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   Chapter 14 Yes Or No

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Seeing that Kelley didn't say anything, Henry didn't ask more. He had his pride and style of doing things. If he wanted a woman, it would be so easy for him. The reason why he came to see Kelley today was to warn her that her man was him. Even if he abandoned her, she could not have an affair with other men. The right of Henry was inviolable.

After shaking off the tracking car, Henry drove to an overpass. It was almost four o'clock in the afternoon. There might be a traffic jam on the road in an hour. Looking at the scenery outside the car window, Kelley asked, "Where are you taking me to?"

While driving the car casually, Henry glanced at Kelley and said, "Of course I'll find a place to change your clothes."

All the clothes and shoes that Kelley wore were bought for her by Allen, but it seemed that it was her right to wear whatever clothes she liked. Why should she listen to him? He already had a fiancee, didn't he? So Kelley firmly demanded, "Stop the car. I want to get off!"

Henry continued to drive quietly. At the end of the road, turn left and it was the most prosperous commercial area in J City. There were large shopping malls that gathered all kinds of international well-known brands.

"Didn't you hear me? I'll jump off the car if you don't stop! "Kelley said again.

Only then did Henry speak indifferently, "If you have the guts, just jump. Do you think your life is valuable?"

Kelley made up her mind that it was easier to die than to live like this. So she raised her hand to push the door and wanted to really jump out. On this wide road, there were several lanes, and many cars were running nonstop. If she jumped down, even if she did not fall to death, the wheels of other cars would crush her to death.

Henry didn't expect that Kelley would really jump down. He quickly pulled her back to the seat with his right hand and scolded in a low voice, "What a fucking madman! You want to die? "

Sitting in her seat with an indifferent look on her face, Kelley said unconsciously, "For the past more than 20 years, I have never had a day of relaxation, and every day is suffering. If I could be half happy as others, I would have the courage to live on, but I just have nothing! I'm tired. I'm really tired. Maybe I can have a rest after I die... "

A few simple words might not be enough to express the despair, but Kelley did not want to say more, because there was no point in saying more. No one would understand her, let alone the noble Mr. Henry.

Henry didn't say anything. He took out a cigarette from the storage drawer of the car, put it at the corner of his mouth, and casually lit it. He took a deep breath and exhaled the smoke. Kelley was not used to the smell of smoke, so she couldn't help coughing. At this moment, Henry said, "You are not even afraid of death. What else are you afraid of?"

Kelley was stunned. Yes, if a person was not afraid of death, what else could he be afraid of? Was it because she wanted to escape something, or because she was not brave enough?

The two of them kept silent for more than 10 minutes before the car stopped at the gate of a magnificent shopping mall. It was said that this shopping mall was designed by a world famous designer. The whole building was simple, elegant and luxurious

, which was similar to the luxury goods displayed in it from all over the world. It seemed to be low-key, but in fact, it was the most luxurious because even an unremarkable product and the price was not lower than that of millions.

But why did Henry bring her here? Kelley looked at Henry curiously.

"You can only wear the clothes I bought for you from now on. Get off the car." Henry explained his intention.

"Why! I have nothing to do with you. It's none of your business what I wear! " Kelley shouted back.

The man's eyes narrowed slightly and became deep. He stretched out his long arm and easily held Kelley in his arms, while the other hand drilled into her clothes domineeringly. It was winter now, and his fingertips were slightly cold. He accurately touched her soft chest, causing her to tremble slightly. He said in a cold and magnetic low voice, "You really have nothing to do with me? Have you forgotten the night on the island four years ago? Wow You have become more and more charming in the past few years... "

Kelley tried her best to push Henry away. Kelley couldn't help but think of his fiancee, Anne. Perhaps he had another woman besides Anne. How could such an unruly young man be faithful? Thinking of this, Kelley couldn't help but feel disgusted and push him harder.

Obviously, Henry's interest was aroused by Kelley's body. He threw Kelley into the seat of the car with great strength. The space of the car was not big, but the man's body was not small either. Kelley felt uncomfortable being tightly pressed by him. She could not help shouting, "Let go of me, Henry! You bastard! "

Henry stopped tearing the clothes of the woman. He whispered in Kelley's ear, "Tell me, did he touch you?"

"Let go of me!" Being pressed so hard that Kelley was not in the mood to listen to him.

However, Henry didn't plan to let it go. His domineering fingers had already slid down from the coccyx of Kelley's back, and came down the ditch to the softness of her woman. He flipped her, and at the same time, he continued to ask, "Tell me, did he ever touch you?"

"What... What did you mean?" Being flirted by the man on her body, Kelley knew that she couldn't escape, so she had to think about his question.

Startled, Kelley answered in a hurry, "No, no. He didn't touch me!"

Hearing that, Henry's face darkened. It seemed that he had just been tricked by a stupid woman! All his questions were in vain. Realizing her stupidity, Kelley shut up in a hurry. At this moment, her phone rang. The caller ID showed a name: "Allen". When Kelley was about to answer the phone, the phone was snatched away by Henry.

"Hey, she is my woman. Please stay away from her in the future, or you will bear all the consequences!" After announcing his sovereignty in a domineering manner, Henry hung up the phone and threw it back to Kelley. Holding such a shabby phone, he felt that his hand was dirty.

Taking over the phone and seeing that the phone had been hung up, Kelley was very angry. Allen was her friend. Mr. Henry could be angry with her. Why did he threaten her friend like this?

"What? Do you feel sorry for him? He'd better not touch you, or I have many ways to make him die miserably! " As Henry spoke, he opened the door and got out of the car.

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