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   Chapter 108 It's Very Happy To Be My Woman

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"Hey, Brice. Do you know what you are talking about? I will be your wife in the future? Are you kidding me?"

A hint of confusion appeared in Anne's beautiful eyes. How could this guy be so ridiculous? Was he out of his mind? Besides, she was still young, so she hadn't thought about marriage yet.

What future wife he was talking about? Besides, she didn't want to get married so early. And her husband would be...

"What if I'm telling the truth?" Brice's eyes flashed a trace of seriousness, and some of his deep and handsome eyes were softer, as if he was determined to do something. He looked at the somewhat puzzled beautiful eyes of Anne.

Anne was completely shocked by Brice's words. What did he just say?

Why did he joke about his marriage?

So after being stunned for a long time, Anne slowly blinked her beautiful eyes.

"Brice, no matter what you said is true or not, it's inappropriate for you to joke about it. I'm sorry. I don't have time to play this game with you!" Anne said impatiently with her red lips.

"What? You don't believe me?" Brice's thin lips curled up slightly, but there was still no anger on his handsome face. Instead, he raised his eyebrows and looked at the woman who was about to leave.

"Of course... Well, I'm going to look for my brother. I... I'm leaving!" Looking at the handsome face that was approaching again, even her voice was a little stuttered.

"I'm sorry. If there is no answer today, I won't let you go." Brice's eyes flashed a trace of firmness. He held her hand and pulled her into his arms.

"Let go of me. Your cousins are still watching us outside." Anne was slightly shocked. She did not expect that he would be so bold to do such a romantic thing in front of his cousins.

In fact, Anne had a good popularity in the school, and there was no doubt about it. But Brice's cousins, who were new in the school, seemed to like Brice very much.

"Are you afraid of them?" Asked Brice with a smile. He was a little surprised, and his thin lips curled into a smile.

"Afraid? No, I'm not afraid of them." It seemed that Brice had mentioned the most important thing. As a person with strong self-esteem, Anne would not admit that she was afraid.

"Ha-ha, that's enough. Don't worry! No one dares to hurt you when you are in a relationship with me." With a faint smile on his face, Brice raised his hand, which was originally around her waist, and played with her soft hair.

Her hair was wrapped around Brice's slender fingers. The soft touch made Brice reluctant to let her go.

"Actually, it's not the main reason. I don't think we are right for each other." Anne curled her lips. In fact, as long as his two cousins didn't mess with

ce say that he would take responsibility, her beautiful eyes lit up again.

"Of course, from now on, my money will be yours. Are you satisfied now?" Brice stood up and walked slowly to her side.

"Do you have a lot of money?" Because of Brice's height, Anne had to look up at him and asked hesitantly.

"Of course!" Brice said casually.

"Is your family very rich? Are you from a rich family?" There was confusion in her beautiful eyes again. Indeed, Brice was a cold and domineering man in the school. Sometimes, the girls were obsessed with him, as if all the students at the Night Department were respectful to him.

"My family is indeed very rich!" Brice smiled gently. It seemed that this girl didn't know his identity yet!

"Oh! All right! Let's try dating first! Let me make it clear first. We'll try to date first, but we are not in a serious relationship now." In fact, Anne was attracted by the money of Brice's family.

"Okay!" Brice still compromised. In fact, he didn't care whether they were just trying to date or what.

In other people's eyes, Anne had already been his woman.

But she was still in a daze and didn't know what had happened.

"Well, I'm going out to look for my brother." With a smile at the corners of her mouth, Anne turned around and slowly walked out of the cafe...

As soon as she walked out of the coffee shop, she saw two beautiful women standing at the door!

Although Brice had been in there for a long time, the two beauties still didn't want to leave. It seemed that they wanted to wait for Brice here.

Anne believed that since they had magic, they must have seen clearly what Brice had just done to her!

However, Anne wondered whether she should greet these two people, or just pretended not to notice them and ignore them deliberately.

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