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   Chapter 46 Brice Become Invisible

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"But there is nothing here. The holiday will only be taken once in more than half a month, and there is no fun in the holiday. I really doubt that if I stay here for three years, will I be bored to death?" Anne really missed the life in the human world, where she could enjoy this kind of delicious food carefree, and perhaps she could stay in the gourmet pile and enjoy all kinds of delicious food now!

Of course, these were gifts from girls to her brother.

She had so many gifts every day.

"Really? Then what is the sports meeting you just mentioned? Isn't it fun?" Frey said with a touch of inquiry in his eyes.

"Of course it's fun! The sports meeting is really popular in school. It can not only help you exercise, but also promote the friendship between students. What's more, basketball games and football can promote the unity of students."

"Basketball and football?" Frey's handsome eyes twinkled, and he seem to be interested in what she said.

"Yes, basketball and football are the most popular games in our human world. If you want to play alone or with several people, it's a great recreation, especially for boys!" Finishing her words, Anne gave Frey a mysterious smile.

"Really? I really want to play!" Frey asked curiously.

"Well... Maybe we can only play in our human world! I don't think it's a good idea to play these games in this school." Anne paused for a second and said. First, there is no light here. It's basically daytime, but the sky was gloomy and seen to be cloud over.

Secondly, although the Royal Magic School is very large, it didn't have a playground or a gym.

Besides, she remembered that from the beginning of the school, there was no PE class except magic. So when she came here, she felt that her muscles and bones were about to fall apart.

In human school, there were always two to three PE classes every two days or one day in a week.

Back then, when she stood on the playground of the campus and watched those boys and girls running, she was wondering when such a boring class would end.

Of course, although she didn't have a great academic performance in school... She was a good material for sports. Now a girl like her with poor performance in study but great gift in sports came here, having no scope for her own strength. She felt that there was no vehicle for her own advantage.

In the future, if possible, she wanted to advise the headmaster to build a gym in the school. Even if it was not a gym, the playground would be fine. At least, she was free and didn't have much to do, except for eating, sleeping, and then staring blankly at the gray sky.

"What? Do you look down upon the school on the continent of the Miracle Rea

ugh her basketball skills was a little inferior to others because of her height, if she could see her brother's handsome figure when he played basketball in the Royal Magic School of the Miracle Realm, her efforts would not be in vain.

Both her brother and she were good at playing basketball, and her brother was really good at it. She liked playing football, or volleyball, etc. If there was a playground in the school, and the playground could be divided into basketball court, volleyball court, and even football field, it should be a good thing.

Then her brother and she wouldn't get bored.

"It's not up to me." After hearing that, Brice thought for a while. Although he had the highest status here, the headmaster was here. Everything had to be decided by the headmaster.

"Well. Then who should I ask? Ask the teacher?" Anne paused for a moment. That was right. Brice was just an ordinary student in the Royal Magic School. Although he was one of the four most handsome students in the school, he was still an ordinary student after removing the glorious surface.

Just like Hurst, he was the school hunk from primary school to middle school and even to high school in the human world.

So there were girls chasing after him all day long.

And her best friend, Belle, was also Hurst's biggest fan.

Belle always urged Anne to take Hurst's naked photos and share with her. Of course, Anne dare not to do so. Once Hurst found out, he would definitely skin her alive.

When she was a child, she didn't have any allowance. She just took a photo of Hurst and sold it online. Wow, a photo could be hyped up to hundreds of dollars. If she took a picture of the sleeping position or a handsome expression of Hurst, the price could sometimes be hyped up to thousands of dollars per photo.

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