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   Chapter 112 Take A Ride With Ollie

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"I'll pay four times of the price. Give it to me!"

"Anne, I offer five times of the price... Five times..."

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry. I've given this car to others." The corners of Anne's mouth twitched slightly, and there was a flash of regret in her eyes. If she had known that this bicycle was so popular, she would have ordered a few more.

But now, she had a chance to earn money, and she couldn't seize it.

"Then who is the owner? Let's go and buy it from him." The boys said with disappointment.

However, in order to get a bike, they still desperately asked.

"Well, I gave it to Brice!" Anne was slightly surprised, although she felt a little funny about their curiosity and rashness.

However, when she said it was Brice, almost everyone was dejected. For a moment, the lively scene suddenly went silent.

At this moment, maybe seeing that Anne was besieged, Brice walked slowly towards them...

However, before he arrived, his voice had already reached everyone's ears.

"What are you doing?" A hint of possessive aura spread into everyone's eyes. They all knew that the person behind them at this time was no other than Brice, the most popular man in their school, the head of the top four school hunk of the Royal Magic School!

And in everyone's eyes, they all knew that Brice had feelings for Anne, and the latter had already become his woman.

Of course, the purple glazed bracelet on Anne's wrist was enough to represent Brice's possessiveness.

They had surrounded Anne all the time. They really hoped that Brice would not misunderstand them. Otherwise, they would all be in trouble.

Brice came to Anne's side almost out of habit and looked at her gently.

"No... Nothing... They are just curious about this bicycle, but unfortunately, I just bring one here, otherwise..." A tinge of regret gradually appeared in Anne's eyes. She seemed to see that the money she was about to get was in vain again.

"Ha-ha, this bicycle is our exclusive product. You can't sell it to them." Brice smiled and pinched the tip of Anne's nose.

"Of course!" Anne nodded slightly. She just felt a little regretful. If she didn't give it to Hurst, she would have sold the bicycle for a lot of money!

At this time, seeing Brice, almost all the boys felt that they couldn't compare with Brice, so they had to leave readily.

"Ha-ha, what are you doing here?" With a gentle smile on his face, Brice turned to look at Anne. His eyes fell on a white animal in the basket in front of her.

What's this?

A hint of surprise appeared in his handsome eyes, and he looked at


Brice was an aloof man. How could he possibly fall in love with a girl of average appearance and figure? Anne was about the same age as them, and there was nothing special about Anne at all.

"Ha-ha, if you don't believe me, you can go ask Brice." Anne couldn't help but roll her eyes at the two. It seemed that it was really a pathetic thing to be in a relationship with Brice.

"We don't care whether you are pestering Brice or he is pestering you. Anyway, we warn you to stay away from Brice from now on. Don't get close to him."

A hint of coldness flashed through Emely's eyes. She looked at Anne coldly and warned her. At the same time, a hint of loss and despair appeared in her heart when she heard what Anne said.

Although she didn't want to believe that it was Brice who was pestering Anne, she could tell from the situation today that what Anne said was true. But Emely still felt that if Anne could leave Brice, Brice's attention would be transferred to them.

"I'm sorry." Anne pursed her lips. Stay away from him?

They were in the same classroom, and their seats were just next to each other. So she couldn't go to the classroom because of their warning?

"You mean you won't stay away from Brice?" Hearing that, Lily was slightly surprised and looked at Anne in shock. Was this woman more terrible than they had imagined and difficult to deal with?

"No, of course I don't mean that. But first of all, I'm in the same classroom with Hurst, and sometimes he sit next to me. I can't stay away from Brice! Besides, unless..."

Something suddenly came to Anne's mind. There was a slight hesitation in her eyes. Then she raised her head and looked at the two women who seemed to be waiting for her answer.

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