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   Chapter 29 How To Win A Girl's Heart

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"Yes. Brice, you are much better at chasing girls than us. We won't bother you anymore. We will go back first and get some sleep." Dent smiled and patted Brice on the shoulder. Then he turned around and left.

For a moment, there were only two people left in the room, Brice and Frey, the latter had always been slow in reaction.

Brice turned to look at Frey. Originally, he didn't pin his hope on Frey.

"Well, Brice, you are much better at chasing girls than me. So I'd better go to bed early." Frey stood up with an apologetic smile and walked out slowly...

Then there was only Brice left in the big dormitory.

Brice stared blankly at the bed where Anne had slept before. It seemed that her scent sill hung in the air.

He looked at the bed and imagined the scene that she was lying on his bed and they were close to together. Thinking of this, his lower part of his body unconsciously felt a heat.

At this moment, he suddenly felt a little regretful. He should've have a taste of her from the beginning. In this way, she would completely become his woman. Now he was afraid that she would run away from him.

However, although he regretted, he might not be willing to do it even if he had a second chance.

She was too cute and liked to put on an adorable look on her face. Whether she was crying or laughing, almost every movement of her attracted his heart, as if it was scratching an itch, and all his brain nerves were sensitive to it.

In Anne's room, when Hurst took her back to her room, he put her cold body on the big bed. Looking at her shivering body with cold, Hurst's heart softened. He then had took off his clothes and lay on the bed.

He pulled her cold body into his arms and tried to warm up her body with his.

Soon, the restless Anne finally fell asleep after she buried her face in the arms of Hurst, perhaps because she felt warm...

Soon, Anne's cold body became warm. Gradually, her pale face turned red.

Looking at the woman who finally recovered, Hurst was slightly relieved.

Fortunately, she was all right. Otherwise, he was really afraid that he would lose her because of this.

In fact, when he was a child, he hated Anne to sleep with him. When it was raining and thunder, Anne would ask and beg to sleep with him. At that time, he would also throw a bear to her and let her sleep with the toy. In fact, it was also because that she was so cute at that time that every time he slept with her, he couldn't help but want to kiss her.

However, he knew that they were brother and sister, and they couldn't fall in love with each other. If something happened, it would be out of control.

So when he was a child, he also refused to kiss Anne's face. He said that he didn't like the wet saliva on his face, but when Hurst saw his sister kissing his father, he would also be a little jealous.

In fact, Anne was so cute since she was born. And almost everyone liked her and even treated her as a princess at home.

Of course, many people wanted to touch her little face when they saw her.

And his sister had always been obedient and liked to put on a cute look, especially in front of him.

So he was afraid that he couldn't control his love for his sister.

So usually, he would always be very cold to her. However, no matter how cold he was, or even scolded her as a fool, she was still accompanying him with a smile, being his most lovely sister.

Thinking of this, a trace of pampering appeared in the eyes of Hurst. He gently reached out his hand and gently stroked her head.

He swore to himself that he just wanted to care and spoil Anne, and there was nothing else.

After a long time, about three or four hours later, Anne finally woke up.

"Hurst, did you save me?" When she woke up and saw the person in front of her was Hurst, a hint of joy could not help but appear in her eyes.

She knew that Hurst would come back to save her.

"Annie, you are awake." Hearing that, Hurst was slightly stunned. He had been looking at her sister who was sleeping soundly, and was a little dazed. However, he came to his senses after hearing Anne's questions.

"Hurst, I knew you would come to save me. After those evil women played tricks on me, I kept calling your name. I knew that you would find that I was missing. Sure enough, I guessed it right."

Leaning on his chest, Anne said excitedly with a smile.

"Yes." In fact, Hurst really didn't want to tell her that it was Brice who saved her, because he was afraid that once he told her the truth, Brice's image in her heart would definitely change.

"By the way, what did you do with those vicious women?" When Anne said this, a hint of anger flashed in her eyes. Why did these annoying women locked her in the bathroom for no reason?

Was it because they wanted to tease her because she was too weak in magic?


By the way, she remembered that they had mentioned Brice.


It must be him!

Well, she had nothing to do with Brice. Moreover, when she saw Brice, she wanted to find a place to hide far away, and she didn't want to see him at all. They were enemies.

But why did she have to stay away from that guy? She couldn't remember what had happened before.

Forget it. Anyway, she should get away from Brice as far as possible. Otherwise, she would get into trouble. She didn't want to be the sacrifice of other's magic.

"Of course, they had paid for the price. Don't worry. They won't dare to provoke you again in the future." Looking at the little girl snuggling up in his arms, Hurst seemed to be very proud of himself, with a slight smile on his face.

"Really? That's great. You will protect me from now on. They won't dare to provoke me." Hearing that, a smile of excitement appeared on the corner of her mouth.

"Of course! I will protect you from now on." Hearing that, Hurst smiled slightly. Unconsciously, he stretched out his hand and rubbed her soft hair.

However, Anne's skin was closed to his body, which made him feel a little hot.

It was not until now that Hurst remembered that there was no clothes on Anne's body, and she was literally naked now.

He could even feel the light heat coming from her skin, which almost made his muscles stiffen.

"Well, I know you are the best." It seemed that Anne hadn't come to her senses yet. She was still so excited that she put her head on his chest, grabbing his arms tightly with her hands, and a happy smile appeared on her face.

"Well, Annie, since you are fine, get up and put on your clothes! I'll go to the kitchen and cook." Hurst stood up with some hesitation, afraid that he would lose control and couldn't hold back his desire when he was with her.

"Okay, Hurst. Is it your quilt? It doesn't seem to be mine." Only then did Anne realize that she was naked. No wonder she felt comfortable and free all over her body.

And she could feel the texture of the quilt clearly, but this quilt seemed a little strange. She had never seen this quilt before.

Where did this quilt come from?

It didn't seem to be her brother's. Her brother liked blue, so his quilt was usually blue. She liked pink. As a princess, she thought she should mainly use pink, so that she could feel like a princess, everything around her should be cute.

However, this quilt had a white and black oblique pattern, and the quilt was very warm. It felt good when it covered her body. She had never been naked and wrapped around in a quilt like this before.

But obviously it wasn't hers or Hurst's. Then whose would it be?

There was a trace of doubt in her beautiful eyes, and she stared blankly at the Hurst who was about to run away.

Hurst just wanted to run away after hearing what Anne had said before. But after hearing Anne's question, he remembered that the quilt on her was still Brice's.

When he brought her back, he heard from Brice that she was naked. Although Hurst was a little jealous because Brice had seen her naked but he hadn't...

After all, Brice had saved her life. If Hurst had been there, he would have taken off her clothes without hesitation!

Although he was a little jealous of Brice, he also regretted that he was a little slower than Brice. So Brice took advantage of her.

"Oh, I was afraid that you would feel cold, so I made a quilt by the side of the classroom." Hurst's face darkened, and he explained with hesitation.

Anyway, she was innocent, and she would believe whatever he said, so he was very confident in this.

"Oh, really? Hurst, this quilt is really comfortable. It is warm and much more comfortable than my previous one. Can I keep it?" For a moment, Anne was reluctant to let Hurst leave with such a comfortable quilt. She looked at him expectantly, hoping that she could keep the quilt.

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