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   Chapter 103 They Will Definitely Go Back

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In fact, Brice didn't expect that Lily would suddenly come here today. Besides, how did Lily know that he was dating with Anne? Did Emely have a spy around him in the school?

But Emely had never been to the school.

The more Brice thought about it, the more he felt something was wrong.

He frowned more and more tightly.

And Anne's mind was also on the purple glazed bracelet in her hand. She liked it very much. It was true.

However, if the purple glazed bracelet had other meanings, should she give it back to Brice?

At the same time, Anne was also thinking about something.

For a moment, in the following class, the two of them were thinking about their own things. In the evening, after school, Hurst had finished the work of Flame Union during the noon break.

Looking at the unhappy Annie and Hurst who seemed to be avoiding him, a hint of pity flashed through Hurst's eyes.

After school, Hurst and Anne went back to the dormitory. After dinner, Anne went upstairs directly without saying anything. Then she locked herself in the room alone, looking a little unhappy.

Hurst didn't know why she was unhappy. He only knew that after Lily left, she felt a little depressed.

Lying on the big bed, Anne raised her head lazily and looked at the pink ceiling above her head.

In her mind, she thought of the scene that Brice was protecting her, and the little girl pointing at her angrily. A trace of grievance rose from the bottom of her heart.

The white wolf, that was hiding under the bed, was about to come out. It seemed that the master was in a bad mood.

"Knock, knock, knock!" At this moment, there was a knock on the quiet door, and the voice of Hurst appeared at the door.

"Come in!" Anne just slightly rubbed her beautiful eyes, still quietly looking at the ceiling. Without thinking, she knew who was standing at the door.

"Annie, what's wrong? You seem to be in a bad mood today. What's wrong?" With a glass of milk in his hand, Hurst walked in from outside and came to Anne's side.

"Did I?" Anne was a little stunned. Was her expression so obvious?

Even Hurst could see that. She thought about it carefully and agreed that she had been thinking about something since she came back. Then she locked herself in the room after she went home.

No wonder Hurst was worried about her...

"Didn't you? What's up? Is it because of Brice?" Stunned for a moment, Hurst said hesitantly. In fact, although he didn't like Brice very much, Brice really help him a lot during this period of time.

Of course, one of the reasons was that Brice also took good care of Annie, which allowed him to be fully responsible for the work of Flame Union.

"Hurst, what are you tal

itifully, as if it had just been bullied.

"I'm sorry, Ollie. But I promise you that I'll take you for a ride when I come back tonight. What do you think?" Ollie had a depressing expression on its face, as if he had been cheated by Anne. She immediately looked at the wolf and said flatteringly.

The wolf lay on the big bed, then stretched itself slightly and curled up again. It closed his eyes and ignored Anne.

Knowing that Ollie had agreed to her request, she smiled softly and walked out slowly...

When Anne and Hurst walked into the classroom, they heard the students talking about two new students, who were from the Day Department.

For a moment, there was a trace of curiosity in everyone's eyes, and they were eager to know whether the two students were beautiful girls or handsome guys!

When Brice, Ennis, Frey and Dent appeared at the door, they immediately attracted the screams of the girls...

The scream immediately resounded through the whole classroom!

Brice, Ennis and the others slowly walked into the classroom. Brice then naturally looked at Anne first...

At the same time, Anne also raised her head and looked in the direction of Brice. When she looked into Brice's handsome eyes, she quickly looked away as if she got electric shock. She didn't dare to look in the direction of Brice, and her face quickly flushed.

Brice had prepared the explanation for the whole night. When he saw the red face of Anne, his depressed mood seemed to be eased. It seemed that the little girl did not take that matter seriously!

With a smile at the corners of his mouth, he walked slowly in the direction of Anne...

He greeted Anne with a smile, "Good morning, beauty!" The corners of his mouth lifted into a smile. His gentle eyes lazily fell on the beautiful eyes of Anne.

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