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   Chapter 41 I Hope I Can Return To The Human World

Magical Girl: Spell On Prince Vampire By Lan Zixin Characters: 8875

Updated: 2020-07-16 00:03

A faint smile appeared at the corners of Anne's mouth. No wonder that Brice had been here all the time and had never gone out. It was really difficult for him.

She had been here for half a month and couldn't bear the loneliness. She couldn't help but miss the human world.

She missed her computers...

Her games... And she missed those handsome men on the internet.

The handsome men in her computer, as well as some young stars in Korea. She wondered if there were some new idols making a debut lately.

If she had the chance to go back, she must bring her mobile phone. Although there was no power here, she would buy a few more electric battery after she went back. Moreover, there was no internet here, so she would download a few more movies in her mobile phone. By the way, she had to prepare some USB drives. No, for convenience, the mobile hard disks were more practical!

If it was a hard disk, it would be able to hold dozens of TV series. In addition, there were also a few mobile power bank, which might be very useful.

All in all, if she could go back, she would definitely prepare these.

However, in fact, as long as her magic skills improved a little, or she learned to travel through the human world and the Miracle Realm as she liked, she could go home at any time and anywhere.

Of course, she had to go back and see her rose by the way. She didn't know how it looked now.

Did it open more brightly?

"Really? Don't worry. Since you said the human world is so good, I will go to the human world to see what it looks like some other day."

"Really?" Hearing that, a flash of lightning flashed through her mind.

Right! Brice was as good at magic as his brother! Maybe she could use Brice to bring her back to the human world.

In this way, she could go back to take her cell phone and iPad.

Although it would take a few days to get those power bank and mobile hard disks if they were bought online, and it seemed to take some time to charge them.

What's more, her parents should be still traveling outside at this time. By the way, she really admired her parents. They left their two teenagers at home so easily. In the end, she was like a burden to her brother, so she had no choice but to follow her brother to study magic in the Royal Magic School of the Miracle Realm.

So there was no one at home.

What should she do since no one would take care of those things even if she brought them online?

Suddenly, a person came to her mind, and it was Belle Cai. Ha-ha, Belle Cai had been her best friend since childhood. If Anne asked Belle Cai for help, she could be relieved.

"Okay!" Seeing the e

ne door didn't close because the two didn't enter.

"Of course we have to go inside. It took us a long time to come here." Finally, she came to her senses from the sadness. Since she couldn't return to the human world, there was something interesting here, so she had to go in and have a look.

It took them a long time to finally come here. Although she was a little depressed just now, she was Anne!

She was more curious about everything around her. Nothing could stop her curiosity, it was part of her nature.

"Let's go inside!" Although Brice couldn't handle this little girl's sudden change in personality, he still smiled with relief. Then he held the waist of Anne and slowly walked inside...

As the two entered, the originally opened door was slowly closed.

Looking at the closed door behind her almost subconsciously, she wondered if something dangerous would happen here.

Or what kind of adventure would it be?

When she was lost in her thoughts, the light suddenly turned on in the dark place.

Those bright candles instantly lit up the whole place. No, to be exact, there seemed to be something hanging in the night sky, like the moon, but a little like the sun. It hung in midair and then lit up the whole place.

There was a vast sea of flowers, accompanied by rockeries, and even the sound of waterfalls, and the melodies of soft music were flowing around.

"Wow, where are we? It is so beautiful." It was the first time that she had found such a beautiful place in the Royal Magic School, which was like an accident and abandoned building.

It was as beautiful as a paradise, and it was very quiet here, so everything seemed to be in an animation kingdom. For a moment, Anne felt like she was a little princess in the kingdom.

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