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   Chapter 19 Racing At Top Speed

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"Mr. Allen, you can go ahead with your own matter. I don't want to go anywhere. Really, you can go ahead with your own business." Kelley said. Kelley was a little anxious. The supermarket would be opened in ten minutes. She didn't go there yesterday. If she didn't go there today, the supervisor would be angry.

Without any hesitation, Allen pulled Kelley's arm, opened the door and pushed her into the back seat of the car. While pushing her, he said, "I have nothing else to do today. I just want to talk to you."

It was too late for Kelley to get off the car. He closed the door and started the car. She anxiously patted on the back of Allen's driver's seat and said, "Mr. Allen, please drive me to the supermarket at the front intersection. I have to work part-time there today."

Allen chuckled, turned around and tapped on Kelley's forehead. "Well, if I don't force you, you won't tell the truth. Don't worry. I will give you a better part-time job. Your income will be much higher than that of the salesperson in the supermarket, and it is absolutely legal and earned money by your ability. "

A few simple words blocked all the excuses of Kelley. She opened her mouth and wanted to refuse, but she didn't know what to say. At this time, Allen smiled gently and said, "Don't worry. I will help you cancel your part-time job."

"It's just a part-time job. If I refuse it again, it will be hypocritical," Kelley thought. So Kelley nodded and said, "Okay, thank you, Mr. Allen."

Allen smiled kindly, "Call me Allen. I didn't receive your call yesterday, so I gave you a part-time job today. It's fair one after another. If you call me Mr. Allen again, you will really not treat me as your friend."

Kelley lowered her head in shame and said, "It's just a name. You are so considerate."

Allen nodded and said, "You're right. I'm a careful person and won't make friends easily. If I make friends, I will treat them with all my heart."

At this moment, Kelley didn't know what to say. She felt strange in her heart. Allen was a very handsome, gentle, restrained and calm man. If she hadn't known Henry before, she would fall in love with Allen's gentleness and thoughtfulness.

It was not something wrong. Since ancient times, when men and women appeared in this boundless world, they were destined to attract each other and tangle with each other until the end of the world. This was the most primitive and eternal rule.

But now, Kelley's heart was crushed into pieces by Henry. She had lost her heart, so there was no love for her. After listening to Allen's words, she just turned her head to look at the street view outside the car window. It was a lovely milk tea shop, a newly decorated hot pot city, and young couples were holding each other intimately to celebrate Christmas.

Just as Kelley looked out of the window indifferently, a figure suddenly flashed by, and then the car screeched to a halt. The brake was so fierce that Kelley rushed forward without hesitation, and her head was hurt. It was not until Kelley sat down that she realized the reason why Allen suddenly braked. A luxury car suddenly appeared in front of the car and blocked the way. Kelley had seen this car in the private house of the Leng Family the day before yesterday. It was the Spyker Car of Henry.

"Why did he show up? And how did he find this place? Why didn't he go to accompany his fiancee? Why did he stop other people's car here?" Now, Kelley didn't want to

see Henry at all. Not only didn't want to see him, but she also wanted to hide far away from him to maintain her quiet and simple life. This was her only poor self-esteem.

Just as Kelley was lost in her own thoughts, Allen came to his senses first. A meaningful smile appeared on his face, and then he quickly changed the steering wheel. The car nimbly bypassed Henry's car and continued to drive in the original direction. On the following road, Henry quickly turned the car head and chased after Allen.

Therefore, a dangerous chase on the road began. The scene that Henry easily got rid of the people sent by madam yesterday was unforgettable for Kelley. Henry's driving skill was so good. He easily got rid of the following car, but now it seemed that Allen's driving skill was not inferior at all.

In the dangerous dodge of the car, Kelley was so scared that she tightly held the handrail above the seat. She felt that if she relaxed a little, she might be thrown out of the door. Allen, who seemed gentle and introverted, actually had such a strong and dangerous side. Of course, at this moment, Kelley was not in the mood to study Allen's character. She just wanted Allen to get rid of Henry as soon as possible. She really didn't want to see him now.

However, even though Allen tried so hard to get rid of Henry, Henry still caught up. Because the two men's rapid pursuit, left and right, had caused several traffic accidents. Not far away, the traffic police's cars came one after another. The scene was out of control for a while, and dedicated reporters had begun to capture this breathtaking scene.

Henry's car stopped stiffly in front of Allen's car again. Allen was forced to brake hard again. When Allen stopped the car completely, the front of the car almost collided with the body of Henry's car. Kelley's face turned pale with fear, but no matter how scared she was, she didn't scream during the whole process. Now that the car had stopped, Kelley let out a sigh of relief and tried to calm herself down.

But before she could calm down, the door beside her was opened. The next second, she was pulled out of the car by Henry, and the next second, she was thrown into his own car by Henry. No wonder the man drove very fast, because his movements were very fast. When Kelley reacted, she found that she was thrown on the back seat of the car, and the car had been started. The person on the driver's seat was no longer Allen, but Henry.

Kelley got up from the seat and sat down. When she looked back, she saw the mess on the street. Cars in an accident, police cars, angry people, and occasionally saw people holding their mobile phones to take photos of the mess caused by the dangerous drag-racing just now.

After driving at a normal speed for a few minutes, Henry took out his phone and dialed a number. "John, go to solve the chaos on the South Sea Road." After giving a simple order, Henry hung up the phone quickly. Kelley was speechless. She really couldn't find the second person who could be so calm and even didn't care after breaking into a big mess.

After Kelley calmed down, she felt a lot of discomfort and dizziness. In fact, she began to feel dizzy when they started racing on the road. But at that time, she was so nervous that she couldn't care about anything else. Now that she had relaxed all over her body, she felt dizzy and uncomfortable. Her heart beat faster, and her stomach churned. She couldn't help but vomit.

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