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   Chapter 13 Madam's Hatred

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With a pale face, Kelley walked out of the room. All of a sudden, she thought of Allen. Now the only person who could save her life was probably Allen! Thinking of this, Kelley immediately took out her phone and dialed Allen's number. The phone rang for a long time but nobody answered it. But Kelley didn't give up and continued to call Allen.

This time, the phone was connected but it was a secretary answered it. "Excuse me, who are you? Mr. Allen is in a meeting now. It's not convenient for him to answer the phone. May I ask him to call you back when the meeting is over? "

Kelley was very anxious, but she had no right to stop Allen from working, so she had to say to the secretary, "Well, I'll wait for his call."

Kelley ran out of the teaching building absentmindedly and couldn't get in touch with Allen. What should she do? Could she only be brought back to Leng Family by madam and imprisoned for her lifetime? In such an era, why did she have to suffer the tragedy of child bride? Yesterday, she claimed confidently that if madam dared to do anything, she would sue her in the court. But in today's society, money was power, and her living expenses were earned by part-time jobs. Then how could sue madam?

As Kelley walked, she quickly thought about what to do next. She bumped into a person by accident, and her nose hurt. Kelley raised her head and saw the domineering and handsome face of Henry. "How could it be him? Why is he here?"

Kelley forgot to rub her aching nose and took a step back in surprise. Looking at the aloof and cold expression on Henry face, it took her a long time to come to her senses. "Mr. Henry." After greeting him that, Kelley didn't know what to say. Four years had passed, and this man had already had a root in her heart. As long as it was related to him, Kelley couldn't calm down.

Henry raised his hand and straightened his suit. The platinum buttons at the cuffs were very eye-catching. He patted his collar slightly, as if he was disdaining that his clothes had just been stained by Kelley. He looked at Kelley up and down with his black bright eyes and said indifferently, "You'd better remember your identity."

Identity? Kelley couldn't help laughing. What else identity could she have? She couldn't have any other identity in his eyes except the identity of the child bride that she hated so much. Since Henry had already appeared, Kelley knew that she couldn't escape. She sneered and said in an absolutely cold tone, "Mr. Henry, since I can't get rid of that identity, I have to accept my fate. Tell me, what kind of punishment is this time?"

Henry frowned slightly. What did she mean by saying that, and her expression was that she had prepared to die at any time. Was it so painful to be his child bride? He thought about it for a long time today and decided to see her. Why did the situation become like this after a few words? He wanted to punish her. Since she had become his woman, she shouldn't have been so close to other men. But he didn't intend to kill her.

After all, although Henry was a little confused, he still said to Kelley indifferently, "Let's go. This is really not a place to talk."

Following Henry obediently, Kelley walked towards the school gate. Along the way, there were many girls looking at them in amazement. Of course, the target of their eyes was not her, but Henry. Henry was even more handsome than the man cover of the magazine, coupled with his top brand handmade extraordinarily well tailored and exquisite suit. His n

oble and luxurious temperament made those girls dizzy.

In the temporary parking lot outside the school, the Spyker Car of Henry was very eye-catching. It was probably the only Spyker Car in J City now. A connoisseur might be shocked to see such a car, and if he looked at it, he would think that other cars couldn't compare with the car.

Now, Kelley was not in the mood to study the car. She was like a prisoner waiting for the coming torture, and her heart was dead. Henry asked her to get in the car, then she opened the door and got in obediently. The car started. Kelley didn't ask where he was taking her. Anyway, it was not a good place.

More than 10 minutes later, Henry turned his head and glanced at Kelley who was sitting on the passenger seat. He asked, "Who did you offend? Why did they follow you? "

Confused, Kelley turned around and saw nothing. There were so many cars on the road. How could she know which one was following her? Besides, she didn't offend anyone except... Madam! All of a sudden, Kelley realized something. She looked at the cars behind her in surprise, and then turned around to look at Henry. Didn't Mr. Henry come to kidnap her back to the Leng Family? Yes, there was an obvious discord between Mr. Henry and madam yesterday. How could he listen to madam?

Thinking of this, Kelley said to Henry in a hurry, "Hurry up. Get rid of them. Madam sent them to take me back! Hurry up! I'm going to be caught up by them! "

Hearing that, Henry's face twitched unconsciously. She hated the Leng Family so much and didn't want to be his little wife? Although Henry was displeased, he still stepped on the accelerator. The speed immediately increased a lot. He rushed left and right, surpassing other cars in a dangerous way. At last, he made a sharp turn at an intersection. Only in this way could he shake off the following cars.

Leaning against the back of the seat nervously, Kelley looked at the scene on the road behind the car and couldn't help asking, "How? Have you shaken them off? Did they follow us? "

With a helpless expression on Henry's face, he had never seen such a stupid woman. "What do you have eyes for? Can't you see it?"

"There are so many cars on the road. How do I know which one is following me?" Kelley said.

Henry slowed down the car, glanced at the rearview mirror of the car, and said lightly, "Don't worry. I'm a good driver. It's not a problem to get rid of them."

"Well..." Hearing that, Kelley breathed a sigh of relief and sat up straight. After a while of lingering fear, she said, "I'm finally safe. I was really scared to death just now."

"Are you so afraid of her?" Henry asked casually.

Kelley nodded and said, "Yes, madam has a grudge against me. She is kind to everyone except me. She wants to kill me."

"So you want to leave the Leng Family because you don't want to see her, not because you hate me?" Henry didn't know why he asked such a question. When did he care so much about what others thought of him? He had always been decisive in his actions. He would attack when he wanted something and never ask for any reason or consequences.

Taking a look at Henry, Kelley felt a pang of sadness in her heart. What else could she say to him now? She had been waiting for him for four years. But she finally waited for the news of his engagement with another woman. She didn't know how to say. At this moment, she finally understood the feeling that in the history story, Jenny Wang had waited for husband for eighteen years.

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