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   Chapter 16 The Engagement

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After all, Anne was a famous star and had experienced a lot. Since Mr. Henry had said that, she couldn't say no. She smiled and said to Kelley, "Let's go to have dinner together. What do you like to eat?"

With a polite smile on Kelley's face, Kelley replied, "Miss Anne, you're welcome. How can I have dinner with you in my identity? I'm leaving now, in case of disturbing you." After saying that, Kelley turned around and walked away in a direction. In fact, she didn't know where to go. She just wanted to disappear as soon as possible. She didn't want to see Henry or Anne anymore. She needed to heal herself in one place.

Looking at the receding figure of Kelley ran away, Anne was somewhat confused. She had always been the only superstar who gave others a hard time, but now it was a girl's turn to give her a hard time.

This time, Henry didn't pester Kelley anymore. He walked to his car, opened the door and got in. Instead of starting the car, he tapped the steering wheel with his slender fingers and smiled. His little wife was jealous, and she was really jealous. It was so interesting. He hadn't seen such an interesting woman for a long time.

Anne sat on the passenger seat next to Henry and said timidly, "Mr. Henry." Looking at the mysterious expression on Henry face, Anne couldn't help but sigh in her heart. She had known him for more than a month. This man was arrogant, domineering and tyrannical. He could say all kinds of sweet words when he was happy, and when he was unhappy, he would lose his temper and put on a long face. But no matter how close she was to him, Anne always felt that she didn't know him well.

This was a man who looked direct but actually too deep and unpredictable. Henry suddenly appeared in H Country, she couldn't get any information about him, but she was shocked by him again and again. With superb business talent, strong financial support, and complex social relations, his huge business seemed to have crossed several countries.

Withdrawing hi

re than a minute, Henry suddenly opened his eyes, sat up straight from the seat, turned the seat under his body and said to John, "It's OK you can't find it out. At that time, I just thought it was fun, maybe it's really an unrealistic rumor... Let's get to the point. I asked you to check the information of those companies. Bring it to me. "

John took out a small disk from his suit pocket and put it on the desk in front of Henry. "Mr. Henry, all the information is in this. Please have a look."

Henry leaned his body slightly and opened a drawer. He took out a thin laptop from it. It looked ordinary, but in fact, it was not ordinary at all. He put the disk into the computer, and the computer quickly read the data on it. On the screen of the computer, there were many tables quickly flashing, which carried huge data. Not to mention that others, John, he was the most capable assistant of Henry and it was a little difficult to deal with these data.

Henry narrowed his eyes slightly and glanced at the huge data on the computer screen. Not long after, he found something wrong. Without any analysis and statistics tools, with his extraordinary self-awareness and years of training experience, he quickly found the loopholes in this pile of data. These loopholes were the attacking points that he took back those enterprises.

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