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   Chapter 110 It's Hard To Say Who Will Win

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With a faint smile at the corners of his mouth, Brice's handsome figure reached out his hand slightly and received the high ball thrown by Anne. With a slight force of his finger, the ball flew in the direction of Anne...

Anne jumped up to catch the ball. Soon, she hit back again...

Brice, of course, didn't want to be outdone. He caught the ball and played it. Soon, the two of them played dozens of rounds in a row, but it was still hard to tell who would be the winner. It could be said that the skills of the two were very good!

Gradually, Anne felt that her physical strength was consumed too much, but compared with Anne, Brice felt relaxed, as if these dozens of rounds was just a warm-up exercise.

Gradually, Anne felt a little tired and slowed down her action. Soon, she lost because she didn't catch the ball.

Anne threw the racket on the ground. "I lost!" Then she sat down on the stairs. 'Wow! I have no chance to win Brice in badminton!'

Instead of winning the competition, I was exhausted,' Anne thought.

"Ha-ha, the more you gamble, the more you lose. Should you come to realize my reward?" Brice smiled gently and walked slowly towards Anne...

He sat down beside her casually.

"It's just a kiss. I'm not in a hurry. Besides, your cousins are watching us. You don't feel ashamed, but I do. " Anne pouted and looked at the two people not far away.

At this moment, the two curious people standing not far away saw that Anne and Brice finally stopped and immediately walked up excitedly.

"Brice, can you teach us how to play this? It looks interesting!" After all, Lily was still a child. Besides, it was the first time that they had seen such a thing, so they were naturally very curious about it.

"Okay!" The corners of Brice's mouth twitched slightly. He looked at Lily and Emely with a smile and said softly.

Hearing that, Anne pursed her lips. It seemed that she had nothing to do now. Brice should take care of his own cousins, so it had nothing to do with her.

Thinking that she might get in the way of others, she fumbled in her pocket and took out a pair of models of ice skates.

After putting the ice skates on the ground, she chanted a spell in her mind, and the ice skates began to grow bigger and bigger!

Anne then put on her ice skates.

"Well, I'm leaving. You can play with your cousins!" After putting on her ice skates, Anne stood up and slid out of here after saying that...

Soon, the small figure disappeared in front of Brice.

Hearing that, Brice was a little stunned. He looked at the place where Anne disappeared with a strong smile flashing in his eyes.

mth. A warm and happy feeling spread in the bottom of her heart.

"I know you well. Besides, this place doesn't belong to you alone." Brice smiled and reached out his hand to rub the tip of her nose.

"You are right! But I'm still curious." Anne still looked at Brice curiously, her eyes sparkling with curiosity.

"Ha-ha, don't be curious. Let's go for a ride." Brice smiled and held up her.

"Okay!" Instead of refusing, Anne smiled more brightly.

Holding her in his arms, Brice walked slowly towards the bike parked beside...

Staring at the bike, Anne felt it was familiar but felt that something was wrong. It looked like the bike she had given to Brice, but something was different.

Two people could ride on the old bicycle together, but now only one person could ride on the new bike in front of them.

"What do you think? Did I do a good job?" Brice said with a smile, noticing the hesitation and confusion in her eyes.

In fact, he deliberately changed it into this way. If he rode in the school, it was a little inconvenient for him to have two seats. So he searched the favorite TV series that Anne liked, and found that there was a new type of bike. That was why he transformed the bike and made it looked like the one in the TV series.

And the heroine of that TV serious seemed to be sitting in the front place of the bike. Brice then thought that it would be great if Annie could sit in the front.

So he changed the bike into this.

"Yes, it's very good. Have you seen the video in my TV series on my iPad?" Something suddenly came to her mind. She didn't expect him to be so smart sometimes.

"Ha-ha! Of course! Let's go! I'll take you for a ride." Brice said with a gentle smile. A cunning glint flashed in his eyes.

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