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   Chapter 20 Leave The Old House

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It was not until Kelley finished vomiting that she realized the seriousness of the matter. This was a world-class luxury car. It was not sure if the second car could be found in the whole J City. It was even more uncertain if there was after-sales service. She just vomited half of her breakfast and the sour water in her stomach in the car. How should this barbaric and domineering Mr. Henry react now?

At the thought of this, Kelley couldn't help shivering. She had thought that she would be tortured to death by madam, and that she might find a quiet place to suicide when she couldn't bear the great pressure one day. But she had never expected that one day she would be tortured to death by Mr. Henry because she stained his car. The more Kelley thought about it, the more frightened she became.

At this moment, a slender hand with even joints stretched out. Kelley was shocked. She took a closer look and saw that the fingertip of this hand held a tissue with light patterns and a faint fragrance.

"Wipe your mouth." Henry drove the car without turning his head. If it weren't for the three cold words he said, Kelley would have doubted if he had remembered to throw her into the car.

Taking the tissue, Kelley wiped her mouth and asked cautiously, "Mr. Henry, the car..." She wanted to ask if the car was dirty. What should she do? But she didn't dare to continue. Only then did she realize that she was so afraid of him.

"The car is fine." He said coldly. Kelley frowned slightly. What did he think? Why did he always say a few words?

In this way, Henry drove casually, and Kelley was worried about her own life. More than 20 minutes later, the car arrived at the door of a very grand villa with garden. The housekeeper, Sandra, opened the door as soon as she saw Henry's car. Yes, Henry took Kelley to the private house of the Leng Family.

In fact, Kelley was already on the edge of being nervous and scared. Looking at the place where the car was parked, which was the place where she had nightmares for more than twenty years, the Leng Family. She was even more scared. When Henry asked her to get off the car, she lost her balance and almost sprained her ankle. Fortunately, Henry pulled her in time.

What happened these days? Following behind Henry, Kelley asked herself what she had done these days. Why had her life not been normal since Henry came back from abroad that day? After thinking for a few seconds, she couldn't figure out the reason, but came to a simple conclusion. He was her nemesis. Wherever he was, she would never have a good life!

In the living room, Sandra looked worriedly at Kelley. Seeing that Kelley was fine, she greeted Henry politely, "Mr. Henry, madam is resting now. Please wait a moment. I'll call her right away." Since the day before yesterday when Mr. Henry was reluctant to go home for dinner, madam had an old headache. She had been resting at home for the past two days.

Henry casually sat on the sofa in the living room and lit a cigarette. After smoking casually, he raised his head to look at Kelley, who was standing beside him, and said indifferently, "Sit down."

Kelley shook her head in a hurry. How could she have the mood to sit now? Just Henry was enough to make her upset, and soon it would have a difficult madam. If she had to suffer in any case, sh

e would rather come early with all the pain. It was really difficult to wait like this.

Just as Kelley was very nervous, Henry's cell phone suddenly rang. Kelley lowered her head and looked at the ground, listening to what he said on the phone secretly, "Is everything okay on the South Sea Road? Okay... My car was stained just now. Find someone to clean it up. In the Old House. " Then, he hung up the phone.

After listening to what Henry said, Kelley relived. It was a thing that she had been nervous for a long time, but it was no more than a small matter to him. How ironic it was.

As soon as Kelley relieved, she couldn't help but take another deep breath. Because she heard the footsteps upstairs, madam went downstairs gradually. And this footsteps, Kelley would never mishear, it was the footsteps of madam. Kelley's heart trembled. She had escaped from madam's chase for two times. She wondered how madam would punish her for her sudden appearance today.

While listening to the footsteps of madam coming downstairs slowly and Kelley's heartbeat was so fast, Henry calmly and indifferently observed the woman standing not far away from him with her head down. Her clothes were very ordinary, and her face was slightly red, not knowing because she was nervous or the cold wind outside. She bit her lower lip gently with her upper teeth. She looked pure and cute. She was as transparent as glass. All her fear, nervousness and panic were written on her face.

Madam, Jenifer, came downstairs slowly with a faint weariness on her face. Wearing soft and comfortable home clothes, she came to the living room and sat down on an armchair. She took a look at Kelley, who was silent, and then looked at Henry, who was smoking casually. She pursed her lips and sneered, not intending to speak. She would like to see what her capable son would do to her today.

After casting a glance at Jenifer, Henry bent over and raised his hand to extinguish the half lit cigarette in the ashtray on the tea table. Then he sat back on the sofa lazily and asked Jenifer indifferently, "Tell me. What are you going to do with her?"

"Ha ha." Jenifer smiled helplessly and looked at Kelley. Feeling Jenifer's gaze, Kelley raised her head and met her gaze. In her impression, madam was always noble and beautiful. Why did she see the white hair of madam's and the slight wrinkles at the corners of her eyes today? Time was the most ruthless. No matter how harsh madam was, she was just a poor woman. A trace of pity rose in Kelley's heart for no reason.

Feeling the pity in Kelley's eyes, Jenifer immediately looked away. Looking at her son, she sneered and said, "You have brought her in front of me in person. What else can I do with her? If I really tell you what to do with her, will you agree? "

With a faint smile, Henry said, "Today is the boundary. Before today, she is your woman, and I don't care how you deal with her. But from today on, she is mine. You don't need to care how I deal with her."

After quietly looking at Henry for a few seconds, Jenifer suddenly burst into laughter, which was full of helplessness and vicissitudes of life. After laughing, she secretly raised her hand to wipe the tears from the corners of her eyes. Then she asked Henry, "Do you have a crush on this girl? Are you begging me for her? "

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