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   Chapter 12 Female Confidant

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In a hurry, Kelley walked over and called, "Allen."

Allen turned to look at Kelley and smiled. He pointed at a leather suitcase beside him and said, "There are still some things in your schoolbag. You can carry them up. I have a meeting at nine o'clock. I have to go now."

Kelley curiously looked at the suitcase that Allen was pointing at. The rose red suitcase was very chic for women. She remembered that what she lost yesterday was only a schoolbag with a few books and some small items. Why was it such a suitcase when he took it back?

When Kelley was about to ask him why, Allen said, "I have something else to do. I'm leaving now. Remember to call me if you have any trouble." After saying that, Allen turned around and walked towards the gate of the school. When he took a few steps forward, he turned around and smiled at Kelley. The smile was warm, and Kelley also grinned back.

Seeing Allen walking away gradually and disappearing after turning a corner, Kelley went upstairs with the suitcase. When she returned to the dormitory, the two roommates who were sleeping in had already got up reluctantly and were washing their faces and brushing their teeth.

Out of curiosity, Kelley opened the beautiful rose red leather suitcase. When she opened the top of the suitcase, she saw a simple and generous female handbag, a bright and beautiful down jacket, a pair of cute cotton boots with fur in the corner, and the old schoolbag was just pressed at the bottom.

Kelley didn't know how to respond to such a gift. Staring blankly at the things in the suitcase, her mind went blank. What was going on? At this moment, two roommates who had washed up came over. One of them recognized the goods and exclaimed, "Did I see it wrong? Are you sure it's the latest style of 'Female Confidant'? "

Another roommate heard the scream and hurried over. She picked up the down jacket and compared it to herself. Then she pulled the trademark and looked at it. "Oh my God! It's really 'Female Confidant'! Luxury is a luxury. It's not eye-catching, but it looks elegant when you wear it Kellie, can I try it on? "

With a smile on her face, Kelley replied, "Ok." Kelley was usually very busy and rarely knew about any clothing brand, and the relationship between her and her roommates were also very ordinary. She didn't expect that they would look at her so admiringly and enviously today because of the clothes. In fact, it was not a big deal for Allen to buy clothes. What Kelley was thinking now was why Allen gave these things to her?

One of the two roommates tried on the latest winter down jacket of "Female Confidant", which was very thin but very warm and sexy. With a handbag on her hand, she appreciated herself in front of the narrow dressing mirror in the dormitory, and the other tried on the beautiful and lovely leather cotton boots with fur.

However, Kelley sat on the chair in front of her desk. She was in a daze. Was this concern too sudden? At this time, her mobile phone flashed, and a message entered the mailbox. Kelley opened it and saw it was from Allen: I saw that you were wearing thin clothes yesterday, and your shoes were wet. I was afraid that you would be sick, so I sent these things. If you don't like them, you don't take me as a friend. If you like them, you can wear them. I will pick you up at your school this afternoon.

After reading the message, Kelley didn't know whether she should laugh or cry. Thinking of the dinner last night and the clothes and shoes sent by Allen, she didn't think it was a big deal. At the worst, she could do more to repay him after graduation. Since they were friends, she shouldn't think so much.

At this time, a roommate came over and asked, "Kelley,

I only know that you like to do part-time jobs outside, but I didn't expect that you could earn so much money by doing part-time jobs. This coat costs at least more than 10000 dollars."

"Yes, yes. This pair of shoes costs at least thousands. What part-time jobs do you usually do? Why don't you introduce us to do it? " Another roommate came over.

Kelley shook her head and said, "No, these are from a friend. I don't earn so much money to do part-time jobs. It's just enough for paying my tuition. "

"Wow! Then your friend must be very rich, male or female? Is he handsome? " The girls became gossipy as soon as they talked about the rich.

Kelley didn't want to tell them more. If it weren't for the designer clothes and shoes, they wouldn't have talked to Kelley. Having lived for more than 20 years, Kelley had already been used to the coldness and warmth in the world. Looking at the time on her mobile phone, she said, "Ah, the class is about to begin. The teacher will draw the test range today. We'll be late."

"Right! How can we forget it? " The two roommates woke up one after another. They quickly changed their clothes, took off their shoes, packed up their books and ran towards the teaching building.

After all her roommates left, Kelley carefully put on her down jacket, kicked off her slippers and put on the cotton boots. At last, she took out the book from the old schoolbag and put it into the exquisite and generous bag. She walked out of the dormitory, closed the door and walked towards the classroom.

After dressing up a little, on the way to the teaching building, boys looked back at Kelley frequently and she even heard a boy whispering, "Why haven't I seen such a beautiful girl before? Is she really from our school? "

Girls liked to be beautiful, so Kelley was very happy this day. When people were happy, time passed very quickly. After having two classes in the morning, Kelley went to a study room to prepare for the exam. Unlike other students, they had a lot of time to review and study, but she had to go out to do part-time jobs. So when she got the chance to read, she would be very concentrated on reading and studying.

As a result of concentrating on her study, she didn't have lunch. Until three o'clock in the afternoon, she received a call from Sandra. "Kellie, something's wrong. Madam sent someone to look for you. It's really bad now. Where are you now? How about you run away? If you don't have enough money, I will give you some. "

Sandra had always been the peacemaker. Every time when Kelley was punished by madam, she would come to persuade Kelley to obey madam, not to talk back to madam but listen to madam. This time, she couldn't even stand madam and wanted Kelley to escape. It seemed that madam was really angry this time and wanted to punish Kelley to death!

At the thought of this, Kelley was a little scared, but she calmed down and said to Sandra, "Sandra, I know. I will be fine. Don't worry. Thank you. Thank you for telling me. "

"Kellie, I had watched you grow up. You are such a good girl, Why did madam... Well, forget it. Run as fast as you can. Don't let madam catch you. " Sandra knew that she could do nothing to help, so she sighed and hung up the phone.

Kelley wanted to run away too. She had dreamed of leaving the Leng Family, but the scene that she had been tortured by madam had been replayed in her mind over and over again. She was so scared that her hands, which were holding the books on the desk of her study, were trembling slightly. Where could she go?

She had no friends since she was a child, and her closest person was always secretly taking care of her, Sandra. Now even Sandra couldn't help her. What should she do?

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