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   Chapter 28 Eat You Up

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"Hey, Brice, you're really something. You just went to the Day Department and had a class, but you took that woman back. You really can't wait!" Frey walked slowly to Brice and said with admiration.

They thought that Brice would at least adopt some plans. For example, plans about how could he win the heart of that woman. Now, it seemed that he had taken her back to the dormitory directly and did what he wanted.

"It's not what you think." Brice's face darkened. He was really surprised to see these people.

And how could Hurst know so soon that it was he who took away Anne? It seemed that his magic could not be underestimated.

"Ha-ha. You have brought her back directly. Don't you try to deny it. What happened then? But that little woman is really special. And you were unable to hold back your desire just after one class." Frey smiled and sat on the sofa.

"Frey, what are you talking about? I just heard by accident that Annie was tortured by some girls, so I saved her." Brice pursed his lips and walked towards the window...

"Ha-ha. I think that maybe she suffered because of you!" Ennis smiled, walked into the room slowly and sat down beside Frey.

"Yes. Brice is a charming man. Wherever he goes, there would be a group of fans. But it's not good to be too famous. Even the woman that Brice wants to get close to will be involved into trouble. If the woman's magic is good, she can survive it. But if she meets a bully whose magic level is superior than hers, she would suffer a lot."

Dent teased with a smile.

"Then should I announce in the school that she is my woman. No student is allowed to get close to her and hurt her. Otherwise..." Brice's handsome eyes darkened slightly. If he wanted to protect her, this might be the only solution.

"Brice, I don't think it's appropriate." Ennis thought for a while. If Brice really did so, Anne would be more scared of him.

"Yes. Aren't you afraid that she will hide from you if you do this? Besides, it seems that Hurst cares about her very much just now. If you really do so, I'm afraid you will make an enemy." Dent came to Brice's side and analyzed slowly.

"Okay," Brice nodded slightly, but looked out of the window. Holding Anne who was wrapped in the quilt, Hurst walked out of the dormitory of the Night Department and then disappeared in front of Brice.

"Brice, may I ask you a question?" Following Brice's sight, Dent looked at the receding figure out of the window. Turning around slightly, he saw the affection in Brice's eyes.

He was a little stunned. Brice, who was always been popular among women, could really fall in love with a little girl.

"What's the matter?" Brice looked at the pitch-dark night sky. It was daytime, but there was no sun all year round. Only the moon would shine in this place. Moreover, this place was located in the Miracle Realm which was shrouded in darkness all year round, so even if it was daytime, it was like night, even darker than night.

"Brice, do you really fall in love with that woman?" It was the first time that Dent had a serious expression since the new semester began. Recently, what Brice had done surprised and confused them.

"Dent, why do you ask that?" Brice was stunned for a moment. Did he fall in love with her?

He didn't know why.

All in all, after she broke into his life for no reason, he felt that his original boring life seemed to become colorful.

In the past, all the women liked to throw themselves to him, but he always felt that except for their blood, those women's bodies were boring to him.

But Anne challenged his patience repeatedly. Originally, she challenged his patience at the beginning. And in the first place, he just wanted to catch her and absorb her blood.

However, at that night, she sometimes looked cute, sometimes seemed to be a silly girl, and sometimes challenged his endurance, which made his heart in a muddle.

And when he saw her tears, he didn't make up his mind and directly sucked her blood.

Maybe it was because her blood contained the best fragrance, or because he wanted more, or because he didn't want to hurt her at all...

It seemed that there was no reason at all.

"Because you've been acting weird recently. It seems that nothing can attract your attention except that woman." Frey chimed


"Yes. Brice, is that woman really so charming that you are so obsessed with her? You even moved from the Night Department to the Day Department's classroom. This is enough to prove that you care about her."

Ennis smiled. In fact, they had seen the changes of Brice in the past few days. It seemed that that Anne meant a lot for Brice.

"Well, maybe. Now that you all think so, should you help me think about how to win her heart?" After a short pause, everything seemed to have clicked into place in Brice's heart.

It turned out that he had fallen in love with her! He had been struggling over question these few days.

Why did he miss her when he couldn't see her? When he saw her, he would worry about her. Moreover, when she put her hand on his body, he felt as if his whole body was ignited. He wanted more from her, not only for the blood.

He even asked her not to let other men get close to her. Perhaps, because of his domineering order, she want to escape from him.

"Brice, I'm afraid you can't decide your marriage by yourself. You have to follow your father's arrangement. Do you think you can be with the little guy then? Maybe your father will find you a fiancee soon." Dent was slightly stunned and joked with a smile.

"There is still a long time before I get married. Besides, she is a human now. If possible, I probably..."

"Brice, do you want to turn her into a vampire?" Frey was the most surprised to hear Brice's words.

However, the other two also looked at Brice in surprise.

"I just said if. Besides, she is so cute. I really want to see how she looks like after turning into a vampire." A faint smile appeared on Brice's lips. Of course, he didn't want to hurt her now, let alone turn her into a vampire.

"All right! By the way, have you checked where she came from?" Frey blurted out in confusion. If Brice wanted to turn a student of the Miracle Realm into a vampire, he had to investigate the identity and origin of the student to know whether they would be qualified to become a vampire.

Of course, in the Miracle Realm, only ordinary human beings could become vampires if their blood was sucked up completely or they were bitten by vampires after they died.

However, generally speaking, very few ordinary human beings could pass various tests and come here. Of course, if they could come here, they would naturally have a special identity.

"She is a human being." A faint smile appeared on Brice's face. That was why he didn't want to turn her into a vampire.

Because only human's appearance would not change because of magic or anything.

So it's also a symbol of human beings. In fact, there are a lot of beautiful girls in the school, but there are really a few of them who were really beautiful. You might be shocked when you see through their identity and they show their real appearance.

"Brice, how do you know she is human. Are you..." Frey looked at him in surprise. How could a human, who looked like a fool, easily come to the Royal Magic School of the Miracle Realm?

"Frey, you are making a big deal out of nothing." Dent glared at Frey and thought that he really had a lot of questions.

"Well, I won't ask anymore. I just think that human girl is very powerful." Frey pouted after being scolded by Dent.

"Well, stop arguing. Now you'd better help me think about how to win her heart, and how to make her not afraid of me." Brice stopped the two quarreling and sat down on the sofa with a frown.

"Brice, aren't you the most charming man in the eyes of beautiful women? How come you can't handle a woman?" Ennis slightly twitched the corners of his mouth. Seeing the helplessness in Brice's eyes, he smiled slightly.

"But she didn't buy it at all. Besides, she may slip away by accident." There was a touch of sadness in Brice's handsome eyes.

Brice was annoyed by this little girl. Besides, she had a handsome escort beside her, which made Brice a little difficult to make a move.

"Ha-ha, I didn't expect that a man who is obsessed by thousands of women would also have some worries. Well, since the class has been skipped, naturally I don't want to go back to the classroom. I was really tired after the class! Go back to have a rest." Ennis smiled, stretched himself, stood up and slowly walked towards his dorm...

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