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   Chapter 18 Kindhearted Cinderella

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After saying goodbye to Henry and Anne, Kelley walked along the road alone for a long time. She found a bus stop and took a bus back to school.

When Kelley returned to the school, it was already dark outside. She went to the canteen to have dinner listlessly. It was already past dinner time, and she only ate some cold leftovers. It was hard to tell whether it was despair or pain in her heart. Just imagine how a person with a broken heart could feel sadness and pain?

When Kelley got back to the dormitory, their roommates were all talking about how to celebrate Christmas tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Some people said they were going to see a movie, and some said that there were no good movies nowadays, all of which were a pile of trash movies. If they had the money to watch a movie, they would rather go shopping, and perhaps they could find a few discount brand clothes. Someone added, "Don't you think about it? Even if those clothes are on a discount, it will cost more than a movie ticket?

Kelley pulled out the chair in front of his desk and sat down. Then she took out her book from her bag. She didn't study today because of those things. The purpose of other people's study might pass the exam, but Kelley was different. She had to get a good result, so that she could get the scholarship and pay the tuition. She didn't want to be too tired to sleep for a few hours a day because of part-time jobs.

When Kelley was reviewing her homework carefully with a pen in her hand, one of her roommates walked over carefully. After thinking for a long time, she said, "Kellie, can I ask something for you? Well... I'm going to have a date with my boyfriend tomorrow. Can you... Can you lend me your clothes for a day? "

Putting down the pen in her hand, Kelley smiled and said, "It's a good thing to date with your boyfriend. How about this? I'll give you this dress. I wish you two a happy life." Anyway, no matter how expensive the clothes were, they were the same in her eyes. Moreover, her love was completely dead today. If a dress could fulfill a love, she was willing to sacrifice.

The roommate was overjoyed to hear what Kelley said. After all, the latest fashion design of "Female Confidant" this winter was designed by a famous designer in Paris. It would cost ten thousand dollars. For these poor students, ten thousand dollars was really a large sum of money.

However, the roommate didn't forget to thank Kelley even though she had taken advantage of Kelley. She went back to her wardrobe and found a cotton coat. She walked up to Kelley and said, "I know you don't have many clothes. Let's change. This cotton padded jacket was bought by my mother. It's very warm. Try it on."

Kelley stood up, took off the down jacket that Allen gave her, and put it in the hand of her roommate. Then she took the cotton padded jacket and put it on. She was thinking about the clothes the mother bought. It turned out to be like this. It was really warm. While Kelley was enjoying the warmth of this ordinary cotton coat, she suddenly received the eyes of the other two roommates.

With a smile, Kelley gave the expensive leather boots she had changed when she entered the dormitory to one of her roommates, and then gave the bag which was said to be very luxurious to another roommate. Anyway, those things were nothing more than a common thing in her eyes, but the friendship between her classmates was invaluable. Although she didn't have a good relationship with her roommates before because of part-time jobs. She would graduate next year. It was not a big


The two roommates who received the gifts from Kelley all gave their things to Kelley. One gave Kelley a cute backpack, and the other gave Kelley a pair of new black cotton boots. As far as Kelley was concerned, the gifts from her roommates were a hundred times warmer than the cold luxuries in the shopping mall.

In fact, as long as they were not as strict as madam, Jenifer of the Leng Family, Kelley would take them as good people. After receiving the gifts from Kelley, her roommates came to chat with her one after another. Kelley was very happy. It turned out that her roommates were all so cute.

It turned out that when the God closed a door for a person, he would open a window for her. At this moment, although Kelley had lost love, she had gained friendship.

Hearing the funny jokes of her roommates, Kelley felt a little better. After reading a book for a while in the evening, she went to bed.

The second day was the eve of Christmas. Western holiday had been popular in H Country. Kelley got up very early today, because the manager of the temporary promotion worker of the supermarket, who she often worked part-time, had told her in advance that Sophia would come to the supermarket to help her work during the holiday these two days. Of course, the salary for these days was much higher than usual.

Kelley often went to that supermarket to be a salesperson. She was diligent, pure and lovely, and she was more accessible than other salespeople. She was not afraid of trouble, difficulties, and was very patient with customers. Therefore, the supervisor in charge of the promotion appreciated her very much. As long as there was a part-time opportunity, she would let Kelley go there.

After breakfast in the canteen in the morning, Kelley walked towards the school gate with her roommates. After what happened last night, the four girls in the same dormitory were particularly united. They walked towards the gate of the school together. One of them went to see his boyfriend, two of them were going shopping, and Kelley went to do part-time jobs.

It didn't snow today, but the ground was still wet and some snow hadn't melted. After leaving the other three roommates, Kelley walked towards the supermarket she was going to. It was only a few stops. She could walked there she could save some money by bus. But after a few steps, Kelley saw a black sports car parking not far away. Beside the car stood Allen.

Kelley wanted to pretend that she didn't see him. She really didn't want to provoke anyone else. Henry had already made her exhausted. But it seemed that Allen had seen through her mind. He stopped Sophia and asked, "Kellie, where are you going? Let me drive you there. "

Now it was impossible for Kelley to pretend not to see Allen. She had to walk to Allen's side and said with a smile, "Mr. Allen, what a coincidence! Why are you here?"

Allen smiled faintly, looked at Kelley's clothes and said, "You just met with Henry yesterday, and today you gave my gift to someone else instead of calling me Allen. Do you have a crush on Henry?"

Hearing the name of "Henry", Kelley's heart ached involuntarily. How could she have the quality to mention Henry now? So Kelley smiled sadly and said, "Allen, you misunderstood me. I'm not used to the gifts you gave me, and I think I call you Mr. Allen can show my respect to you."

Allen smiled gently, "I'm just kidding. You really take it seriously. I didn't receive your call yesterday because of the meeting, so I came here to make it up today. Tell me, where do you want to go today? "

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