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   Chapter 26 Being Framed By The Fans

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Ennis, on the other hand, was bored with the magic book in his hand. This low-level magic had been thoroughly mastered when they were ten years old.

As soon as the class dismissed, Anne rushed out of the classroom without hesitation. For a moment, the two people in the classroom watched her rushing out.

A trace of worry flashed through Hurst's eyes. What happened to Anne? Why did she suddenly rush out of the classroom?

He immediately stood up and quickly followed her out.

Brice was also surprised. Didn't he use magic to erase the memories deep in her mind?

Why? It seemed that she was still afraid of him.

A trace of confusion flashed through his eyes. Almost reflexively, he stood up from his seat and followed them out of the classroom.

Of course, it was not because Anne was afraid of Brice so she ran out of the classroom as soon as class was over. It was just because she drank too much milk in the morning that she had a strong urge to go to the bathroom. In fact, she had been holding it back for a long time.

When the teacher finally finished her class, Anne quickly ran out of the classroom and went to the bathroom.

Seeing that Anne rushed into the bathroom, Hurst wanted to follow her. But he thought that maybe she just wanted to go to the bathroom because she was nervous, so he gave up the idea of rushing in.

Of course, Brice also saw that Anne rushed into the bathroom. So she just wanted to go to the bathroom. He didn't need to worry about her.

However, he was also a little stunned. Why did he worry about her all of a sudden?

He didn't understand what he had done today. He couldn't figure it out why he had done this!

When Anne was about to come out of the bathroom, she found that she couldn't open the door. For a moment, she was a little perturbed. What happened?

"Help! Is there anyone outside?" In the bathroom, Anne was a little scared and banged on the door.

However, no matter how loudly she shouted, there was still no response from outside.

It was not until then that she came to her senses. She thought she had been tricked.

But who would play tricks on her?

It seemed that she had never offended anyone.

Besides, she had been very quiet and well-behaved recently. Except for that fiend she had offended at the beginning, she really didn't remember who she had offended.

Was it because of the demon that she had offended?

But this was the lady's room. That guy should have noticed it even if he wanted to come in here.

But she then thought that her question was so fatuous. She was even in a mood to think about whom she had offended. Instead of thinking about how to get out of here...

When she was thinking about the magic of opening the door, something seemed to be moving above her head.

When she raised her head, she saw a pink bucket slowly tilting over her head.

"Oh, no!" Anne screamed in an instant.

However, at this time, she heard the laughter and warning sound from outside.

"Anne, Mr. Brice is ours. You can't occupy him all by yourself. This is just a little lesson for you. If you make the same mistake again, you would not only suffer such light punishment."

Outside the bathroom came the warning of the girls.

For a moment, Anne felt cold all over her body. The basin of water was freezing cold.

For a moment, Anne's body trembled slightly. At this time, hearing the warning of those people, she frowned slightly.

Mr. Brice? Were they referring to that fiend?

Now when she saw him, she wished she could stay away from him.

But why should she avoid him?

It seemed that she had already forgotten how she had offended Brice.

After that, the girls left the bathroom, leaving Anne, who was locked inside by magic and was cold all over.

Her whole body was trembling, and she was so cold that she could hardly speak. Even if she could speak now, her voice could not be heard outside.

Hurst returned to the classroom, but Anne still hadn't come back. When he turned around, he found that Brice was not in the classroom at all.

He couldn't help but feel a little vigilant.

At the same time, when the girls came out and heard their conversation, Brice immediately stopped them and immediately cast a spell on them.

Suddenly, several girls, who were talking and laughing happily and looked excited when they saw Brice came out, turned into a sculpture in the next second.

"This time, I just want to teach you a lesson. If you dare to bully Anne again, you would pay for a heavy price for you have done. And the magic I will cast on you will be removed in two hours." After saying that coldly, Brice didn'

t look at those cunning girls anymore.

He then went straight to the lady's room...

As for those girls who had been transformed into sculptures, they could only watch their prince leave...

And they could only keep this posture all the time.

When Brice came to the ladies' room, he found the cube that was locked by magic.

Seeing that the ground and the surroundings were covered with a thin layer of ice, his handsome eyes darkened slightly. Damn it, he was late.

He quickly chanted a few curses in his mind, and then reached out his hand. A blue light covered his whole body. Not long after, the ice on the ground was slowly melted away.

He walked slowly to the door and opened it.

When he opened the door, he saw that Anne's whole body was covered with ice, which almost froze.

"Damn it! Who did this to you?" Brice embraced the icy woman in his arms. In an instant, the ice on her body was removed, but she had already been wet all over, and her body was cold.

Brice's handsome eyes turned cold. If he had known that these people tortured his woman like this, he would have destroyed them directly.

"Hurst, Hurst, is that you? I'm so cold." Anne held his arms tightly, and then nestled in Brice's arms. However, she could not feel any warmth.

Her whole body trembled slightly. It was so cold. Why was there no warmth in her body?

She wanted to open her beautiful eyes and see clearly who came to save her at this time.

However, she was frozen and her muscles even stiffened, and she found it difficulty in moving upward her eyelids.

"Little woman, I'll punish you after we go back." Brice understood that at this moment, she was still thinking about that boy who was always with her.

A hint of jealousy flashed in Brice's eyes. Looking at the trembling girl in her arms, he murmured in a low voice, and then the two of them disappeared from where they were.

When Hurst came to the ladies' room, he saw several girls who were sealed. He frowned slightly and then said a curse.

Closing his eyes, what had just happened was showed in his mind.

He then knew that these girls put a magic on the bathroom, poured ice water on Anne and left her alone. Coincidentally, they met Brice and were casted a spell by Brice.

With a faint smile at the corners of his mouth, a hint of coldness flashed through Hurst's eyes. He was so furious that those women dared to attack Anne. They were courting death.

Expect him, no one could bully Anne, so he wouldn't let go of anyone who had hurt her.

Thinking of this, Hurst slowly walked into the ladies' room, but he didn't see Anne, and the door of the bathroom with magic was opened.

Did anyone come here?

Was it Brice?

Did Brice take her away?

Hurst wanted to use the curse to know what had just happened, but he couldn't feel anything after Brice had turned those women into sculptures.

It seemed that Brice was not a simple man.

Hurst walked out of the bathroom again and looked at the woman who had become a sculpture. It seemed that the punishments were too light for them.

A hint of coldness flashed through Hurst's eyes, and a hint of coldness rose from his fingers.

He gently stretched out his fingers and murmured a spell to the women not far away.

Those women immediately disappeared from where they were. By the time they appeared, they had already been sealed in the bathroom that they had trapped Anne, and the whole bathroom had been frozen.

Now Hurst was sure that they would dare not to hurt Anne in the future.

But, where was Anne?

A hint of coldness flashed through his eyes.

Did Brice take her away?

Where would he take her?

Was it the dorm of the Night Department?

At the same time, in the dormitory of the Night Department, Brice put Anne on the big bed and helped her take off her clothes. Then her naked body revealed in front of him.

When Brice saw the smooth and fair skin of Anne, which was as soft as a baby's, he was stunned and could hardly speak.

Finally, he had to turn his eyes away and tucked her in, but she was still cold and shivering.

Brice stood aside and looked at the trembling woman. His handsome eyes flashed a trace of hesitation. He then took off his clothes unconsciously, and then climbed onto the bed. He tightly held the trembling petite woman in his arms.

Perhaps it was because she felt someone was holding her that she tightly leaned against Brice's body like a kitten.

Sensing that, Brice was slightly stunned. He didn't know what to do when Anne got closer to him.

His body was burning like a blazing flame, and he even felt that parts of his body...

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