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   Chapter 30 Keep Brice's Quilt

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The corner of Hurst's mouth twitched slightly. Kept the quilt? Really?

Besides, this quilt belonged to Brice. If she didn't return it to him, there might be unnecessary trouble in the future.

"Brother, please, can I keep it?" Anne put on a pitiful look and begged him with pleading eyes.

"Well..." After hesitating for a while, finally, he could not help but make a compromise in the face of her pitiful begging. If he did not agree with her, she would cry uncontrollably.

As if he owed her a big favor.

"All right!" Hurst nodded slightly. Although he was not satisfied with the fact that Anne insisted on keeping Brice's quilt by her side, he could do nothing about it.

Perhaps, if Brice heard that Anne wanted to keep his quilt, he would grin ear to ear.

"Thank you, Hurst!" Hearing that, a joyful smile flashed across her eyes. Wow, the quilt was so warm. She felt like she was surrounded by warm embrace.

However, the smell of the quilt seemed to be different and familiar. She seemed to have smelled it somewhere, but she couldn't remember.

However, Anne was not that kind of person who got to the bottom of it. Since she couldn't remember, she was unwilling to think about it. Of course, you could also say that she was lazy and didn't like to use her brain.

All in all, she was the kind of person who didn't like to use her brain.

After nodding slightly, Hurst walked out of the room with hesitation...

How could he explain the quilt to Brice in the future? But seeing that Anne liked it, he couldn't force her to take it away. Hurst's face darkened. What a headache!

Not long after, the lunch was ready. Hurst came in and asked Annie to go out for lunch. He originally wanted to take this opportunity to take away Brice's quilt on her body, and then change the color of her quilt, so that she would not notice it.

However, she fell asleep again...

Seeing that, Hurst was slightly stunned. Helplessly, he walked to the side of Anne and gently patted her body.

"What's wrong, Hurst?" Anne gradually woke up. She didn't know why, but it was so comfortable to hide in the quilt. She couldn't help but crawl into the quilt again and had a sound sleep.

"Annie, it's time for lunch." Hurst looked at her blurred eyes and didn't say anything more. He couldn't help reminding her.

"Oh, you're right. By the way, don't we have class today?" It was not until she wiped her eyes cutely that she remembered something important.

She remembered that there should be classes all day long. Of course, if the teachers were in a good mood, they would finish the class earlier.

And she also thought that she had to stay in the dormitory after being tricked by those vicious women.

But if she skipped the class, would she be in trouble? But when she was a child, she remembered that she skipped classes and was taught a lesson by her teacher.

"Because something happened to you, you can't take this class." Of course, it was okay if he didn't have class. But if Annie didn't have class, her magic would be low. But now...


He didn't know if it was because Anne was not sensitive to magic or some other reason that. She could come to the Royal Magic School so easily. From the jungle at the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, he originally wanted to help her, but later he thought it was better for her to overcome the obstacles by herself.

But how did she climb up the mountain with her low-grade magic?

How did she pass through the obstacles in the face of those low-level creatures and vampires?

Till now, those things were still unsolved mysteries to Hurst.

However, he believed that since he was a senior student of magic, his sister should be no worse than others.

And the last school test proved that Anne was really powerful, didn't it?

However, when on earth could she understand the magic, or when could she become a real master?

These questions had been lingering in his mind.

Maybe time could prove everything.

At least, it was a good start that she was not expelled from the Royal Magic School.

As for the future, he would accompany her to practice magic.

"Oh, I'm sorry, brother. You know, I have been very quiet and well-behaved these days." Anne looked at him pitifully.

Indeed, she had behaved herself and tried her best not to make trouble for her brother, but she could do nothing when trouble came to her.

What's more, she really wanted to teach that Brice a lesson.

She had done nothing to him, except that she indeed irritated him at the beginning. Was it

necessary to treat her as an enemy because of that trifle?

And he was really unbelievable.

He moved from the Night Department to the Day Department for no reason, and he even sat behind her.

OMG! The classroom was so big. Why did he sit behind her? So that was why those evil women thought she had something to do with him.

They even regarded her as an enemy.

What the hell was wrong with that Brice?

She just accidentally blocked his way and bumped into him when he was intimidated with a woman. She just accidentally interrupted his good plan.

There was no need for him to hold a grudge.

He even came to the classroom of the Day Department to get even with her on purpose.

Now, before he could avenge, his fans had already defended him.


She now understood that she had to stay away from that Brice as far as possible in the future. At the worst, if she couldn't escape from him, she could just go home.

"I know you are the one to be blame." Hurst shook his head slightly. He couldn't believe it when he noticed that Anne didn't get into mischief these days.

Moreover, he was sure that she didn't make any trouble. But those women, who heard rumors from somewhere, believed that Annie had seduced Brice.

However, the reason why Brice suddenly transferred to the class of the Day Department was really because of Annie. This time, he was afraid that their future life would not be so easy.

Although Annie was his sister, and he had a super high IQ, which was inherited from his father, Annie was different. She grew up under their care and protection, and she even inherited their mother's stupidity.

Although he didn't know how their mother attracted their talented father, she still married their father and gave birth to the two of them.

And Hurst was a talented and handsome young man in people's eyes, and Anne was a cute princess.

In this way, the two of them grew up together slowly...

"Hurst, it's good that you know it." Her sorry for Hurst relieved a little. Now that Hurst understood her, she was relieved.

"Well, get up and have lunch. Aren't you hungry?" Hurst smiled and rubbed her hair. He didn't realize that his voice was very light and there was a trace of pampering in it.

"Okay, Hurst. You are the gentlest. I love it when you are gentle to me, you are very handsome. I feel like being protected by my brother." As she spoke, she was about to stand up.

However, when she just lifted the quilt, the upper part of her body revealed in front of Hurst.

For a moment, her fair skin was as white as snow, and there was a pair of beautiful collarbones under her snow-white neck, and then there was a pair of less plump breasts under it, which gave off an attractive smell. Especially her soft nipples, which looked like two pink cherries, and made people can't take their eyes off her.

A pair of fair and smooth arms were casually placed on the quilt. It seemed that Anne didn't care the attentive gazes from Hurst, as if it was normal. And she ready to stand up.

"Annie, put on your clothes first. I'll wait for you outside." After finishing his words nervously and withdrawing his handsome eyes with difficulty, Hurst slowly walked towards the door...

However, his steps seemed to be frozen and he was unwilling to leave.

And his sensitive nerves were burning with desire and passion as if he was protesting against something due to Anne's curvy figure and fair skin.

And his lower body seemed to be hot and filled his whole body with the most primitive and wild desire.

A kind of unbearable pain seemed to come from his body.

"Hurst, what's wrong with you?" Anne was slightly stunned. It was the first time that she had seen such an expression on his face, and a trace of doubt appeared in her beautiful eyes.

"Annie, put on your clothes first! I'll go out first." Hurst reluctantly looked away from her. Although she was his sister, he was still a man, and he had reached the age of eighteen. When a man saw a woman's body, especially when Annie's fair skin like that of a baby...

Maybe they couldn't restrain the desire in their hearts!

"Clothes?" Hearing that, Anne was slightly stunned. It was not until then that she came to her senses. She almost wanted to get up without wearing clothes.

When she realized this problem, she quickly crawled into the quilt. In fact, it was not her fault. The quilt was really warm and comfortable, just like the close fitting clothes, which made her feel too comfortable. That was why she made a mistake in front of Hurst just now.

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