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   Chapter 17 Falling In Love With His Little Wife

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A few minutes later, with a mysterious smile, Henry closed the computer and said to John, "You did a good job."

John lowered his head and said, "You're flattered."

Henry took out a pile of documents from the drawer again and put them at a corner of the desk. He said to John, "I've chosen these people. I'll give you ten days. I want them to stand in front of me. You have the right to choose them. "

John took a step forward, picked up the pile of information and roughly flipped through it. Then he nodded and said, "Mr. Henry, it won't need ten days. Seven days is OK."

Henry slid the seat slightly and kicked John's leg. He said jokingly, "I know you're capable. These people will be my good assistants in the future. You have to check them carefully. I'm not afraid of the loss of money, but I have to see them loyal."

John stood straight and replied loudly, "Yes, Mr. Henry. I'll do it right away."

"Okay." Henry waved his hand and watched John leave the room. After sitting alone in the study for a while, Henry stood up, walked out of the room and closed the door. He walked to the balcony. It was dark outside. The sky always got dark early in winter. After staying on the balcony for a few minutes, Henry went downstairs and came to the kitchen.

He found some simple ingredients, cooked some food by himself, and sat alone in the empty restaurant, eating from time to time. Over the years, he had been used to being alone, and even in his heart, he could only believe himself. During his life on the lonely island, he had learned to be cold, bloodthirsty, vicious, sinister, and also accustomed to loneliness.

The lonely island was full of killing intent, and with a slight negligence, he would die. In this way, he felt very happy sitting alone in such a dining room, because no one would kill him when he was asleep. In the past twenty-two years, on the isolated island, he had received strict training for eighteen years, and then went out to start a business alone for four years. The day he sent Kelley away from the island, he told her that there was another test, which referred to the four years.

The last test was to start from scratch and become the top businessman in the world within four years. This was the goal of the "Hidden Dragon Plan" planned by the group of people on the island. To collect the children from all over the world who wanted to become the top businessmen in the world, there was no limit to the identity of these children. However, there was one thing that to join the Hidden Dragon Plan, they needed to pay a high tuition, sign the life and death certificate, and sign a secret agreement.

The ordinary families couldn't afford the high tuition fees. The life and death situation they had signed and the confidential agreement they had signed were even daunting for many people. With this first threshold, there were not many children who had been sent to the island, but also not less. After all, the position of top businessman in the world was very attractive.

Not every question in the world would be followed by an answer. For example, Henry didn't know why there was such a Hidden Dragon Plan in the world. He only knew that everything in the world was reasonable. In the following four years, one of the four people who had left the island together was pushe

d into the sea by their companions on the way. The other three people had worked hard after leaving the island and achieved a lot respectively.

Then in the end, only Henry stayed in the business world. The other two chose to go back to the isolated island and become the instructors of the next Hidden Dragon Plan.

Not long before Henry came back, the three of them had met each other once. When they met again, the three of them were well-known figures in the business world. Speaking of their childhood experience on the island, the three of them couldn't help but sigh. At first, they only felt that the life on the island was bitter, but they didn't expect that the life outside the island was not sweet. There were all kinds of schemes, killing and frames.

At this moment, Henry was eating the dinner cooked by himself. When he recalled the past, he felt like an old man, not like a young man more than one twenty years old. His memory was full of black, bloodthirsty, defensive and scheming. The only light was his little wife, the girl who was a little shy and scared but obedient that night.

She was like the dew on the branches in the morning, or like a lotus that was not stained by mud. Just when he thought he would die miserably, she appeared. She was so beautiful and innocent, so kind and fragrant. She was a glimmer of light in his dark life, and the pure angel he met when he struggled in the hell.

After dinner, Henry came to the living room lazily, sat on the soft and wide leather sofa, and read the newspaper.

He once thought that his little wife would become as greedy and vain as other women as she grew up, so he just carefully kept her pure and beauty in his memory and did not expect anything, especially she was still his cruel mother's side. Henry didn't think he was a silly boy. He could tell what was reality and illusion.

But today's test, he was surprised to find that she was still her, innocent, beautiful and fragrant. Through the test, it was not difficult for Henry to infer that she was not familiar with the man yesterday at all. Otherwise, she wouldn't have asked who he was. Besides, her body was still pure. Henry could distinguish the purity of a woman's body with his hands.

She was still the beautiful and innocent girl in his impression. Besides, she seemed to like him a little. Such a finding made Henry feel sweet involuntarily. She was jealous for Anne today, and she was very jealous. Did it mean that she was still in love with him?

When Henry thought of Kelley, he couldn't help but wonder what kind of person would maintain her own pure and beauty in such a difficult environment? He had seen too many girls who gave in to reality, sold their bodies and souls because of temporary poverty and temporary unhappiness. But Kelley, she was a pure girl. She had suffered so much, but she still maintained her own pure, beauty and kindness. Even if she died, she would die with her purity!

Although Henry was holding a newspaper in his hand, he didn't read it at all. He thought of the woman in his heart. Yes, now he was finally free. He didn't have the strict instructors. He wasn't on the island, and there was no frightening test. From the moment he returned home, he had obtained precious freedom, and such freedom finally allowed him to let his mind go.

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