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   Chapter 27 You Are So Sweet, Little Women

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His heart, which had never been throbbing for any woman, began to beat nervously.

What was going on?

Was this the feeling of falling in love?

It seemed that Anne was looking for warmth in Brice's embrace. Therefore, her small hands naturally held Brice's waist.

Brice was stunned for a moment. He didn't dare to move and acted like a statue. He could only let the woman wriggle in his arms to find a comfortable place.

There was even sweat on his forehead because of Anne's wriggling.

Brice didn't know how to stop the woman in his arms. He could only let her twist her body in his arms, which almost stimulating every sensitive nerve of him.

Did she also sleep like that when she was with Hurst?

Thinking of that the little girl might have been sleeping like this with Hurst all the time... A trace of jealousy flashed through Brice's eyes, and the warmth in his eyes was gradually replaced by coldness.

This little thing would belong to him in the future. He didn't allow anyone to get close to her.

Even Hurst, who was closest to her, couldn't lie a finger on her.

Hurst returned to the classroom alone and looked at the two empty seats beside him restlessly.

Finally, he could no longer calm down. He stood up and walked towards Ennis...

Among the four, except for Brice, Hurst had met Ennis who had sent Anne back to the classroom last time.

"Hello, my name is Hurst Gu!" With some hesitation, Hurst came to Ennis and reached out his hand friendly.

"Hello, Ennis Han!" Ennis was a little stunned. He hesitated and reached out his hand, and then held Hurst's.

Both Dent and Frey were surprised to see that Hurst suddenly came up to them. Didn't he go against Brice before?

By the way, where was Brice?

Then almost everyone looked at Brice's seat...

At this time, not only was there no one sitting on Brice's seat, but also the seat in front of him was empty.

Brice and his prey disappeared together?

"Hello, can you take me to see Brice?" Hurst didn't beat around the bush but spoke out his purpose directly.

"You want to see him?" Ennis was slightly stunned. He glanced at the empty seat and hesitated.

"Yes." Hurst nodded slightly. He was sure that Brice had taken Anne away.

"But I don't know where he is now." Ennis was a little stunned. To be honest, he really didn't know where Brice would be since he left the classroom all of a sudden.

"I think he might be in the dormitory. Can you take me to see him?" Hurst paused for a while. According to what he had seen before, he guessed that Brice must have taken Anne away, or perhaps he had taken her back to the dormitory of the Night Department.

If they were in the Day Department's dormitory, Hurst wouldn't have to look for Ennis and others.

However, in the dormitory of the Night Department, especially in the daytime, there were vampires living in there, and Hurst could not break into the dormitory of the Night Department alone, so he had to ask one of them for help and believed that they had the authority in the dormitory of the Night Department.

As long as one of them took him in, there should be no problem.

"How do you know that Brice is in the dorm? I think he will be back soon." Frey came to Hurst and Ennis with dissatisfaction and said in a low voice after hearing what Hurst said.

Although Brice liked to follow his heart, he seldom skipped classes in school.

"If my guess is right, can you take me to your dormitory of the Night Department to see what's going on?" Hurst didn't get angry at Frey's words. Instead, he looked at Frey seriously and asked.

"Well..." Frey was a little stunned. After all, the class was about to begin, and Brice hadn't come back with the cute little woman yet. If Brice really couldn't wait to take that woman away, it was very possible.

"Well, since Brice is not here now, we can't explain it clearly. Why don't we go to his dormitory together to see what's going on?" Dent stood up from the side. Anyway, they had no interest in this boring low-level magic. If they could escape, they would definitely do it.

And it was a good excuse to skip the class.

"Okay!" Ennis nodded and stood up.

"Thank you." Seeing that they finally agreed to take him to the dorm, Hurst was finally relieved.

Then he slowly followed the three of them.

After the four of them left the classroom, they slowly walked towards the dormitory of the Nigh

t Department...

At this time, in Brice's dormitory, he tried hard to get rid of Anne. Her hands were wandering on his body, as if she was flirting with him. He could not help gently grabbing her small hand which seemed to be playing a trick on him.

This girl's body was cold and still in a coma, but she couldn't be quite for a second.

"Little thing, if you keep fondling me, I'll eat you up." With a faint smile at the corners of his mouth, Brice approached the earlobe of Anne, only to find that her body was still cold, even though the two of them had been lying together for a long time.

Brice's eyes darkened. 'What's going on?

Is it because the coldness has stolen into her body?' Brice thought.

When he was wondering, there was a knock on the door.

Of course, these people were just tentatively knocking at the door. They didn't think that Brice was really in the dormitory.

Brice frowned slightly. Was it because his teacher found that he skipped the class and came to him?

He took a slight look at the shivering woman in his arms. Since they had been discovered, it was fine.

Seeing that Anne's hands were still clinging to him, Brice had to say a spell and a teddy bear appeared beside her, a toy for human, and then got rid of her little hands.

It was not until Brice got up and put on his clothes that he walked slowly towards the door...

When he opened the door, he saw Ennis, Frey, Dent and the guys who had been entangled with Anne. Anne had always called him Hurst.

"Brice, you are really in the dormitory!" The three men who saw Brice were surprised. This guy was really in the dorm. They couldn't believe that he would skip classes.

He could have taken his prey to somewhere else.

"Yes. What's wrong?" After a short pause, Brice looked at the boy, Hurst, beside him with hesitation.

"I asked them to take me here to see you. I'm here for Annie. You must know where she is, right?"

Hurst walked forward slowly, looked into Brice's eyes and went straight to the point.

"Annie?" Brice couldn't help repeating the name. It was really a good name. It turned out that this was the nickname of that little woman!

"Yes, I know you took Annie away. Now please give her back to me!" Hurst's voice was a little cold. He knew that Brice must have taken away Annie.

"She was framed by some women. Her whole body is frozen, so I had to bring her back to my dorm." With a faint smile, Brice stepped aside to let Hurst in.

"I know. Thank you for saving her, but I want to take her back now, is that okay?" A touch of apology flashed across Hurst's eyes.

"Okay! But she is still cold all over her body, and her clothes are wet. I've taken them off for her, so now she..."

He believed Hurst should understand what he meant.

Although Brice was reluctant to let Hurst take away the prey that took his fancy, he found that with his own body, he could not warm up Anne at all. Maybe, Hurst could do something.

So even if Brice was unwilling, he didn't want anything bad to happen to Anne. Therefore, he had to endure it.

"Okay, I see. Thank you for your kindness." A hint of murderous coldness flashed through Hurst's eyes. However, if Brice hadn't taken Anne away, she would have become an ice sculpture now.

As an ordinary human being, Annie couldn't stand the ice water, and her magic was not very stable.

"Of course, I can lend you my quilt for the time being." The corners of Brice's mouth twitched slightly, and his eyes were also fixed on the woman in bed.

"Thank you. Goodbye! I will return the quilt to you tomorrow." Hurst slowly walked to the bed and picked up the girl who was firmly protected in the bed.

Then he walked slowly towards the door...

Ennis, Frey and Dent, who were standing at the door, were surprised to see that Hurst took away the woman that Brice had brought back.

A trace of surprise appeared in everyone's eyes.

It was not until the figure of Hurst disappeared from the dormitory that everyone came to their senses and looked at Brice.

A trace of sadness appeared in Brice's eyes. Anne's body was too cold. Perhaps, as a vampire, he couldn't restore her to her normal temperature.

At this time, he was a little grateful for the arrival of Lola. Otherwise, he really didn't know what to do.

Moreover, when her little hand wrapped around his body, the blood all over his body seemed to be burning with desire.

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