriously! He smiled helplessly. Yes, the training he had gone through since he was a child had already made him develop the habit of suspicion and defense. He was used to not believing, but the innocent girl could believe anyone and anything. Was it his own fault or God's malicious trick?

Without thinking too much, Henry hurriedly turned around and chased after her. But there was no one on the road outside the private garden. She just disappeared in a few seconds. Why was she so anxious to avoid him? Henry found his car and found that the dirt on it had been completely cleaned. He drove the car and chased in one direction.

More than ten minutes after Henry's car left the private garden, Kelley walked out from an inconspicuous corner of the garden. She had worked hard in the Leng Family since she was a child, so she naturally knew the environment here. If Henry wanted to chase her, no matter how fast she walked, it was useless. It was better to hide first. After walking out of the gate of the villa and looking around to make sure that Henry had left, Kelley walked towards the bus stop nearby.

And this scene, the game you chased and hid, was all seen by Jenifer standing by the window of the bedroom upstairs. She smiled with satisfaction. For a man, the word "love" might be just a game to adjust his life on a whim, but for a woman, it was more important than life and soul. The best way to torture a woman was to torture the love deep in her heart.

When Kelley was eighteen years old, the change Kelley had from visiting Henry. Of course, Jenifer knew a lot. The little girl began to pester Sandra to learn about Henry all kinds of things. Sometimes she would be in a daze alone, and from time to time she would carefully ask Sandra when Henry would come back.

After standing by the window for a while, wearing a pair of slippers and stepping on the first-class solid wood floor, Jenifer walked to a drawer with a lock. She took out a key from the corner of the nearby cabinet, opened the drawer and took out a yellowing old photo from it. She said to the person on the photo angrily, "Aren't you proud? If you know that your daughter's life is worse than death, will you still be so proud? Ha ha... "

After leaving the private house of the Leng Family, Kelley took a bus stop nearby and directly went back to school. After such a mess, she was no longer in the mood to do part-time jobs or do other things. In the past, she always felt that although her life was harder than her peers, as long as she was diligent and worked hard enough, everything would slowly get better. But now, she suddenly felt that her life had become a mess. Such a messy situation was not something she could solve by working hard.

If one's heart was gone, then the meaning of life would be gone. God was so cruel that he always liked to play tricks on the same person again and again.

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