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   Chapter 15 The Superstar

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This time, Kelley finally understood who the "he" that Henry had just asked was. Did he see that she had dinner with Allen yesterday? Without letting Kelley think too much, the door beside her had been opened. With a cold face, Henry said in a cold voice, "Get off the car!"

Fine. She didn't want to take his car, either. After putting away her phone, Kelley got out of the car. As soon as she steadied herself, she looked up and saw the advertisement made by Anne on the large advertisement screen on the beautiful wall of the shopping mall. It was a bra advertisement. Anne's beautiful body was wrapped in a white bath towel, and the underwear was partly hidden and partly visible, sexy and charming.

Such a huge commercial scene, in the eyes of Kelley, made her feel like a basin of ice water pouring down her head, instantly making her extremely sober. Anne, a popular actress, was beautiful, charming and sexy. She could be called the dream lover of all men, and now she was the fiancee of Henry.

Although Kelley didn't know what Henry had done in the past four years, she could feel that he was no longer the twenty year old man who had risked his life to survive on the lonely island. He had firmly stabilized his position in the past four years. Otherwise, how could a mere Mr. Henry of the Leng family make Anne willing to be his fiancee?

Henry didn't know what was on Kelley's mind. A few steps away from her, he impatiently urged, "What are you thinking about? If you dare to call him today, I'll break your hand!"

Kelley couldn't help sneering. Did he speak to Anne in the same way? This was how he trampled on her dignity ruthlessly. He could wantonly underestimate her and threaten her. However, he could ignore her dignity, but Kelley couldn't. No matter how desperate she was, she would not abandon her dignity. This was the last pride in her life.

Thinking of this, Kelley said coldly, "I don't want to enter this shopping mall today. Sorry, excuse me." Then she turned around and left.

But Henry didn't give her the last chance to protect her dignity. He strode forward and grabbed Kelley's slender wrist. "Why are you in such a hurry to get rid of me and go to find him? You'd better give up. You should feel lucky that you have been my woman before. Otherwise, with your identity, I have plenty of ways to make you die ten million and ten thousand times in my hands. "

Hearing the words of Henry, Kelley's heart couldn't help feel sad and helpless. She couldn't help but think of the words he had said to Anne to introduce her. She was just a servant. Kelley could only feel the bitterness in her heart. The times had advanced? Advanced technology? They were all nothingness. "Everyone is equal and freedom. It is all bullshit" Kelley thought. Rich people were rich and powerful. A poor and weak woman like her could only be a "servant".

No matter how bitter she felt, Kelley held it back and replied coldly, "Mr. Henry, you remind me that I should know my identity. But if you really remember my identity, how could you be engaged to another woman? Now that you have forgotten my identity, Mr. Henry, why don't you let go of me? "

The corners of Henry's mouth lifted into a smile that others could not tell whether he was happy or angry. "You're so glib tongued. It's my fault. But you're really naive. I can be with any woman I like, not to mention you. Even the other woman I personally choose later, my wife has no right to ask."

Realizing that Kelley couldn't

explain it clearly to the man, she tried hard to get rid of his iron like fingers. Now she just wanted to do one thing, and that was to leave him. She didn't want to be one of his women. She wanted to keep the last trace of pride in her life. But this man's strength was not ordinary. No matter how Kelley tried, she could not break free from his grip.

Just as the two of them were arguing, a crisp and sweet voice came, "Mr. Henry, why are you here?"

Following the voice, Kelley saw that it was Anne. She was dressed in a soft leather coat, a brown hat, and a pair of big sunglasses hanging on the bridge of her nose to cover most of her face. It was troublesome for a star to go out, so she had to be fully armed in case of being photographed by the paparazzi. At this time, Anne just came out of the mall with several bags in her hands. The bags were extraordinary, and the goods in the bags was naturally luxury.

Henry's hand, which still tightly clamped Kelley's hands, loosened when he saw Anne. He stood straight, straightened his collar, and an evil and attractive smile appeared on his face. When Anne approached, he held Anne's body and said ambiguously, "Honey, why are you alone today? Didn't I tell you to find some friends to play with? "

The broken heart in Kelley's body broke into pieces again when she saw the care and care from Henry for Anne. It was broken into pieces and could never be restored. The treatment of fiancee and child bride was really different. The love that Kelley had been waiting for the past four years collapsed and vanished at this moment. Her heart was died. How could there be another love?

Anne was very happy for Henry's concerned. She held his arm and said, "Those friends are going to work, so I have to go shopping alone. But now you are here. How about having dinner together? I'm hungry. "

Henry raised his wrist and with the slender fingertip to remove the collar of his shirt. He looked at the time and found that it was almost five o'clock. It was time for dinner. When Henry was about to say something, his phone rang in his pocket. He took out his phone and took a few steps forward. He found a quiet place to answer the phone. "Hello, John..."

Kelley had no idea what the person on the other end of the phone had said. Henry hung up the phone and went back to where he had been. He took a look at Kelley, who was wearing an indifferent face, standing there like a sculpture, and then looked at Anne. She had a graceful figure, a small nose under the sunglasses, fair and smooth skin, and a hint of playfulness spread from the corners of her mouth. He said to Anne, "Honey, I have something to do. I can't have dinner with you. How about asking her to have dinner with you? I'll pay for it. "

As Henry spoke, he took out his wallet from the inner pocket of his coat, casually took out a gold card from the wallet and stuffed it into Anne's hand. He was always generous to women.

With the gold card in her hand, Anne looked at Kelley. If Henry didn't mention it, she really didn't notice that there was another woman here. In fact, it was not Anne's fault. It was only because Anne was so ordinary in the light of Anne that Kelley couldn't be recognized in the crowd.

Kelley was also very surprised. She really didn't know what was wrong with Henry's brain. His mind was so fast that he asked her to have dinner with Anne? Kelley couldn't figure out whether Henry thought too highly of her or underestimated the superstar, Anne?

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